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Tips for writing argumentative essays

The argumentative essay is the most important essay in college. The truth is that every other essay has some aspects of the argumentative essay in it. All that you write about in college is to convince people about a particular thing. Either you are doing this through persuasion in a proper argumentative essay or you are laying down the facts so that the readers can deduce the truth and accept what you have posited. So, in essence, every essay you write in college points towards some level of argumentation. When you are writing argumentative essays in college, there are some things that are very essential. Most of them are things that are obtainable in all other best college essays while some are particular to the argumentative essays only. Now, the major reason why we write argumentative essays is because we want to convince people to share the same values with us, agree to the facts we have posited and to accept the arguments we have given with points, and therefore accept our conclusions. It is also meant to get our readers or audience to adopt our own way of thinking. Now, when you are engaged in argumentative essay writing, there are some things that must be on your mind. You have to know from the first line that you are meant to establish facts if you intend to achieve any tangible thing with your essay because these are the facts that will support whichever argument or position you will give in the essay. You should also ensure that the values that are relevant to your audience are properly clarified. This essay is meant for your audience as a tool to convince them to accept something, and if you are not doing this within the values they hold dear, then you will see a total rejection of your points of view even before you are through with the essay. In your essay, the principles of prioritizing are very necessary. You should not just outline the points as it occurs to your mind. Writing argumentative essay without proper organization is very wrong. So, the points may be organized in such a way that the most important ones are placed at the beginning of the essay or you may choose to organize the points or arguments as they happened in time. Make sure everything follows its due sequence.

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Guidelines for writing argumentative essays bodies

Now, when you are writing this essay, you have to ensure that whichever conclusion you give at the end of the essay is based on the facts stated in the body of the essay. You must ensure that your audience is convinced about this. When you want to come out with the best essays here, you have to apply many strategies that may not be orthodox. Remember, nothing is dogmatic here. The only thing that is dogmatic is making sure you present a well-written essay. So, you can start the argument essay writing by writing out the essay questions and thinking about them while you research for the essay. When you want to debunk the arguments of your opponents or to make a critical look at the opposing views, you should map out their strong points first and use your own points to rebut and debunk them. Remember that this is not a writing a definition essay where you only explain the meaning of things. You are supposed to show that your own points or facts are superior to those of your opponents for you to win the argument in the mind of the audience or your teacher. For your own facts, check the prejudices that lie in them, consider the values with which the facts are colored and look at what you think about the arguments of the author. People in need of case study definition can get this from us. You must establish a great flow from one paragraph to the other in the essay. You should also keep an active and not a passive voice in your essay too. Make a lot of short quotes in the essay as they validate your points like nothing else. You have to focus on the logic of your arguments too.

  • The sequence to follow should be to prioritize, edit, sequence, discard and then come out with the final draft.
  • You should also make a list of the emotional reactions about the point and recognize them when writing argumentative essays.
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