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Why gay marriage should be legal essay writing

Main reason why writing an essay is difficult and needs much effort is because the issue which has to be discussed sometimes is very controversial. If you write a research proposal or book/movie/poem review everything is quite simple – you have to watch or read something and express your thoughts and feelings in a precise and clear way. The same thing is with a biography or informative essay. They require giving proper information in proper words and style and usually there is not much trouble with it. Another thing is writing essays on complex and controversial issues that deal with ethics, morality or religion. A good example is why gay marriage should be legal essay.

When professor asks you to write such an essay you might feel really challenged. Why gay marriage should be legal essay is not an easy one. Before writing, you have to think it over properly. writing a definition essay won’t do here. You need to search for some background information, analyze it, and then move to the most important thing here is to decide what is thesis of your paper. Before doing this think of whether you are going to question or state something in your why should gay marriage be legal essay. Before writing you will have to form your own opinion, in order to express it properly and convince the others with your evidence, which means writing a good argumentative or analytical essay.

Outline for your why gay marriage should be legal essay

Good point to start writing why gay marriage should be legal essay is to define your own attitude, thoughts and feelings. It is the first step to make a strong thesis. Don’t forget that in an argumentative essay your thesis has to make other people dispute and discuss it. It has to make people think about it and agree or disagree. Why gay marriage should be legal essay might need you to make some research on the issue by yourself. Think of all pros and cons, weight it up and make your statement. It has to be narrow, so don’t generalize and focus on one point. For example, you can discuss one of the following issues: raising children in a homosexual family; an influence of homosexual couples on their heterosexual neighbors; does homosexual marriages has to be approved by the church or discuss the notion of equality in state matters.

The most important thing in an argumentative why gay marriage should be legal essay is good reasoning. Think of what evidence can be used to support your why gay marriage should be legal essay thesis. Here are some reliable proofs to use in your essay. First, you can speak about human rights and issues of equality in general. Comparison with racial discrimination would be suitable here. Mention that more than fifty years ago interracial marriages were not accepted by society and nowadays there is an absolutely different attitude towards these matters. You can discuss social attitude and misunderstandings that often occur and their reasons. Good thing to focus on is problems in heterosexual families. There are a lot of examples of broken families, divorces, children and women abyss, domestic violence and things like that in traditional families. Discuss what is worse for the society and what ruins people and child’s state of mind. Compare what is better for a child to live with alcoholics or drug addicts and suffer from humiliation and violence or to live in a homosexual family. Freedom of choice and will is also good argumentation in a why gay marriage should be legal essay. The c onclusion should sum up all your thoughts and restate thesis. The last stage is essay editing. Before submitting your paper make sure you didn’t forget anything. Though, paper style is not that important you can use asa paper style or any other you like. Proofread, make sure you highlighted all the main points and all ideas are clear.

      If you don’t know how to support your thesis, here are some good points to discuss and interesting reasons why gay marriage should be legal essay :


  • Marriage is not always a religious event because not all wedding ceremonies take place at the churches, there are many people who are not religious and prefer civil ceremonies. For those who claim that same-sex marriage is a sin, mention that there are different religions and outlooks and that not all people are religious. Good point to discuss is an essay on why gay marriage should be legal is that the church should be separated from the state.
  • Marriage does not always mean having children. Not every family is created in order to have children, there are many child-free heterosexual families, so the main purpose of marriage is not only for reproduction. Moreover, modern medicine gives a lot of opportunities to solve this problem. Adoption is also a good way out and solves the problem of homeless children.
  • Phenomenon of homosexuality can be seen in nature not only among humans. There are other species who might have same-sex relations it is not a human perversion caused by uncontrolled sexual desire.
  • It is an issue of social equality, the same as racial or gender equality and must be taken into consideration in any democratic state.
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