When Will need to Transgender Identity Begin - Youth or Adulthood Essay

Research upon Transgender Identification in Youth or Adulthood

The question in front of you is whether or perhaps not it can be more beneficial for a person with male or female dysphoria to be able to express the gender that they identify with at a age, or perhaps later, in adulthood.

In regards to sociology, symbolic interactionism is ideal for evaluating the way in which sociological theory pertains to transgender concerns. This is because emblematic interactionism is the study showing how people relate to one another and their environment, yet specifically how a relations among each other influence their environment. Blumer's theory of representational interactionism, referred to as situational approach is the one most often employed in sex analysis (Longmore, 1998). This is because that emphasizes that sexuality can be socially built and is different for everyone (Longmore, 1998). Using symbolic interactionism to inform the research would prove to be beneficial for the reason that question by itself is asking about relationships between father and mother and their children who will be gender dysphoric as well as the discussion between other folks in their lives, such as various other children, different parents, so that as adults, their very own relationships using their parents who have may not possess let them recognize at a age.

The situational approach of symbolic interactionism emphasizes that individuals change all their roles according to their circumstances in life, and each person does this in a different way (Longmore, 1998). From this sense, if a child and parent are coming to the realization the fact that child would not align using their gender role they are each going to approach the situation in a different way. Also, a grown-up would react differently to transitioning than would a child. Furthermore, the people...

... regarding interactions and role performances as well as self-perception.

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