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Wildlife of India: An Introduction

India is an extremely wealthy country in terms of bio- diversity. Virtually all big mighty animals roam its jungles. The eyesight and sounds of any majestic elephant, a peacock¿½s boogie, the roar of the tiger are unequalled experience in themselves. The country offers immense opportunities for wildlife travel and leisure. The immense traditions of animals in India comprises of more than 70 national parks and about 440 wildlife sanctuaries like the bird sanctuaries. India is definitely a fete for animals enthusiasts from about the world with its fascinating many flora and fauna that has remained both unique and mysterious for nature lovers.

A paradise for the nature buffs, these forest areas are also essential for the conservation of the endangered species like the Snow Leopard, Asiatic Lion, Asiatic Elephant, the bengal tiger and One-horned Rhinoceros. Disperse across the span and breadth of India, these reserves and forest areas, from the Ranthambore Country wide Recreation area in Rajasthan to the Hazaribagh Wildlife Sanctuary in Bihar, from the foothills of Himalayas, the Jim Corbett Country wide Recreation area to six national parks in Andaman; the Indian Wildlife circuit can be an Incredible treat, unmatched by another experience. The Indian subcontinent is rich in both floral and fauna species. According to estimations, India has about 18% of the place and 8% of the full total animal species within the world, which makes the country a heaven for wildlife aficionados and dynamics gazers.

India harbours eighty percent of the complete population of the one horned rhinoceros on the globe. The parks like Bandhavgarh N. P, & Kanha NP support a sizeable people of the mighty tigers. The Kaziranga Game Sanctuary is a great habitat for the rhino and a popular destination with the naturalists and environmentalists as well as the wildlife vacationers. The Corbett Country wide Park one of the most popular Country wide Parks in the northern region for the animals fanatic as well as the vacation makers These Country wide Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries are promoters of animals tourism in India. A wildlife escapade in India is not complete until one decides to invest a couple of days between the wilderness. Wildlife resorts located in several national parks and wildlife sanctuaries enables you to experience just that. Imagine residing in a tree house, eighty legs above the bottom or an antique wildlife resort where your dinner partner may be considered a wild beast feasting on its victim. Awaken to the twittering of birds or the roar of your lion, definitely a back chilling experience.

Interestingly India is greatly rich in avian life & the sub-continent observed huge migration of birds in the winters. Bharatpur birds paradise & Nalsarover in Rajasthan, Sultanpur in Haryana near Delhi, famous parks like Corbett, Manas, Kaziranga are a delicacy to the parrot fans. Come, feel, explore this animals lovers' paradise. Feel free for any kind of home elevators these national parks.

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