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When I Think about Personally by Cyber Angelou Composition

Every individual have given birth to, grow, do activities, hitched, have a child, become outdated and old following the time, and then expire. It is a prevalent life is everybody knows. We, yet , have different methods to think of each of our life. Internet Angelo through her poem entitle "When I Think about Myself" provides shared the voice of her people and reaction to the process of thinking or musing life. It is a very interesting poem because we should read this twice or more to capture the real strengthen and tale.

When the 1st you browse the poem, you may not recognize the Maya's imply and then end up being extremely wondering to read it again cautiously until you get the true story from your poem. The poem features contrasting term "laugh" with some words, which may have an contrary meaning including "death", "choke", "ache", "died" and "crying". The sculpt of the poem is a little unfortunate and ironic. If you do not have tone, usually do not worry. Maya is very good at camouflage the tone. That part which in turn shows the tone? How come she applied the word "laugh" if the tone is less miserable and sarcastic? What is the full story in the poem in fact?

Maya Angelo through her poem, Once i Think about Personally, has been sharing her think about the irony of the life. The lady makes the individual who talk in the poem is really as tough because her. This might sound like Internet, who think and notify about her life. Cyber wrote her poem simply by first-person point of view, which it is seen from your first stanza of the composition that used the pronoun "I" and "Myself".

When I think about me personally

I practically laugh myself to fatality

My life has been one great big joke

A dance that's walked

A song that's spoke

We laughed so hard I almost choke

While i think about me personally.

Moreover, the person or narrator is not at all times Maya alone. The utilized of the pronoun "I" and "my" that we...

... he poem is definitely telling a flashback story. Punctuation that puts at the conclusion of the last line in each stanza make we could think and breathe toward the poem. The poem is not only a lot of lines of sentences, furthermore, it is associated with thought, experience, hope and condition of a residential area, black people community. One of the most reason to choose this composition is the contra condition involving the condition in the poem and our state nowadays. In the poem we now have learned that a lot more too worth to be thrown away. Our life here is very lucky and should be pleased because it.

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: [02 April 2014]

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