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Why COULD YOU Study Philosophy School of thought Essay

Several weeks ago, before the start of the 2013 winter semester my roommate asked me why I'd take a idea class. My answer was a very typical response for a college student, credit time. Later, I considered my answer, there are a huge selection of classes I could have taken. I could have taken astronomy, mindset, or an economics course. Each subject seems interesting enough, why does I choose philosophy? I found my answer on the first day of school. I took beliefs, because I didn't know any thing about it. The thought experiments we performed on the first day brought about an interest. Initially, maybe it wasn't as overwhelming as the idea that there are vast amounts of galaxies each filled with billions or even trillions of actors. That it is possible for a psychopath to be conditioned into simulating the feeling of empathy. Even that from an monetary standpoint it is impossible to get rid of pollution. Beliefs is a abstract idea to review, but it is extremely interesting.

The word philosophy originates from the Greek word 'philosophia' this means "love of knowledge. " The key to philosophy is to be about being very critical towards any ideas, including things that seem to be certain. A philosopher has to ask critical questions or abstract questions on any subject. The reason why these questions are asked is good for the pursuit of the absolute fact. We have to think critically about everything we believe to be true, and even finished. we don't. The four branches of philosophy are metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, and logic. Each branch asks a particular question. Metaphysics asks, "What's?" Epistemology asks, "What do we realize?" Ethics asks, "How should we work?" Finally logic asks, "What is the reason?" Each is vital to the study of school of thought, but epistemology is the most crucial for responding to the question "Why analyze Philosophy?" We all as individuals know that we exist in one way or another. In our existence we want to make ourselves better. One of the ways we improve is through research. Studies generally make us believe that we could increasing our knowledge, leading us to a certain, recognized, clear world. Simply by studying philosophy it brings us nearer to the truth.

Sometime after my roommate asked why I would take a viewpoint class, I came across myself reading a letter titled "Why explore space?" The notice is tackled to Sister Mary Jucunda, whom asked the question why spend billions of dollars on discovering space whenever there are so many starving children on Earth. Dr. Ernst Stuhlinger, NASA's Marshall Space Airfare Center's associate director (1970) responded with several reasons including a tale that took place some 450 years back. A count lived in a small town in Germany; he was much liked because he'd give a big part of his wealth to the poor in the city. The letter reads, "1 day, the count satisfied a strange man. He had a workbench and little laboratory in his house, and he labored hard during the daytime so that he could find the money for a few hours each night to work in his laboratory. " The strange man created small lens that he used to look at very small creatures under strong magnification. The matter amazed by this asked the man to go his laboratory to the castle and become a member of the count's household. This angered the townspeople when they came to the realization that the count up was wasting his wealth over a purposeless hobby. The people were suffering from plague and were begging for more money. The count promised to provide them up to he could manage, but said that he'd also support the man and his work, because he understood someday something would emerge from it. Something very good did emerge from the man's work, he developed a straightforward microscope, the technology that has given the most to treatments, and helped eliminate the plague. So the count, by putting some of his prosperity into research helped folks more than immediately offering money to them. Using time, money, and work on things that could seem abstract at that time may lead to incredible things. Studying philosophy is comparable to the count's storyline, instead of studying more practical topics like language or mathematics learning philosophy can help us answer questions about ourselves that we have been asking for centuries. When we are answer a few of these questions, we will really know what really concerns, again it'll bring us nearer to a certain real truth.

Now that I've started to understand the standard ideas in beliefs, I am better equipped to answer my roommate's question. I need this class, viewpoint demonstrates to something that no other course can. School of thought teaches you to believe by yourself, to be critical of ideas, and be critical of familiar and foreign ideas. Every informed person needs to take a viewpoint course to allow them to understand what they are learning in every other subjects. Beliefs is also intriguing when questions about certainty are asked. Questions in the metaphysics branch of philosophy would be the most abstract, however they play an important role in determining what we should are. The theory that maybe, none of this actually is available is staggering to take into account, but it is attractive and it is something people should think about. Just knowing the tiny I really do about the topic matter of school of thought has found my interest and can lead to me advancing and taking more lessons such as this one. My roommate know totally knows why I chose to take this course. I now know why it is vital for any pupil to take a philosophy class, perhaps even my roommate will take a idea course next chance he gets. Beliefs may seem somewhat abstract now however in my future I can see myself using it to critically and logically consider situations. The reason why to study philosophy is to make your self more critical in your quest for the reality.

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