In psychology, the most important factors are that the case study must involve a person or a phenomenon and it must also involve a situation, disease or event that has to do with psychology. When writing a case study psychology, you should realize that it is different from the calculus homework help we offer, so it involves much more studies. The case studies that are done in the psychology field may be done with different research methods, with the sole aim of arriving at the final result of unraveling the situation at hand and proffering solutions to problems noticed or giving the direction for further studies about the situation. A case study psychology report is supposed to be written after the observations and investigations have been done, and it could be an mla format paper or any other paper format as given by the institution, journals or the examiner. You can conduct the case study in the psychology field with a personal interview. It could be done with a direct observation, you can study with psychometric tests and you can also read up archival records. You must note that the case study is not just about explanations like you will get in an art history paper that will explain historical events as they happened. But it must involve a clinical research that describes peculiar or rare psychological conditions and events that have contradicted the already established principles and hypothesis in the psychology field. While we offer great case studies here, we will also offer the best art history paper format to students in need.

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In psychology, most of the case studies must be a single case. However, there are times when multiple cases are studied. When the latter is the cases, the principle of replication is hinged on when choosing the cases to include. The case study must at the end have some vivid and clear advantages and disadvantages, and it must give results that are valid and reliable so that future research can be developed from the study. When a case study psychology is done by a group instead of an individual; the group members are expected to get familiar with the information and go in search of additional materials for the task. They should meet as a group from time to time during which each member interprets the problem and offer a solution according to their private findings. With the nuanced viewpoints and solutions, the group will now have lots of approaches in solving the problem. This is very feasible because the case being investigated in every case study psychology does not have one correct solution, and the group leader or any particular member does not suggest the answer. It must be a situation where the group reaches a consensus before writing a research paper as the case study report.

Now, before we delve into the methods of writing the case study, you must bear in mind the fact that the ultimate advantage of every case study in the field of psychology is to develop a novel hypothesis about the phenomenon or situation which will be very open for future testing. It is also meant to give a detailed explanation and analysis of the rare case in focus. For you to get the best case study and provide the best report, you may need the services of expert service providers. This is our work and we are good in it. We offer guidance and counseling on everything concerning case studies. We can also provide you with detailed cellular respiration lab report. We also delve into the mathematics field as well as other fields of studies. Our calculus homework has been testified to as the best that can be gotten online, so you need to give us a try today. Case studies involve the gathering of data from different sources, and it is good to allow this to run through an extended time so as to ensure a proper studying of the development and process. A case study psychology allows the researcher to make very deep investigation of the core facts of a single case and not several cases that may cause some distractions. You should know that case study in psychology is not a research method. Apart from the well-known, interviews, questionnaires, and daily routine observations, methods like diaries, personal notes, official documents, and clinical notes may also be employed in unrevealing the situation.

There are different methods of analyzing case study psychology results and findings. We can offer advice on the best methods that will suit the type of case study you are doing. We also offer psychology case study sample and calorimetry lab report example too. Some of the most used methods of analysis of the case study in psychology include interpretative phenomenological analysis, grounded theory, and text interpretation. These methods will hinge on already existing theories, and they will focus entirely on the individual case without much recourse to groups. Information in case studies is biographic in nature because it tends to look at the individuals past life events and the significant things happening in their life at present. So we can say that it is more of retrospective. In fairness to the patients, different types of reports, like schools reports, medical reports, employer’s records and results of psychological tests are all used to arrive at results. The interview may not involve the person being studied, but it could be used to get information from their family members, friends, workmates, employers, and peers. The case study can only be conducted by a psychiatrist, a therapist, a psychologist or anyone who is qualified enough to diagnose and treat such patient to arrive at some results.

  • It gives proper insight for further studies about the situation and topic
  • It also allows for investigations of situations that are seen as unethical and impractical.
  • It also comes up with results that cannot be generalized to apply to a wider population.
  • The subjective feelings and thinking of the researcher may influence the outcome negatively.
  • It is very difficult to duplicate and consumes a lot of time.

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