Can certainly Rights Through the French Trend

Women's Legal rights During the French Revolution

The first time women started to ban together for the same legal rights that men have was throughout the French Innovation. Everything had been questioned in France then simply, and for the first time, women were doing some of the questioning. Why couldn't women vote? How come couldn't girls hold general public office? How come were women expected to tend to the kids and the house all day? Unfortunately, the male leaders during that time period took it that anything pro-female had to be anti-male, and they do their best to keep the women down.

When some thing went incorrect during the People from france Revolution, the folks in charge usually tried to locate a scapegoat. Many times women were used because their scapegoat.

"… since the beginning of the Revolution the women, more slaves to pro-noble and faith based prejudices than men, have been completely constantly in the hands with the priests as well as the enemies of the State, and are the prime movers of the problems that have shaken the Republic. "

That was a great excerpt coming from a report made to the Nationwide Convention in 1793. The ladies were undertaking something different and it worried the men in charge. Since there have been no ladies in the Rome Commune, there is no one to protect them, so the stories and theories around the evils of girls just stored getting passed on the line. The actions of some females trying to help the cause had been taken as actions against the cause. A law enforcement report filed in Paris in 1793 shows this time well.

"A group of females at L'ensemble des Halles make a complaint in rough terms regarding the shortage of food and necessities and announce that they cannot are much more robust, that they should have provisions on the prices of 1789, and that they will impose a tax through seizure of food since the Tradition has no regard for their unhappiness. "

These were just females trying to produce a change, planning to make meals easier to get, but it was seen as an illegal action that just goes to show just how evil ladies really are. Essential things turned out as they do. A man fails the law to help his persons in a time of need, she has a leading man. A woman breaks the law to aid her persons in a time of need, she actually is out of control and dangerous.

In case the revolution would definitely make the lives of all Frenchmen better, obtain the women too?

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