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How To Write The Business Essay

Regardless of what kind of business essay you are writing, be it for Finance, Management, or Marketing topic, following some specific guidelines will assist you in crafting a well-structured, compelling and insightful piece of work. The most important things to consider during the process of writing a business essay include presenting relevant content as well as its arguments, which are supported by very qualified examples and references. Other critical factors worth considering are presentation, layout, as well as the use of an appropriate language.

Analyzing The Question Of An Essay

Typically, there exist two main essay types that you will come across in the business courses. In the beginning, you may have to complete an essay on the business or a specific situation, which is also known as the case study. And then, you may find yourself required to write the discussion type essay as an alternative. For instance, you may have to discuss the impact of something which occurred alongside with all the implications it had. 'Discussing' a certain topic implies that you will be reviewing a lot of key arguments and giving reasons against and for each one.

If you need to compose your essay question, start by selecting a topic you find interesting as it will make an essay writing process much more enjoyable. And then proceed by narrowing it down to have only one specific point or the central idea discussed with the topic.

Making An Outline Plan For A Business Essay

By constructing the outline plan for an essay, you will have an easier time organizing all your main ideas and arguments so that each of them will be presented in the logical sequence during the essay writing process. Start by jotting down all the key points worth including in an introduction, main body as well as conclusion. Additionally, this process may further spark off some ideas while helping you to properly digest as well as analyses all the information that you've gathered.


Outline your understanding of an essay question and then comment on how you will be addressing it. Keep in mind to clearly define all the objectives of an essay as they are the ones determining the scope of it. Also, set out what you will be reaching a conclusion for a while, ensuring that you are mentioning a case study as well. Additionally, it will be great if you include definitions of some business terms to help the reader to understand them properly.


Provide necessary background information on an organization or a situation (case-study) that needs to be discussed.

Main Body And Discussion

Refer to all the sources you have collected and also perform the detailed analysis of a topic at hand. Furthermore, ensure critically examining each viewpoint from different authors for providing a rational debate while covering the reasons against and for the presented argument. Also, keep in mind to link this back to an organization that you are writing about.


You need to arrive at a conclusion by logical reasoning with the concisely pulled together discussions which are undertaken in the main body of your essay. As the final result, explicitly state your viewpoint while making sure that it answers the question that is posed in an introduction. Moreover, you can use the final section as an opportunity to try expressing any recommendations, if necessary, for future action or further investigation. Also, avoid mentioning any new arguments here.

List Of References/Bibliography

If your referencing method is the Harvard one, try displaying the list of the references you have used in the essay in alphabetical order. And in case you have used footnotes on every page, just include the bibliography here instead.

Tips For Writing A Successful Business Essay

Writing a successful business essay can be quite difficult, especially if it is your first time trying to accomplish that. But don't worry! Here are some useful tips which will help you to create a perfect business essay:

  1. Study the question while making sure that you understand the presented issue of your work as comprehensively and thoroughly as possible. Moreover, prepare some drafts as well as write down major key points and ideas of your essay. Also, don't forget to write down all the arguments which you plan to use. Additionally, it's imperative for you to figure out the number of paragraphs you'll include in the body as well as what data you will be provided to support your point further.
  2. You may find some great information, but still, don't include them carelessly in your essay if you sense they don't fit well into it to keep your masterpiece well-structured. Instead, keep both your arguments and thoughts in chronological order and stay consistent as you craft a logical piece by which your professor and fellow students will be able to understand your point of view.
  3. Don't forget to proofread your essay carefully. It's of crucial importance to check your grammar and punctuation. Also, remember that your essay needs to include the specific amount of letters alongside each paragraph consisting of the specific amount of sentences. Additionally, ensure that you are using the correct style as you might lose some precious extra points if you decide to skip it.

Proofreading And Editing Your Business Essay

Start with printing out a copy of the first draft as you read it thoroughly. Then try using a checklist that will help you in marking up any grammatical and stylistic errors as well as weak arguments alongside with some areas for improvement. An example of such a checklist could include the following questions:

  • Did you answer the essay question?
  • Is the material presented in a rational and logical order?
  • Is the content relevant and accurate?
  • Did you support all the main points with examples and arguments?
  • Did you reference all your sources?
  • Is the language precise and clear?
  • Is the punctuation and spelling up to standard?
  • Did you provide enough information to answer the question?
  • Did you include only the most relevant data?
  • Did you incorporate necessary and relevant evidence from all the credible data sources?
  • Did you include citations and references for each source you used?
  • Did you write in an understandable and clear language?
  • Did you check your spelling as well as grammar?

Finally, you can proceed by amending the part of the essay that you're not happy with and correct any punctuation and spelling errors. Continue to proofread and edit your essay until you feel that you can no longer add any further value to it. And congratulations! Your essay is now complete.

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Essay on Why is strategy important to business?

A business strategy means when a plan is being in motion by which people get to know about a certain organization and how it is building a solid base to accomplish its ultimate purpose. Theoretically, every business strategy is made with a certain number of key principles. These principles are the essence of every business method in the book. Their only responsibility is to create a framework of a plan that will help a company reach its aim perfectly. For instance, the plan will have instructions about how to deal with competitors? How to fulfill the needs and expectations of every customer? It will also help to maintain constant progress and sustainable development of the organization.

Possessing a business strategy has many valuable benefits. The idea behind this is to provide the business a specific amount of time so that they will have a grasp of the way they should perform, the exact knowledge about their abilities, and how to help them evolve.

Business strategy

A productive and compelling business strategy will be helpful for any entrepreneur. If you are worried about the path-set of your business, then with the help of a good strategy, you will know the future destination of your business, and it will generate a union-bond within a company to successfully reach their aim. The strategy will not only point your business in the right direction, but also it will bring necessary pieces of equipment and outline the best possible way to walk on it.

However, this strategy and its responsibilities are not easy to acknowledge at first glance for every company out there. It is pretty normal to have shortcomings regarding how to follow a business plan accordingly, for so many reasons. Having a strategy is very important. And the reasons behind that are:


A strong, established business strategy is capable of supplying a manual or guide by which one can know how his business is running from inside. The guide also provides help by gathering information and ideas about how one needs to carry out his plans against competitors, and what necessary steps must be taken to gain a constant positive result for the long run in the future.


A strategy can pinpoint the upcoming trends and circumstances that can be favored in the future. Knowing about the ongoing trends in the business world is very important. It will keep an entrepreneur right on track. Any profound changes in the market, such as- political, social, or technological updates, along with consumer changes, will be tested by this strategy. This will come handy in making and modifying approaches that will help to adapt these changes we are talking about.


A well-suited business strategy can build a vision and a way of direction very easily for an entire company. Every employee and those who are part of the company should have clear and concise knowledge about the ultimate goal and how to manage to follow the order accordingly. Only a perfect business strategy is capable of bringing life to the vision and forbid any individual soul from getting sidetracked.

Competitive advantage

The last and final reason for having a business strategy is to bring benefits to the company. This way, an entrepreneur will know a lot about themselves and where they are destined to.

Essay on Why I want to study business?

I belong to a family that operated their own business for the past few decades, so while growing up, I had to take my part in the family business from time to time. I am blessed that I was given an opportunity by my parents to encourage myself to achieve my goals.

My interest has always been in business, and my passion for the subject developed when I took a business course as part of my fundamental education at school. There are a few basic reasons that have been a push for me to choose this particular subject for college.

One of the main reasons is that a business degree will help with my critical thinking and problem-solving skills ranging from balancing a budget to weighing marketing hazards. I have been told that I am a sharp and quick thinker since I was a child, and according to my researches, studying business will play a significant role in polishing these skills of mine. I will learn how to deal with difficult situations and find the smoothest way out.

Another reason is that this program teaches communication skills. No business can run by one person alone, and no business can gain success if there are no clients and customers. If I want a thriving future in business, I will need people skills, negotiation skills, etc. Studying business will help me with all the training I need to pursue a business of my own.

I have always wanted to start my own business, and the skills I will learn in this program will assist me in making my dream a reality. After finishing college, I can't wait to see what my future holds in the business world.

What is Flawed in the Groupon Model? Essay

We can see a growing number of businesses that are applying various methods of promoting their products and services in order to persuade consumers. While some companies choose conventional strategies for advertising, others give priority to more popular methods such as the Groupon Model.

Until recently, the media, Yellowpages, direct emails, and online ads were the most widespread means of advertising locally, and merchants have been using them to sell their products. However, Groupon offers a slightly different strategy: businesses work closely with other local businesses in order to launch gift vouchers, discounts, and various coupons that are aimed at reaching wider markets (Hamilton). In this sense, Groupon can be viewed as a platform that allows local businesses to reach their customers via the internet. They can send personalized emails to their subscribers and offer them the various amount of discounts. This is one of the most excellent benefits that Groupon can offer users. It will promote sales, and consumer traffic will eventually rise. However, there were several cases in the past when this strategy failed to reach the target and, consequently, ruined the reputation of businesses, caused client dissatisfaction and financial losses to merchants.

Groupon Model has its place in the modern marketing system as it takes advantage of one of the key factors in success in business: the fact that consumers will always welcome bargains discounted prices or gifts when they buy services or products. This can generate the expected amount of profit and even more than that in some cases. Nevertheless, we shouldn't overlook the flaws of this model as in any other one.

Failure is likely to occur when business owners assume that Groupon is just a tool in marketing and that it will work in any case. They shouldn't forget that they are risking their business when they don't estimate the pros and cons of Groupon because the ultimate result might be dissatisfaction of customers.

The best thing that they should do is to consult small businesses on what best attracts loyal customers. A one-time successful promotion might boost sales temporarily, but winning the trust of consumers is the key to success. Moreover, offering discounts on a daily basis may result in losses if the business generates a small profit. For this reason, a better algorithm of individual catering for customers is essential to avoid rejection of all the emails.

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