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You can write an essay about your life experience by yourself

College as well as high school students are often assigned essays about their personal life experiences. Some colleges make use certain topics as essay prompts for their applications. Perhaps, you’ve been also assigned an essay about your life experience, so let’s get down to your personal narration.

When a person intends to write an essay about your life experience, he or she is expected to discuss a certain life situation or specific experiences faced by the author. The number one goal to write an essay about your life experience is to show your audience that your particular life experience deserves attention and it has changed you as a personality.

First of all, you should set your stage. You require picking up a vivid and suitable life experience for your essay. We don’t believe that you have nothing to say about. Any person in his life has faced at least one experience worth this narration. Accordingly, you aren’t an exception. You need a proper setting as well as background information, so your readers could understand where and when your life experience took place. For instance, if your essay is closely connected with how troublesome it was for you to leave for a new state during the senior year of high school, you should start your essay by telling us how your felt when it came to saying good-bye to your childhood home.

Your thesis, placed in the introduction should identify your primary these and it should be tied to your personal experience.

We’ve just told in this essay you’re dealing exactly with your personal experience. Respectively, it would be a rational thing to write this paper in the first person. By simply using the pronoun «I» you’ll make your paper far more meaningful and personal. Write about your firsthand experience and let your readers feel your deep emotions, feelings and also feel the taste of your struggles and challenges. Chronological order is undoubtedly one of the greatest human inventions, as it can make anything organized. So, place your personal facts in this order. It will greatly help to retain the overall structure of your writing work.

A clear purpose needs to be provided in your essay, at least the vast majority of your potential readers expect it from you. To be short, you require tying your points to the thesis. By doing this you’ll provide your narration with a well-defined purpose. Offer quite detailed examples from your life to back the thesis and support significant themes. For instance, if your essay deals with your ability to easily find friends after residing on a military base, one of the body paragraphs should unveil how you managed to overcome this nasty feeling of isolation and find a common language with other military children. Add that you had to attend numerous military-sponsored social events. Draw your readers’ attention to the fact that you could miss those events, as they were mandatory. Give a clear explanation how that experience contributed to the formation of your character. Tell us what new positive character traits did you acquired thanks to that military base.

Personal reflections should also occupy a decent place in your life experience essay. In this section you’re expected to discuss the whole importance of your life experience. By the way, that’s a must-have requirement for a scholarship application. For instance, you can write what you faced after your relative was heavily injured in a terrible car incident. Illustrate how you had to work hard to replace that injured person. Perhaps, it makes sense to include a dialogue into your writing work to make it more absorbing. Provide details of the conversation with the injured person where he thanked you for your taking responsibility.

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