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Dictionary definitions of citizenship are presented by two kinds of meaning of this term. In a legalistic formulation, which is often used for a citizenship coursework help, citizenship is a legal status associated with various privileges and rights (such as the right to vote) that may be conferred on individuals, who live in a country. The other formulation relates to a person, who is a member of a community and thereby should have in possession certain qualities. In other words, it is a person’s behavior that defines that person as a citizen. A good social work personal statement can be created as an answer to the question: what are the social obligations of a proper citizen? Obviously, such a person would actively participate in making decisions and actions that positively affect the community. However, to this very day there are not any completed theory related to a person's psychosocial profile. For the sake of knowledge for a citizenship coursework help, we will explain why such theory altogether with a better understanding of citizenship and civic engagement could be highly useful for the modern society.

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It has been discovered that activists and social helpers demonstrate higher level of self-esteem, more advanced development of the identity as well as a greater sense of optimism than the individuals, who remain uninvolved in social responsibility. Much more than one PhD coursework - hundreds of academic papers - show that civically engaged people are visibly better adjusted to a society and more emotionally stable than non-engaged individuals are. What is more important, civic engagement is also linked to the health of entire communities. One may consider as a good notion for one's citizenship coursework help, that the relationships and networks in a community are acquired via civic engagement, and many critical skills that a single person cannot possess become widely available due to this method. Thus, community members thrive and survive owing to civic connections exclusively.

Certainly, theory and research in many areas of psychology have contributed greatly to our understanding of civic engagement and citizenship. There are so many published works in these areas, that one might use them as a thesis generator for a citizenship coursework help. The listing with the most influential areas of psychology and their detailed description is as follows:

  • - developmental psychology is a subdiscipline of psychological science that studies the process of cognitive, emotional and social maturation and change of individuals throughout their lives. This branch also investigates the various situations and contexts in which people's change and development occur. The core element of the developmental psychology theory is moral development. Psychologists often employ a case study method for comprehending important issues related to personality, namely: what is the basis for individual's decision of what is wrong and right? How is it possible for people have empathy and sympathy for others? Also, developmental psychologists believe that children acquire social standards through the process of "internalization". This means, that they literally adopt societal standards and norms - for example, their civic behavior is acquired in this manner. Not only the studies in the area of moral development do provide a citizenship coursework help, but also reveal a multitude of crucial observations about the roots of civic engagement.
  • - the knowledge of community psychology covers the sphere of interaction between individuals and their communities. Generally, community psychologists are intent to improve the social well-being through psychological theory and practice. They consider it significant to observe problems in communities from an ecological perspective (i.e. they believe that both individual factors and social environment are potential causes of the problems). Moreover, they estimate strengths of community members as a more valuable indicator than their deficiencies and carefully recognize diversity in studied populations. Also, they foster social reshaping to improve attitude toward oppressed and marginalized social groups. All-in-all, one should seek for a citizenship coursework help rather than for a help with chemistry homework in this field of psychological science!
  • - social psychology is a subdiscipline of psychology that surveys our feelings, thoughts, and behavior which are affected by social situations and surrounding people. The scientists of this psychological branch work with subjects such as interpersonal relationships, social influence, attitudes and values as well as inter-group behavior toward the members of these groups and outsiders. It is possible to obtain a citizenship coursework help, using the vast achievements of social psychology related to prosocial behavior and altruism. Also, some recent research of this area is connected with such example of civic engagement as volunteer work.
  • - political psychology. It is a relatively new branch of both political science and psychology that employ attainments of psychological theory to reconstruct and investigate political processes. The scientists of this discipline have carried out a great diversity of observations, including detailed investigations of international conflicts, political extremism, nationalism, and terrorism. Therefore, as long as one has not used a Chicago style annotated bibliography for one's academic writing, APA-styled articles and papers of political psychology will be perfectly suitable material for a citizenship coursework help.

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