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Do you know what to write a persuasive essay on ?

Sooner or later you’ll be assigned this anyway, so it makes no sense to put it off till tomorrow. Let’s learn what to write a persuasive essay on right now!

There’s a good way to learn what to write a persuasive essay on. Your approach should be built around critical thinking. For instance, someone offers you an argument that the development of the US medicine has given us quite specific outcomes. Then he offers a bunch of sub arguments and some evidence to support his point of view. Your task is to figure out whether his arguments are solid enough or not. Once you gain the required skills in evaluating somebody’s writing, you’ll become more professional as an author.

Well, we keep on unveiling intriguing intricacies regarding what to write a persuasive essay on. As follows from the name of this type of essay, your task is to persuade your readers that your point of view on this particular issue has no worthy alternatives.

Within your claim your require presenting your own sub arguments and sub points. Finally, you should connect the evidence to your arguments.

Of course, it’s so great when everybody always tells you «yes», but the whole wisdom of what to do a persuasive essay on states that you can hardly write a high quality persuasive essay without such a must-have element as opposition. There are two major types of the persuasive essay opposition:

  • Concession/qualification: Sometimes your opposition will boast a cunning point you can hardly refute. So, you’ll have nothing to do, but to concede this particular point. Nevertheless, you still have a chance to offer more persuasive arguments, though it may be hard to do.
  • Rebuttal: Your opposition may come up with a couple of original arguments. However, with good evidence you can easily weaken their position.

Now let’s look through useful tips on persuasion:

  • You should be clear in what you’re actually claiming.
  • You should discuss the opposite arguments and get ready to offer a concession or rebuttal.
  • It’s up to you to provide substantial evidence to support your claim.
  • Inform your readers which claims of yours are based on valued and which on facts.
  • If there isn’t obvious connection between your evidence and the claim, point out to the obvious one.

Among things to write a persuasive essay on, evidence occupies a special place. There are several types of evidence you can employ to write a convincing highly informative paper. If you don’t have complete information to support your claim, inform your readers of this. However, it’s the matter of your honesty. Many researchers often make the most of the imperfect data. Sure, you may try to follow their example, but there’s a high probability of being caught relying on false information. In this case you lose nothing except your reputation.

You might have already looked through studies conducted by economists, clinicians as well as other types of researchers. The information provided by them can belong to the following types:

  • Facts
  • Speculation
  • Informed opinions

There’s no need to remind you that facts are incontrovertible by nature, so there’s nothing to add about facts. Facts are just facts, they’re always true and solid.

As for informed opinions, the name suggests that the researcher tends to apply to the certain information.

Speculation is just a kind of interpretation. For example, economists often base their theories on the information provided by a certain group of population. Let’s assume these are middle-age women. When the newly obtained results are applied to another category of population, such as elderly women, we obtain what’s called «speculation». In fact, there’s nothing bad in speculations, you just require checking the expert’s credentials. Apart from that, try to spot any conflicts. That has a powerful impact on evidence.

As you know, you’re working on a persuasive essay, so you can’t do without statistics. Pay special attention to the choice of statistics for your persuasive essay. Avoid misusing it. For example, you tell that Z people have appeared to be uninsured in America and that’s the largest number of uninsured people in history. It’s a pure statistics. Meanwhile, if the population has surged, then a smaller percentage of folks might be uninsured, thus making your previous statistics misleading.

What about using anecdotal experience in your persuasive essay? This practice definitely deserves more attention, especially considering there are quite appropriate ways to use this specific type of evidence. Your anecdotal experience may focus on a certain argument or offer an example. This will most likely make your persuasive essay more intriguing. On the other hand, you should avoid making it the only available type of information for your writing work.

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