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No one likes dealing with cover letters, though that’s true for any paper work. Nevertheless, we can’t do without cover letters, as they give us an excellent opportunity to cover a variety of qualifications we can’t thoroughly explain in our resumes. Apart from that, cover letters are good at personalizing job applicants, thus getting them closer to potential employers. If you really decide to make the most of your cover letter, follow the steps mentioned here below. We’ll have a look at a high quality cover letter sample. You’ll get valuable recommendations on reviewing, formatting and researching cover letters.

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In the first paragraph of your cover letter you should mention the job you’re applying for. Here you should also tell how you came across the job listing. This paragraph shouldn’t exceed two sentences.

Then, get down to writing your body paragraph. The vast majority of cover letters allocate no more than two paragraphs to this section. Here you should answer the following questions:

  • Why are you eager to work for this particular company?
  • What work experience do you have? Does it fit the job requirements of the company’s listing?
  • Do you consider yourself a well-qualified candidate for this particular position?

Then, write the final paragraph of your final letter. Consider the following nuances in this section of this cover letter sample:

  • Inform that you’ve attached references or resume.
  • Provide your actual contact information. Don’t forget including your phone number, email, so the hiring manager could get in touch with you.
  • Tell us what you’re going to do next. Well, if you intend to follow up with the hiring manager in two weeks, give a specific date. Otherwise, inform of your intention to be interviews for the position.
  • Just in one sentence, tell us why you consider yourself to be a perfect candidate for this particular position.

As a cover letter sample suggests, it would be a good thing to end this letter with a closing statement in a respectful manner. Here you’re welcome to use such classical phrases as «Sincerely» and «Best». Type your full name in the end of your cover letter.

Addling a letterhead right at the top of the letter is another important step. The letterhead needs to include your phone number, full name, address email. As follows from our cover letter sample, we should consider the following nuances in this section:

  • Use 12-point font for your address as well as other contact information.
  • Use 16 or 14 font for your name.
  • Avoid using Times New Roman and Arial for your letterhead. However, you can use these fonts for the rest of your cover letter.
  • Placing an extra line under your letterhead is a good idea. Thus, you’ll add visual appeal to this section and make it stand out from the rest of your cover letter.

Write the recipient’s address as well as name below the letterhead. Also place the date there. From this place, you’re welcome to use 12-point Times New Roman and Arial. Utilize one inch margins and single spacing. Make sure you’re using a black font.

Of course, you’re expected to address your recipient. Make use of appropriate titles for this purpose. For instance, these may be «Mrs», «Mr», «Dr» and so on.

As this cover letter sample states, you’re welcome to state your purpose right in the first paragraph. Inform your potential employer of the reason making you writing to him or her. Just explain this in two sentences.

Then, you require outlining your qualifications in the middle paragraphs. By the way, they need to match the requirements of your position. If you’re inquiring about an open position, inform your employer of how your possible contribution to the bottom line.

Our cover letter sample suggests that you should research the company you’re applying for and tailor your cover letter accordingly. That would be useful for the upcoming interview. Just consider the following nuances:

  • Get familiar with the customer based used by your potential employer. Determine their target audience.
  • Determine your potential employer’s mission. Figure out what makes them stand out from their rivals.
  • Explore the company’s history. Who’s its founder? Trace the company’s evolution from its foundation to present days. Pay attention to the key highlights of the company’s performance for the past years.

Your final paragraph definitely lacks a positive statement, which could motivate your potential employer to contact you immediately. It should take you just four sentences. Stress your readiness for the upcoming interview. Finally, thank your potential employer for his precious time spent on you and consideration.

The final step suggests adding your signature. Even when dealing with an electronic cover letter, you’re still welcome to provide this personal detail. So, you can scan your signature and then add this stuff to your digital cover letter.

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