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Work Absenteeism In HEALTHCARE Facilities Social Work Essay

Work absenteeism is one of the primary problems which face service provision in health care facilities. There's been an increase in the amount of staff or health care experts who are absent from work which affects health care delivery in such facilities. Work absenteeism might occur due to respectable reasons or illegitimate reasons. Authentic reason for work absenteeism include sickness, family issues and baby seated while illegitimate reasons include missing work anticipated to wrong pretences (Beach, 2007). In health care facilities, work absenteeism is an extremely serious concern since it adversely influences healthcare provision. Healthcare provision is a hypersensitive issue since it may lead to fatality of patients or deterioration of patients' health if enough healthcare personnel is not show focus on their needs.

It is therefore important to determine the problem of work absenteeism in medical care industry in greater detail. This paper will evaluate work absenteeism in health care and can specifically concentrate on hospital and medical home settings. The various factors behind work absenteeism and adverse effects to healthcare companies will be talked about at length. The answers to work absenteeism in the health care industry may also be given. The discussed issues will be summarized at the end.

Causes of work absenteeism

There are various factors behind work absenteeism in medical care and attention industry. These will be mentioned below;


This is one of the most frequent causes of work absenteeism in the health care and attention industry. Many employees who contact sick are truly unwell and struggling to discharge their duties effectively. This causal factor can be from the high cost of healthcare delivery in america and the planet in general. The increase in health care costs and insurance has made many people be unable to afford healthcare services (Kotlikoff, 2007). Such people seek low quality health care providers, home alternatives or Internet remedies for diseases. These are ineffective in dealing with illnesses and healthcare employees who seek these solutions due to the inability to gain access to healthcare services are likely to be absent from benefit longer intervals than those who seek effective treatment interventions. It's important to offer affordable and high quality healthcare services to both health care employees and the general public in general in order to reduce the problem of work absenteeism.

Family issues

There are various family issues which might make employees in medical good care industry be from work. These family issues include domestic assault, divorce proceedings, family issues as well as others. Family issues are essential to address which 's the reason that many health care employees who face these issues will tend to be absent from work to be able to deal with them. It is difficult for any staff to be productive at the place of work when dealing with unresolved family issues. Many employees opt to deal with such issues before resuming work to become beneficial. Employers should give employees sufficient time to cope with family issues since such issues are likely to lower employee desire if not dealt with in a timely manner.


Due to the effects of the global economic crunch, many individuals experienced their disposable income decreased. Such family members are battling to pay their bills and bills with the little income earned. As a result, many families are unable to purchase babysitters for his or her babies especially due to the hard monetary times. In such circumstances, some employees in health care institutions may be forced to stay away from are they baby take a seat their babies. This on the other hands adversely affects healthcare service provision since there could be inadequate staff to deal with patients. It really is thus important to find a solution to this issue.

Low staff motivation

Employee motivation is vital for organizations in virtually any industry. Employees are the most valuable resource which is important to motivate them and increase their outcome for organizations to achieve their objectives (Mugisho, 2007). Employee motivation permits employees to look forward to going to their places of work, in cases like this clinics and other health care facilities. However, when employees have low inspiration levels, most favor lacking work and undertaking other activities which might be more rewarding to them. Low staff motivation is probably the major reason that employees are absent from work in circumstances of illegitimate reasons. It's important to address the problem of employee inspiration if instances of workplace absenteeism should be reduced in health care institutions.

Stress related issues

Stress is a major causality of low worker output and work absenteeism in health care facilities. Employees in health care facilities face working under pressure in order to meet the targets placed. Such employees see injuries and fatalities almost on a daily basis and this would cause internal results to any human being. Student interns are exposed to working for very long hours with little recovery which is stressful to them. When such employees are not provided for with a highly effective mechanism to cope with such stress, they will tend to be absent from work as a result of stress results. This in turn adversely influences service provision in healthcare facilities. Employees should be provided for with mechanisms for dealing with stress if they are to reduce instances of absenteeism from the office.

Nurse staffing ratio

There is a major problem in many health care service facilities due to the inadequate variety of health care specialists, especially nurses. There can be an inadequate number of nurses in these facilities and this exerts pressure on nurses to work harder and for longer hours in order to meet the needs of patients (Phelps, 2002). This triggers a pressure to them as they are required to work under great pressure. In most cases, the increased workload will not translate into higher pay which further frustrates them. In such working conditions, nurses lose drive to work and they begin being absent from work for illegitimate reasons. The issue of nurse staffing ration should therefore be dealt with to reduce circumstances of work absenteeism.

Disadvantages of work absenteeism

There are various adverse effects which can be associated with work absenteeism in health care facilities. These will be mentioned below;

Quality of health care service provision

Work absenteeism in healthcare service delivery facilities adversely affects healthcare provision among patients. When health care professionals are absent from work, there may be inadequate health care professionals to cope with the needs of patients. This might affect the grade of healthcare received by patients. It may also lead to help expand problems for patients or even fatalities scheduled to inadequate care directed at patients. This is very dangerous for the country at large because the health of the population may be jeopardized consequently of work absenteeism by healthcare workers. It really is thus important to handle this problem immediately to preserve the lives of patients.

Poor performance by healthcare facilities

Many health care facilities, especially those setup by the private sector are usually developed with revenue making objective as a significant goal. Although supporting the unwell is a significant objective of several hospitals, many are made to make income out of charging for health care services provided. When employees are absent from work, just like in virtually any other organization, production reduces. Reduction in productivity as time passes can lead to losses by medical care institutions. It may also lead to the shortcoming to attain the set organizational goals. Hence, it is necessary to ensure that employees in health care facilities aren't absent from work since this may be an obstacle to the attaining of organizational targets.

Solution to problems

There are several alternatives which should be implemented in order to cope with the problems that have been earlier mentioned in the newspaper. These alternatives will be mentioned based on the individual problems discussed earlier.


It has been mentioned that sickness is one of the major problems which contribute to work absenteeism. When employees are sick, they cannot discharge their responsibilities effectively. Employees who seek poor healthcare services are more likely to be absent for longer intervals than those who seek high quality services. To be able to deal with this issue, the federal government and healthcare providers should take immediate steps. The federal government should reduce the costs of healthcare services and insurance through allocating more cash to appeal to the same. Health care facilities should offer healthcare cover to all employees in order to ensure they have usage of high quality healthcare services. This will certainly reduce the amount of time employees are absent scheduled to sickness or other health problems.

Family issues

There are various family issues which healthcare professionals experience, as is experienced with the rest of society. It is important to develop mechanisms which can enable health care experts offer with family issues without influencing their workplace goals. Employees in healthcare facilities must have usage of counselors who will allow them solve family issues which they face. This will prevent such issues from affecting their work place and creating work absenteeism in health care facilities.


It has been talked about that babysitting is a causal factor of work absenteeism because so many employees are unable to afford babysitters anticipated to harsh economical times. It's important to empower employees, especially those with infants, to be financially stable and to be in a position to appeal to all the baby's needs. Healthcare service organizations should take two steps to resolve this problem. The foremost is to increase staff remuneration in order to ensure that employees, especially people that have children, have the ability to access salaries and benefits which are enough in catering for the children's welfare. The next step is creating a nursery within the health care facility and allowing parents to bring their children in such surroundings. This strategy has proven to be extremely effective in increasing the output of working mother since they have peace of mind whenever they work in surroundings where their children are within reach. These two strategies should be integrated with respect to the policies of the business to be able to ensure that work absenteeism is reduced.

Low worker motivation

Low employee desire is caused by several factors including poor command, organizational culture, low remuneration while others. Low drive reduces employee output which is more likely to cause work absenteeism scheduled to insufficient morale by employees. To be able to improve employee determination, several factors should be studied into consideration by the management. The management should use the democratic management style which allows employees to take part in decision making (Bratton et. al. , 2004). The management also needs to ensure that there is a conducive organizational culture which features communication, teamwork, issue quality mechanisms and participative decision making. Furthermore, the management should use both financial and non-financial drive forms when remunerating employees. This can lead to a rise in employee production, organizational performance and lower circumstances of work absenteeism.

Stress related issues

As previously discussed, nurses are prone to stress because of the nature of the surroundings they work in. Nurses work within an environment where they experience accidents and fatalities by patients every day. Some patients include serious injuries plus they may survive or not. Nurses look after such patients and in cases where patients succumb to traumas, nurses suffer mental injury. Nurses also work under remarkable pressure which could make them experience stress. In order to offer with stress, the management should ensure that nurses get access to counselors and solutions needed to allow them overcome workplace stress. This will enable those to work better and will reduce cases where nurses are absent from work anticipated to stress.

Nurse staffing ratio

Nursing staff ratio is a significant cause of work absenteeism in healthcare institutions due to the pressure exerted on nurses. The limited quantity of nurses forces these to work harder and for longer time durations. This de-motivates them and makes some choose to be absent from work. To be able to deal with this matter, the federal government and healthcare providers have a responsibility to ensure that there are adequate nurses atlanta divorce attorneys health care center. This is achieved through dialog between all healthcare stakeholders and development of strategies that will ensure that adequate nurses are trained and submitted to health care institutions around the country (Murray, 2005). This will certainly reduce the responsibility to nurses and ensure that they use relative ease. This action will certainly reduce the amount of nurses who are absent from work.

Summary and conclusion

Various issues which relate with work absenteeism in healthcare facilities have been talked about at length. Employees have been seen to abstain from work for a number of reasons and included in these are low morale, family issues, stress, sickness, nurse staffing proportion and babysitting among other notable causes. It has been seen to adversely influence health care service delivery to patients. It has additionally been seen to lower the performance of health care providers. To be able to deal with these issues, lots of advice have been made and included in these are allowing children to work, guaranteeing employees are sufficiently remunerated, guaranteeing employees get access to counselors, increasing nurse staffing proportion and improving healthcare services to employees who benefit hospitals and assisted living facilities. This will reduce situations where employees are absent from work and it will ensure that objectives of healthcare organization are attained.

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