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Thematic significance of names in Wuthering Heights essay

Usually choice of names in literature is not accidental. Author picks names to say something and exhibit description and action. Pay attention to names of characters when you writing your Wuthering Heights essay . The Earnshaws are wild and ardent; meanwhile Lintons are civilized, dull and tame. You can see this power of names even in generations of characters. Look at Catherine Earnshaw and her daughter – Catherine Linton. Compare their disposition and behavior and you will see that younger Catherin shows softer traits. At the same time, if you will look at her new family, you will notice that they are even softer. There is still a blood of Earnshaws in her veins. Same situation is with Linton Heatcliff. But in this case the mixture of blood gave all bad features in one character. Heatcliff is arrogant, weak and imperious at the same time. You can show in Wuthering Heights essays how names open and close era and how they are connected with a cyclical history.

Contrasting pairs of characters in a Wuthering Heights essay

The whole novel is constructed relying on contrasted pairs of characters and themes. They play a huge role in a book. In the middle of nineteenth century Emily Bronte raised issues that rare author in those times could afford to rise. Her book is deeply polarized and contrasted pairs play a significant role for it. Such strict ideals of those times as gender inequality, social classes, religious hypocrisy and morality were challenged by the author. Wuthering Heights essay necessarily should show these contrasts. Actually, there are plenty of contrasted characters and themes in the novel, but some of them are:

  • Two manor houses Thrushcross Grange and Wuthering Heights.
  • Two different loves in a Catherine’s live – Edgar and Heathcliff
  • Pair of Catherines in the book, two different lifes.
  • Two families – Linton and Earnshaw.
  • Two generations and a pair of themes – revenge and love.

Wuthering Heights essay questions not become obsolete with the passage of time. On the contrary, they are more relevant than ever. Many readers will not agree with these words. They have many reasons to think this way. Of course, Victorian era is long gone and the modern world proclaims the equality, but such themes as love and revenge unfortunately still fighting with each other. Anyway, the instrument of making pairs is very powerful in all kind of literature. You can simply use it in your essay. Probably, it is a good idea to think about such pairs before you are going to select yours from amount of Wuthering Heights essay topics .

The biggest tragedy in the novel is the history of younger Catherine love to an unattractive character – Heathcliff. She lives with a man that loves her more than everything in his life, but she doesn’t love him. Edgar Linton is a generous person. He is kind, gentle and civilized. Edgar is a worthy representative of Thrushcross Grange. He loves Catherine but he cannot understand her wild passions. The blood of Earnshaws is in her veins and there is no way to stop it making irreparable actions. There are no doubts that Edgar is a sympathetic character. He tries to make right decisions in such wrong situation. However, he shows a weak position compared to an aggressive Heathcliff and loses the right on Catherine’s heart and mind. Meanwhile, even morality is on Edgar’s side, readers have no chance to resist to Heathcliff’s and Catherine’s wild energy, passions and charisma. Catherin decided to marry Edgar due to his social status, but she got used to his good qualities. Her feelings to him can be even called love. But they don’t stand any comparison to wild elemental passion to her lover Heathcliff. Compared to him Edgar looks dull and predictable.

Every student should select a topic for his or her essay independently. However, there are several Wuthering Heights essay prompts :

  • Try to answer on such question – what is the influence of the physical landscape in the novel? Moors play a significant role in a development of the story. It’s not only the atmosphere and philological pressure. The whole environment is connected with the idea of cruel world and unfair history.
  • How love in this novel is connected to revenge? Is it a way to describe those days’ people or something more? Revenge helps to provide strong plot development through the whole story.
  • Social classes are highly important in the world of Wuthering Heights. Try to think, does Heathcliff social position means something here? If he was from a different social class whether or not the idea of novel survived? It is a question with a lot of answers.
  • Wuthering Heights has an interesting narrative structure. Read between the lines of the narration and think about real position that the author took. Maybe she was not so sincere as it seems at first?

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