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Give girls and women a chance at a better life with the women empowerment essay

The women empowerment essay would summarize the roles of women in society. Women deserve to have an equal place with men and lead self-esteemed lives of honor and dignity. The essay women empowerment reveals that women have certainly suffered too long. The advanced world may have better identities for women who hold national leadership roles, get elected to parliament and represent the voice of the community. Some countries deny women land ownership rights like in patriarchal societies. The physical weakness of women means that they cannot do the jobs that man can. Even religions have been unkind to women and treated them as secondary to men. The strongly worded and well-researched women empowerment essay may succeed in spreading a positive note.

What would be the framework of the women empowerment essay? Several approaches like the argumentative, descriptive and expository would investigate the situation in several major countries representing the different religions. It is well known that Islam keeps women behind the veil. The women empowerment essay needs to speak to the whole world that is easily done digitally. Let some important female voices like Hillary’s back up a better world for women. Create a masterpiece with the women empowerment essay!

What would be the response or reaction to such a question of women found in several books and films? The how to write a reaction paper usually deals with a book or books but the idea of responding could apply to a social problem or project, idea or policy. The first stage would be to read the target book thoroughly. Making notes and marking quotations would be very useful time savers. Initial responses like your thoughts and feelings are important and need to be recorded. The research will mention other books and writers in the same genre. After all the material is collected and reading is done, you are ready to begin drafting. Whatever claim is made about the book should be supported by evidence and references would be cited. The length of the paper and the format would depend upon Professor or University guidelines. A thorough analysis of the book, strengths and weaknesses, and whether the writer succeeded in the task and the shortcomings if any, would be spelled out in detail. Comparisons always help with other works.

Somewhat similar in structure would be the writing of book reviews but they would be far more professional and reflect the contents of the book from the reader's point of view. Such a review would help with the women empowerment essay if it concerns such a subject. If it is a story book, the plot is not revealed in its entirety. The theme, chief characters, nature of language and the social messages would be some of the chief concerns. In the book publishing trade, such reviews help to sell the book and readers may decide upon buying based upon a review that they read. The review needs to be lively and reflect the contents of the book like a film trailer. To achieve a realistic effect, some quotations from the text need to be included. Some technical aspects also matter like the cover design, the illustrations if any, the quality of printing and the price. The ISBN should be mentioned to make it more official. A note about the writer and the background should be included. Books about women would provide material for writing the women empowerment essay.

The women empowerment essays do disturb the conscience. Perhaps it is the fault of women for being the weaker sex. Traditionally women occupied housekeeping and childbearing roles while men fought wars. Women collected herbs from the forest and prepared the medicine that led to their identification with witchcraft. Prostitution brought the dark significance of women to the limelight and pornography today exploits more women than men. In some regions, women numbers are less in society and so arises the marriage problem with unequal partners. The women empowerment essay will need statistics if it is to sound scholarly and realistic. Numbers speak in loud voices. The essay about women empowerment needs to look at a variety of factors and aim to level the score for the women. Things may be looking up in developed countries but major prejudices continue. Make a dedicated effort with the women empowerment essay.

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How would you develop the women empowerment essay? Let us test your writing and researching skills with the women empowerment essay :

  • What does history tell us about the weaker gender roles for women?
  • Describe three great women leaders and their achievements in contemporary times.
  • What measures could be adopted to promote a better life for women?
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