Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market is the worlds leading shop in United States to offer products that are authorized organic and effortlessly grown; that are not being cured with substance or hormones. WFM adopt a objective of "Whole entire Foods- Complete People - Complete Globe"; which signify them as a company which pursues the best organic, natural and premium products available, with regards to the environment and planet; commit an unshakeable responsibility to the planet earth and sustainable agriculture. WFM prioritize quality specifications and customer commitments; make an effort to provide the customers a interesting and satisfying shopping experience everytime they patronize the WFM. (Gamble et al, 2010)

Generic Strategies

WFM utilised the differentiation strategy by narrowing the competitive range focus; they have differentiation in several ways. WFM has furthered a cultural sizing to its value proposal using its blowing wind energy practice and a great many other environmental-friendly tactics; for case; they are the first supermarket to abolish the utilization of plastic hand bags in the stores. They also contribute to developing their sea food and animal welfare systems, and increasing new creative creature production routines. These social concerns are vital to what grades WFM unique in the supermarket industry and with this uniqueness, WFM differentiate themselves from the other industry players. (Dess G, 2000)

However, despite WFM performed a great job in differentiating itself from its opponents, the real competitive strategy lies in its justly slim concentrate strategy. The advantages of product differentiation they initially relished on has faded as the market place changed; WFM has generated an outstanding place within the health-conscious, affluent, knowledgeable consumers in Canada, UK and USA, by going to to the necessities and needs for these customers, offering healthy, environmentally and socially dependable goods and products that are challenging to find somewhere else; at a competitive price. Though WFM 's strategy is not completely narrow as they still sell to anyone who strolls in the door, they are simply undeniably strategically concentrating on on a specific group of customers.

External Environment

The factors that consist of WFM's external environment are political, economic, communal, techological and ecological.

With the varying political times, WFM should take into consideration of certain politics factors, such as new United States adminstration is liberal and tax boosts should be expected, along with the monetary stimulus plan which put more income in to the budget which includes some incentives for renewable customers; despite creating more bad debts for the country, it is a factor which WFM should think about. (111 Congress of the united states, 2009) On top of that, WFM should forestall the opportunity of Food and Drug Supervision food labeling requirements.

In matter of the monetary environment, the costs for food are increasing which brings about the shrinkage of customers'spending ability. There are also tremendously high unemployment rate in america, these happenings can be certified to the current economic turmoil.

Socially, individuals are getting more health mindful, this can be an important element considering WFM's healthy selections. Furthermore, the 'green mission' is fetching more attention by the consumers, thus, as a 'green' group, WFM stands an excellent opportunity of appealing to these health-conscious customers. (wholefoodsmarket. com, 2009)

As technology advancements, improvements could be likely in circulation, agriculture and communication, these trends will advantage WFM to become more effective and effective.

In host to WFM being focused on a 'Whole Planet', it should consider the ecological environment. As stated above, the increase level of popularity of 'green movement' will carry on bringing in more customers for WFM, WFM should also continue to progress on reducing carbon footprint and green energy. Finally, increase importance on eco-friendliness can help WFM to be leading in this area.

Core Competencies

The key competencies are derived from an organization's resources and capacities, on what they have and how they utilised the resources. The key competencies are examine by the following standards: Value, Rarity, Imitability and Non-substitutability (VRIN) to evaluate if it includes a main for achieving ecological competitive advantages.

This essay determined the satisfying shopping experience as the central competencies for WFM.

Entering a WFM which is clear: the products are stacked mind high, assemble meticulously, each pear stem and carrot stalk are aligned the same route, the savoury food are mouth-watering, the newly cooked breads are pleasing. There are fact sheets about organic food, brochures on canine welfare rating program and posters celebrating the merits of lasting agriculture. The staffs are jovial, competent, enthusiastic to answer any questions and offer free sample with a major smile on their face.

The satisfying shopping experience is accomplished through the company's culture. Their mission of "Whole Foods- Complete People - Whole Planet", each plays a vital role in WFM's success. As stated above, not limited to the search of quality product and assisting ecological farming, WFM is convinced in their people make their company. Each and every staffs employed in WFM must go through stringent hiring process. WFM culture grounds on decentralized teamwork, the team is crucial product of activity. Each store composed of typically 10 self-directed clubs, all encouraged to create a humble and respectful working environment where many people are fairly treated and motivated to succeed; with designated market leaders and clear performance objectives.

WFM operates in a clear financial system; it gathers and distributes information from characters of stores sales, profit margins and even income to everyone atlanta divorce attorneys location. There's also interior competition within the groups, stores and parts to outshine each other in quality, profitablity and service, which is decode as rewards and acceptance. According to the CEO of WFM John Mackey, WFM uses peer pressure to replacement for bureaucracy, and just that peer pressure enlists commitment in ways that a government will not. (Fishman, 2009)

Hence, with these civilizations incorporate within the staffs, they could inspire and copy the positive energy into their daily life and relationships with the customer, providing the customer a gratifying shopping experience. The staffs have the ability to relate the benefits of their products to the customers in person that results in good quality service.

As more people tend to be health-conscious and getting into 'green motion', consumers not only look for quality products, but quality service too. With the satisfying shopping go through the customers get, a solid relationship is built and brand loyalty is set up.

In conditions of VRIN, the satisfying experience which allows the consumer to acquire quality, affordable organic goods and helping the earth makes the consumers to feel exclusive which is not common in the standard business model. It provides a competitive gain for WFM over other supermarkets as WFM can relate to the needs of consumers and improve their health and by changing the way they eat, resulting in better service. This experience is valuable to the buyer and WFM.

WFM culture which were inculcated in to the staffs are unusual and inimitable as the culture is within the root of the business, thus difficult to imitation.

Personalized service can be easily copied, but the fulfilling experience might not be substitutable because of the high brand devotion between WFM and the consumers.

From the aforementioned analysis, it shows how culture can perform competitive advantages for an organization and the gratifying experience for the consumers are seen as a sustainable competitive gain for WFM.

Value Chain

WFM creates value for the clients by the mission of Complete Foods- Whole People - Whole Planet. This string of activites not only differentiate the products and focus on customers' requirements swiftly, it also really helps to strength the WFM brand. Consumers can purchase an organic and natural tomato from many alternative outlets, but buying an organic and natural tomato at WFM indicates getting a entire food and aiding entire people and a ecological whole planet - that is value-added.

On the value chain, main activities that consist of outbound logistics, service, marketing and sales exemplify the strengths of WFM. These activities is dependent heavily on the helping activity of real human learning resource management. As WFM feels that their people make their company, and WFM provide tremendous support for his or her staffs. Human learning resource management sometimes appears as a power and a way to obtain competitive edge.

The task that WFM faces at key activities is probably inbound logistics; which is sustaining procurement methods along with cultivating the complete planet while bringing down costs. As WFM evolves, inbound logistics may be vital to decreasing costs.


Through the evaluation, it figured WFM does well despite the competitive environment in the supermarket industry, using their dedicated staffs and high value system. They could develop further with tremendous potential; with the increase of health and food enthusiast, yet it is essential to widen the target market to escalate profitability and stablise competitive position.

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