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Women In Medieval Europe

I chose the subject of 'Women in Medieval Europe" to create my essay about. I'll attempt to provide some basic knowledge about how the lives of women were very hard during this time. Some things that'll be discussed will be the submissions women experienced to give to men. To start this essay I ask a number of questions, the first one is as follows:

What kind of work did women do during this period?

Women that were from poverty stricken homes would need to go out and use their husbands to generate more income because his by itself had not been enough to support their household credited to women having multiple children. Women would help their husbands haul hay or plow domains. Poor women didn't have shoes to wear so they walked around barefooted and during the winter they would have no winter clothes to keep them warm so they would cover themselves in linens to protect them from the freezing. They also got their children to work with them because they could not manage nannies like the wealthy course could.

How was life different for wealthy women during this time?

As with any culture having money always provides you more advantages. Although wealthy women had to obey the same things, such as not speaking if you don't were spoken to or only if it was approved by a guy first and follow the men. Women of higher classes experienced careers to do as well some would need to help run their businesses and when their multiple businesses or properties that the family managed then she'd have to help her man over see them too. Certainly they could manage to hire workers but there were something's that needed to be handled by them professionally. When the women's husband passed on, then everything was left completely up to her to take care of. Wealthy women possessed more advantages even though it arrived to looking after their children. That they had the blissful luxury of hiring nannies because of this job. The nannies would even breast-feed their babies for them.

Why would women in this time turn into a Nun?

Women became nuns in this time around because this was a means they could easily get an education and gain some privileges. This is especially popular for the low course women because this is their only wish of getting an effective education. Becoming a nun designed that she'd have to be celibate and the opportunity of experiencing children would be lost. By learning to be a nun women grew their own crops and possessed their own house. With the education that was provided, they were also able to pursue careers. Many of the poor young families that possessed multiple daughters would make their daughter become a nun because they cannot afford to raise them and to ensure that they would get an education. The bad side of this was that once you became a nun it was forbidden so that you can leave or have children. Back this time around it was said that "a woman that could not or wouldn't normally bear a man's child was of no use whatsoever".

What took place to unwed women during this time?

Unmarried women that managed land or multiple properties were thought to have the same rights as men. But if and or when she have get committed, then she was required to provide her husband all of her properties and she gave up her privileges.

Women which were not committed could wear their scalp down however the women which were married needed to wear their hair in a linen wimple to cover her wild hair up because this exhibited indication of modesty.

Women weren't able to opt for their husbands. Men were able to pick their wives at times. Marriages were very carefully arranged by family. Marriages were not based on love or thoughts. Families would try and arrange marriages between their daughters and sons predicated on economical factors. These factors would be if they got their own land, if indeed they owned or operated their business or if indeed they come from a prosperous family. So once more money had too much to do with affects with other folks. It was a really matrimony of property and money that the cathedral unified and the people would have a very large group of well known visitors to witness this occasion. This was commonly between your wealthy people but how about marriages between the poor women? The poverty stricken women and men normally hitched who they satisfied because that they had nothing to gain or lose. The legal era to get hitched in the medieval days was 12 for girls and 14 for guys. This was the era to be married back then as a result of expected life span. Due to lack of medical care and medicine, people died at a much younger age than they are doing today. There have been very few reasons that the couple could easily get divorced. Some of the reasons they could get divorced were if indeed they were not Christians, they were not of legal age, if they acquired previous promises to some other person or the woman cannot perform sexual relations. Women needed to submit to their husbands whenever he desired on her behalf to.

Were there any powerful women during this time period?

One person could sum this question up which is Joan of Arc. Joan of Arc was considered a heroic body in France. She disguised herself as a youngster to join the army and became one of the very most famous leaders. Women were not allowed to sign up for the military and that's the reason she disguised herself as a guy. Joan acquired said that she possessed visions from God and he was phoning her to be always a warrior. There have been other famous women such as Hildegard of Bingen who was regarded as a very famous writer of sacred music in the middle age range, Christine de Pizan was a famous article writer and feminist one of her popular catalogs were "The E book of the town of Gals" and finally there was Sweetheart Godiva, she was the woman famous for driving nude over a horse through the city of Coventry. She wanted to demonstrate that the cities' individuals were honorable and wouldn't normally take a look at her being naked. There were lots of much respected Queens during this time, and a amount of princesses.

Final question that operates through my mind is "was it certainly that bad for women"?

My answer would be yes it was extremely harmful to women. Women had absolutely no privileges in any way. Any man in the family could notify her to do something and she acquired to do it. If she did not do what she was asked to do then she was terribly beaten. It had been said a woman that did not obey was "disobeying God".

A woman had to stop her land and privileges to the person she wedded. Also women were not even allowed to select the person these were to marry. Picture if it was the same way today! So a lot of women are so outspoken and incredibly independent that we couldn't even look at a man jogging our entire lives. Not only not being able to speak or do what we want to do but to be badly beaten because we choose never to. Women were also frequently accused to do very dreadful things. Some of the accusations were training witchery; women would be burn off at the stake for this.


The realization for my article is that with all of the research that I've done to see the actual lives were like for women through the Medieval Period, I've found that their lives have seem difficult and unfair. To justify why this may have been, many would say Christianity. Eve was regarded as the trouble maker and then there is the impurity that many men thought women acquired because of menstrual cycles. While Christianity might have played a job as to why men thought they could treat women this way, it also provided security for women as well. It did not allow divorce for any given reason (as it is today). It also did not allow the men to wipe out their wives. Sure they were able to conquer them in a inch of their life but at least they did get to keep their life. There were some kings that cured women pretty and had significant amounts of respect for them but there have been very little them.

But this was well over a thousand years ago and a lot of things have altered since that time. I am personally, very grateful they have changed!

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