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ZONG first international brand China Mobile launched in Pakistan


ZONG is the first International make of China Mobile being launched in Pakistan. It really is meant to enable and liberate the folks of Pakistan atlanta divorce attorneys nook and nook of the united states. It will be a part of their hearts, their imagination and bring about a change in their lives that each one desired but few thought would be possible. The central substance of ZONG is to permit people to converse at will. Without fretting about tariffs, network coverage, capacity issues or congestion. ZONG will be recognized by cutting edge communications, trend arranging customer service and an unrivaled product offering which will redefine guidelines of the game and establish ZONG as a significant contender for the number one spot.

ZONG would offer its customers with entertaining & impressive value added services and can empower them giving a multitude of products, services & content to choose from. We live privileged to be the pioneering country producing this brand with others to follow. And God willing, together we will also make ZONG a success storyline for others to replicate. China Mobile is the world's greatest telecom operator. Having a person bottom of over 540 million customers, its network routes more than 700 million texts every day and grips more than 250 million phone calls every hour. China Mobile is perhaps the only cellular network that delivers uninterrupted, reliable coverage through tunnels, on highways, inside sky scrapper elevators as well on top of Mount Everest. One of the unique features of China Mobile servicing brilliance is to modify its products, services and tariffs to suit the individual needs of its huge subscriber base. There are hundreds of payment/tariff options to choose from matching to one's usage pattern, budgetary limits and nature of use.

China Mobile's first overseas subsidiary, China Mobile Pakistan gets the license to provide and operate tone of voice, data and all value added services in the entire country. One of the fastest growing cellular markets on the planet, Pakistan is a key region that will probably offer development opportunities as well the opportunity to change lives in the lives of an evergrowing customers that is demanding and understands and appreciates better quality and service standards.

ZONG is part of China Mobile Pakistan which is a 100% subsidiary of China Mobile. The pioneering overseas set up of China Mobile came through acquisition of a license from Million to operate a GSM network in Pakistan. China Mobile will make investments US $300 million in Pakistan this year 2010 which is the greatest investment by any telecom operator in today's time. ZONG has up to now invested US $1. 66 billion in Pakistan and has generated more than 1700 immediate and over 40, 000 indirect jobs in the country. This investment has been made in less than 2 yrs since its start and China Mobile is expected to invest more in the country in the years to come as the business has chalked out more future investment programs. With ambitious plans to cater to the most effective growing Pakistani market and win over the ever challenging Pakistani customer, it will be offering unprecedented coverage, words and data services as well as a variety of tariff options to choose from. CMPak's advantage comes from the experience and knowledge of working the world's major telecom service and the determination they make to placing quality and customer relationships expectations. CMPak is geared to offer neatly packed VAS products that will profit the individuals, corporate as well as small businesses. Led with a team of professionals from the field of cellular communication, CMPak is

Determined to make its mark in the Pakistani market and also to change the way people connect.

Vision Statement

"Zong to be one of the leading mobile information companies in Pakistan exceeding customer goals, through employees focused on excellence, making the most of shareholders value"

Mission statement

China Mobile's quest affirmation is "Communicate a Boundless World and Build an Information Modern culture".

It aspires to build an "omnipresent" mobile network to provide a colorful set of mobile communication applications with "omnipotence", to market the citizen's degree of "Informationalization" and boost China Mobiles competitiveness at a global level. "Omnipresence" includes a secure,

Open digital network with seamless coverage which allows everyone to utilize the network at anytime and from anywhere. "Omnipotence" requires the continuous creation of all varieties of applications to suit the individual needs of consumers and the quick version to new changes to the surroundings" Omnipresence" and "Omnipotence" are China Mobile's ambitious programs as well as the aims that China Mobile is designed to accomplish through its ethos "Perfection".

Organization structure

In Zong the hierarchy is very lean, in general the complete installation is centralized, all the issues should be reported to the main company and everything the procedures and focuses on are approved at the higher level. But at the office level the composition is decentralized.

The human reference of Zong is highly skilled, educated and devoted towards their work. Mostly people employed in Zong are experts in specialized domains. Matching to them their real human reference is their biggest belongings. Human resource director is sensible of controlling any disturbances but small disputes are completed by supervisors. A continuous training is conducted inside and outside the business to increase the skills of the worker. On achieving different focus on different intrinsic and extrinsic rewards are given. The job description of each and every staff is predefined. Performance appraisal is performed on annual basis.

Group analysis

In our industry we need creativity, swiftness, execution, written communication, attitude, knowledge & skills that's the reason we choose new and young skill that is why fresh graduate are hired every year. Unless and until people don't possess freedom to express their views and new ideas such company can not grow, and to support this view with in each department people must have decision making vitality and this can done by decentralizing.

Managerial skills

Planning, Organizing, Leading: team counseling, vision and goal setting techniques,

performance appraisal, job rotation, ensure desire are common duties. Lower level is also involved with decision making that assist these to vision some thing which's really achievable and is relating to their capability. They also keep on rotating visitors to different departments in accordance with their field so that they do not get lethargic this also give them an opportunity to find a very good place where thy can easily fit into Controlling To make sure timely support for all "services & functions" being offered in-use of both inside and external customers. Country wide and international workout sessions are arranged for the employees to keep them up dated and also to make the in a position to work on latest technology.

Technical, human and conceptual skills

Technical skill

Persons know about functions, techniques and tools of a particular area like technological issues of anatomist, network coverage in order to understand problems of customer and provide better customer care services.

Human skill

Involves the capability to work together effectively with people. Person executing this job interact and cooperate with employees and customers and unless

and until they are not social and do not have good communication skills they can't help their customers. Conceptual skill: involves the formulation

of ideas. People carrying out this job have comprehended abstract romantic relationships, develop ideas, and solve problems creatively to take care of the problems at that moment, to satisfy the clients.

Team Building

The sales section is highly dependent on the team efforts and can only succeed if the team is highly motivated. At Zong, sales officials are highly competitive and enthusiastic as they understand how well they need to inculcate their ideas and product into consumer's head. In this time no organization can perform its duties effectively without team engagement but especially mobile companies can't even imagine doing work without sales teams

Hierarchal structure

SWOT Analysis

The SWOT evaluation covers strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and dangers. Talents and weaknesses are generally internal attributes, which we can addresses by changing our business. Opportunities and dangers are generally external.

If ZONG mobile company has some opportunities in the market, there must be some threats to them; just as if indeed they have strengths, there must be some weaknesses. I am going to discuss them one at a time thoroughly.

Strength of ZONG telecommunication company

Strength is defined that any activity the business does well or any unique resources the organization has offers a number of packages to its customers at least more than 22. A few of them are talked about below;



ZONG brings you ZONG 65, the new pre-paid package deal of ZONG that delivers 100% on economy and guarantees least expensive call rates to any network in Pakistan

Aanay Package

Talk for a whole hour - any hour, for only Rs. 4. 99 as well as for the very first time in Pakistan you can transform the hour everyday

50 Paisa/Call (8 Aanay)

People claim of simplicity and yet offer you half the reality. Only ZONG gives you the entire truth at 1 / 2 the purchase price. Now make phone calls to any other mobile network for 8 Aanay.

Free Package

For the first time in Pakistan you can make free demands life!

ZONG Super Free Number

That's right you can literally talk your heart and soul out 24 hours a day everyday to that someone special - all for FREE

Aik second Package

Make demand just 4 paisa per second!

Post paid Package

Post paid deals are in least 12 in amount.

GPRS Packages

ZONG Unlimited

@ Rs. 400+Duty/month


@ Rs. 10+Taxes/M

2. Weaknesses of ZONG telecommunication co.

Weakness is thought as any activity the organization does not prosper or the resources the organization needs but it generally does not posses. Regarding to my perspective, the first and main weakness of the ZONG Company is their low quality service. These are failed to provide the best service to its customers to meet them. Similarly they have released a great deal of new things but on other hand when the customer is unable to get complete benefit of those offerings, it is then very hard for a firm to sustain their customers and make new customers.

3. Opportunities of ZONG telecommunication co.

Positive movements of corporation in exterior environmental factors. Zong is one of the most effective growing cellular market segments in the Pakistan and it includes an opportunity to expand in the current situation. As I discussed previously that Zong offers a number of deals and other services for client satisfaction. In this way they develop a good will on the market and made millions of customers within previous two years. They may have opportunity to increase their businesses in Pakistani marketplaces by enhancing their products and by gratifying the client needs and desires. One main opportunity of ZONG is that it's a china mobile company and Chinese products are famous in the Pakistani markets. They already have developed a good will and entity in Pakistan and they know better the client needs and desires in Pakistani societies much better than the other telecommunication companies. So they have chance to increase high and maintain their market talk about for a long period.

4. Threats of ZONG telecommunication co.

Threats are thought as the negative movements of corporation in external environmental factors.


A range of competitor are in the market like jazz, ufone, Telenor, warid etc. all of them are trying to beat one another. Usually ufone is an excellent cellular company and are bringing in the customers more and more with the passage of time by giving better facilities and large world wide web work coverage to its customers. Competition of the telecommunication companies is growing daily. Another problem the firms are facing that according to the new rules of Pakistan telecommunication authority (PTA), every customer is free to transfer his/ her sim into another network which they think are reliable. Because of this reason all companies are trying to defeat their competition by reducing their call rates to draw in more, providing least expensive sms packages etc to entice more and more customer. In this manner one company is wanting to triumph over another and in this process some companies are facing the loss.


Technologies have reached beyond the boundaries. Time is changing and every company is wanting to bring in the new systems based on the situation which make their customer more reliable. As four or five years

ago, the technology was not as effective as it is at present time. So that it is also one of the very most dangerous hazards to Zong Company to boost their technology with the duration of time.

Suggestion/ implication

Net working

The main problem of Zong Telecommunication Company is the fact that their customers aren't satisfied by their networking. They don't really have an array of networking and there customers are facing a lot of problems because of sign problems. Whenever the client is not properly satisfied by the business's services, it is very difficult for the Zong Company to catch the attention of the customer also to maintain their existing customers. You can find need a lot of improvement their networking as well concerning make it better. If indeed they don't take any step, they soon face a major problem which is then impossible for them to remain in the market and to maintain their good will.


Technology is one of the most important factors. The time is changing; telecommunication revolution is the big trend in this century; companies have had a need to introduce new technology in line with the market demand to boost their net working and also to satisfy the customers. In Pakistan other companies like Ufone, Jazz, Warid, and Telenor etc will work in the market for last 6 to 7 years. Their technology is preferable to the Zong as Zong is the new blessed company in the Pakistan. Zong has needed to do a lot to boost their Technology. If they achieve this task they have a bright future in Pakistan.

Social aspect

Social aspect is another essential aspect. The firms who seeking to ignore the modern culture will never prosper. Quite simply I can say that such companies haven't any way to exist in the market for quite a while. Zong has had a need to take turn to the societies, and the folks living there. They shouldn't take any step which is against the society and the individuals. They ought to to respect of what folks are challenging to them.

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