What Is The Relationship Between Geography And Relationships Cultural Studies Essay

To answer a question like the suggested one, it's important first to follow some steps that can guide us in to the correct line to get the best response which not only will give the exactly answer to the problem but also it will let one fulfill the requirement of know and comprehend the context of the whole situation. Expressing this, it is essential to know how the international relations work and what are they about, and off course it is required to recognize this is of geography to be able to create some bases for give a correct response also to have the capacity to establish a connection between the two terms' so this means and make a representation of how they can coexist and become related with each other in the daily development of life.

Although, we need to analyze each one of the geography factors that have inspired the international system, why are they about and exactly how they have got change their importance based on the evolution of the actors at that time; so we can finally come with a complete solution to the question cured, considering everything recollected. This solution will let us create some basic and specific conclusions which may be useful to understand the do of the system and come with a new perspective of the world's tendencies in conditions of the international relations and the geography that could permit us take part of it in an lively and conscientiously way.

The term of international relationships, to begin, refers to: "a branch of political science concerned with relations between nations and mainly with overseas policies"(1). Examining this definition, there is the word "international" as a solid factor, which involves not only more celebrities with different civilizations, aspects, needs, and behaves participating in the system, but also suggests an expansion of place where relations aren't longer recognized in the countrywide edges from each state, yet it now pertains that human connections are done in the entire world. The definition also shows the importance of creating international policies that can be realized as the programs of states to check out at the time of interact internationally.

No matter how different international connections between claims have been, (anticipated to people's mental conception of the world, and the prevailing differences between the actors that impacts this humans interactions), they will be always within the annals, representing humankind natural need of interaction, and they'll be always affected by the decisions and behaviours of the staff in the international system. One example can be taken from the old age ranges, where the hobbies of some international actors as Cristobal Coln, were sensing new lands and folks, to boost the place of the ruler and to open up new markets with the "India". In here, place symbolizes Cristobal Coln wishes of recognizing the condition of the world and the overall necessity of fabricating maps to have the ability to go through the land and expand territory, wealth, knowledge and so forth.

As we see, international relationships can be a complex system that shows the interactions between the humans all around the world, but using a deeply view, you'll be able to understand to see that those interactions work corresponding to more specific areas of the actors, which can be also related to the external environment where they developed their civilizations, believes, desires and solutions to achieve all the goals they have on head.

On the other side the word of geography, identifies: "The study of the location and spatial deviation in both physical and human being phenomena on the planet" (2). Since historical times, humankind has always been thinking about knowing the surrounding world and before we recognized the world as it is today, we used to fantasy with distant "treasures" in other lands, including not only the nutrient materials like platinum or oil which may have a big economic value nowadays, but also new scenery with better grounds that why don't we harvest and build new villages, territories with a variety of climates and could be other folks with dissimilarities in their physical aspect, culture and life style from who to learn new techniques and to whom we're able to coach or even colonize.

In other words, geographers are the ones who research the distribution out of all the resources in the planet earth and how nature has gave for some nations what other nations don't even know but that they will probably want a need. According to the geography branch, geographers offer an especial field of analysis, for example, those who have the populace as the base of research and are in charge of analyze physical variations between races, are called individual geographers; those customized in manners and believes are called ethnical geographers, and lastly those who search all the territory, it's location in the map and the advantages and disadvantages of this location, will be the physical geographers.

As we've reviewed before, international relations have been growing according to the actors plus some other factors that inspired them, including ideology, economical, politic, and physical aspects. It is in this analysis where we can notice the relation between the two conditions, and it enables us the establishment of a new definition that involves both terms. This meaning would says that international relationships are the relationships and interactions proven by humans all around the world, whose acts are defined relating with their personal culture, raze and place characteristics. Therefore sometimes the relationships become difficult when the dissimilarities between these aspects from each nation, shock among them. All of this factors that affected human actions will be the field of review of geography.

Starting with the examination of the real human branch, we see that there have been many dissimilarities between races on the planet, for example dark people in Africa have a strong physic which signifies an edge in doing hard careers, or the natives in America with beautiful features and big knowledge of the nature. These varieties have affected people's action and thoughts of the world's fact in each and every time. We can see as an example, that at the beginning, when the humankind noticed the necessity of investigate and make an appropriation of the planet earth, international celebrities have hobbies on finding new lands and learn from possible different cultures. They started going all over the world, arriving to new lands which were already inhabited by more developed ethnicities or at the contrary by ethnicities that, for being less developed, were also more vulnerable to being attacked and colonized, even when population's physical characteristics were as strong as the Africans.

At this time, individual thoughts were predicated on the growing, not only of the empires but also of the knowledge about the world were they lived; also the relationships between nations were predicated on mutual acknowledgement, acceptation and connections. But following the breakthrough of new lands which were possibly richer in resources (human being, cultural, physical), and because of human's natural ambition, the wants of territorial growth to increase wealth and power appeared on International relationships field. Human relationships' development altered from those that used to be, to a fresh scenario predicated on the pretenses of the statesmen in increasing their vitality, without nurturing about the means they had to make use of, like violent acquisition of human being, nutrient, and land resources extracted from anyplace they desired, even if there were established every other nation.

In the social research, we can say that: "All civilizations change through time. No culture is static. However, most cultures are basically traditional in that they have a tendency to avoid change. Some avoid more than others by enacting laws for the preservation and safeguard of traditional cultural patterns while adding obstacles to alien ideas and things. " (3).

Culture represents one of the biggest and even more important aspects in international relationships because of the strongest link existing between humans' habit and humans' believes. Both aspects impact one another and make the other possible, so sometimes it is difficult to keep up some interactions between your staff of different traditions, because even if the culture is somehow "open" for new changes, you will see always some kind of resistance to accept the exterior ideas that are different using their believes and means of behave.

In the history, culture's dissimilarities have represented not only problems to keep commercial or diplomatic relationships, but also the reason why given by some stars to initiate wars as the main one in the centre East with the popular problem "land of promise", that hasn't been settled and that also shows how different thinks can influence the international relationships' circumstance.

Finally the physical aspect of geography refers to all of the specific resources inside any place. Since the mental development of the actors, and their capacity of extend their physical territory occurred, territory is becoming one of the most relevant points to understand the international system, because of the fact that it is among the most place where all the relations are done, therefore land appropriation has become the biggest want of the international celebrities to control new interactions and increase their ability and identification among other areas.

Statesmen who've always looked for their benefits and revenue in international interactions, recognized that having richer territories with all kind of resources, and tactical locations, would let them achieve their personal goals, therefore all international policies in different countries take in to bank account land and its characteristics to plan the nation behave in the international system. Therefore it is possible to see given that developed countries helped the growing ones to fulfill their requirement of electric power even if they don't say it in a direct way.

To conclude, we've analyzed and proven that all human interactions are affected somehow by some geographical aspects that are, were and will be always within humankind progression. Factors as the territory where we live, the culture that people have discovered and our specific physical aspects, including behaves, are the ones that guide us in the international relationships' field. Therefore there is certainly a big romantic relationship between your two terms, and it is essential to analyze geography in the international system, to have the ability to be a conscientiously acting professional that participates actively in that big network, where all is linked.

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