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A typical women in politics essay

As we see, a revolutionary new dimension of women in big politics has emerged for the last time throughout the world. It feels like nothing can prevent women from entering into politics. Previously conventional politics reflected male concerns and women were mostly absent in this challenging sphere, but now everything is different. We definitely ought to tell more about this in our essay on women in politics.

Welfare policies greatly contributed to reinforcing women’s traditional position as mothers and wives. Women struggled vigorously over a number of crucial issues affecting them, especially their rights to vote and property in the 19th century and to equal pay, nursery provision and abortion in the 20th century.

In India reform movements after and before independence has greatly helped women to acquire some power in politics too. Exactly after independence, they managed to achieve an impressive political breakthrough with the reservation of seats in panchayats as well as other bodies. Don’t forget to mention this fact in the essay on women empowerment in india.

We should note that Indian women appeared to be among the first to get their political rights (including the right to vote) without any political movement like in America as well as many other Western countries. They were one of the first to enter the tough and challenging world of politics even in pre-independence times.

As the essay on politics in india states, Indian women didn’t miss a chance to grab high positions in politics. They dared to become Chief Minister (Jayalalitha, Sucheta Kriplani,Mayawati, Uma Bharati and Vasundhara Raje), UNO Secretary (Vijay laxmi Pandit), not to mention the highest position – the President of India (Pratibha Patil).

Let’s take a look at the women’s participation in politics. Everyone will agree that it’s one of the key measurements of their emancipation. So, we’ll discover that their number is relatively low compared to the number of men in State Assembles as well as Parliament.

The demand for privileges and special concessions along with the reservation of posts in parliament and assembles as well as other institutions are just a few steps towards women empowerment and emancipation in India.

In India, women actively write and also read what other women have already written. For the last two decades the writing of many female writers have been highly praised by the institutions of international repute. Additionally, there’re many women in the field of journalism, that was dominated by men not so long ago. Now female networks and blogs take advantage of new freedom to keep fighting for approval and acceptance.

Notwithstanding numerous gains, much needs to be done in order to drastically improve the overall status of women in this country. In India the female work participation rate hasn’t exceeded 26%, while China boasts 46%. In India up 34 out of 100 women are absolutely illiterate, while in China only 13 out of 100 women are illiterate.

As for female foeticide, here we’re dealing with approximately half a million missing female births in this country every year. To our great regret this drastically lowers the female sex rate. As the report of UNICEF states, in terms of gender development, India ranks at 115 out 162 states.

Notwithstanding the changed mentioned above actually signify positive gains in terms of equality of women, but the severe reality is flooded with tensions and problems. The observation regarding the gains in gender equality mainly applies to educated women in India, who live in urban areas.

A great number of studies carried out in this country and in developed ones have unveiled that equal sharing of housework is still a big problem for women. Unfortunately, many working wives have to face care of kids and household chores and all of this is shared unequally with their husbands. As a result, women have to work for up to 14 hours a day or even more. They’re even unable to use their weekends for rest, as they have to catch up with pending tasks.

To our great regret, the status of women in today’s society can’t be secured by the economic power, contrary to a common belief. It also depends on culture. Recent micro study researches have proved that women’s participation in the job market is far more intensive when they come from household with a low standard of living.

Women’s income often becomes a number one survival means for the poor people. However, even the crucial income of poor females rarely enhance their status in this country.

This specific attitude of considering females’ income supplementary drastically raises evident problems for female empowerment. Moreover, this limited empowerment observed by us has been nurtured within the Panchayat system.

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