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What Is Virtual Learning Environment?

Virtual Learning Environment is a computer software equipped with involved tools that are designed to aid and enhance teaching as well as learning in an educational context. VLE is an computerized learning environment and it includes e-learning. VLE is normally used online and is a pc program predominately modified by educational institutions like Colleges and Colleges due to the many benefits such something brings: A VLE results in benefits including,

Efficiently utilize the available time of the instructing staff who have certain amount of engagement in research and administration, the traditional coaching method could be obscure and tutors might use VLE to produce a professional final result with less usage of their time.

Increase the quality of services provided to students who look into the internet for information and resources. With a VLE system students have the necessary materials and resources at their disposal.

Designating the integration of distance and campus based learning.

Virtual Learning Environment are usually more interactive where teachers could publish documents and multimedia files and talk about these with the students, in another example students could present question to the instructor by clicking on the emotion expressing icon discussing 'cause a question'. Additionally students could take part in groups and debate on various matters which will bring about new ideas and it enhances knowledge. Such e-learning experiences have led these systems to be called Learning Management systems (LMS).

In the modern world there are several online learning management systems, those include webCT

Blackboard, Cyber Extension, Moodle, Elluminate Live. These commercial management systems are either wide open source or proprietary VLE.

Virtual Learning Environment and Managed Learning Environment are two different concepts, the latter refers to the tools and everything processes that provide learners more functions and it stresses more on management. For example: Within a college, the scholar records, the university library, are maintained.

VLE software works on web machines which is open to anyone via the internet or intranet. Moreover

We could limit usage of the VLE system or any other course information in which particular case you can find more personal privacy and balance.

The College

Our school, Lyceum university of Higher Studies established in 1996 is situated in Norwich. Our college or university offers around 150 regular and part time courses which range from diploma level to professional and Post Graduate skills. Presently we've a student base of 800 students. The college or university provides students with various facilities such as a library, Information Technology lab and so many more.

The college or university has several departments to coordinate and control the operations with this college including the IT department responsible for the maintenance of the 350 computer at our school. The amounts of academic staffs in our college remain 115 comprising from the collection staffs, school governors, IT staffs and Lecturers.

In this job we have several stakeholders who have a pastime in the job and each stakeholder understand the value of the project, the benefit and the functions of the job. Let us evaluate the main element stakeholders in the VLE task.



Administrators - 1) Repository administrator

2) IT Manager

3) College or university directors

4) Senior Library Assistant

Software and Hardware supplier

Examining the stakeholders, their objectives, the huge benefits and functions from the VLE project. First of all we will examine the 'university student' stakeholder;


Students are seen as a major stakeholder when employing a VLE environment, this is because all other departments and activities revolve around the students. The students always expect an improved quality service. In the present world the students are powered by state-of-the-art technology and seem to be to be demonstrating too little matter to traditional coaching methods. Modern students are powerful to check out a lot of interaction with the professors. The internet acquired played a pivotal role in transforming the frame of mind of students over the past decade.

The functions and benefits scholar wish to see in a VLE system are:

Completely eliminate the hurdle of distance by integrating distance and learning, the result of the function will save exploring time of the students who live far away and may still do their learning as they would have done by learning in a school.

Study time could be organized effectively, VLE system enables research materials, coursework, timetables and activities could be viewed by the students. Students could coordinate work and allocate a learning time.

Online learning will be better to students who oppose the original methods of coaching and multimedia system (audio, design, and video tutorial) could be utilized to good impact to make an interesting learning experience. Additional features such as wikis. podcasting, blogs provides students with an increase of information and more info is just what a student checks.

Students could be made aware of college or university policy rules, announcements and any notices, these dimensions constantly keep the student current.

Discussion boards and forums enable students to take part in these online conversations and have an internet discourse on another topic and have queries from the professor through this online dialogue. Students missed out on lessons anticipated to sickness could program an online dialogue with the individual teacher to cover the missed lessons.

Students could get an account which they could enroll in and go through the benefits

Of keeping their review materials and being informed of exam dates and other information and also give students the ability to publish documents for diagnosis that might be accessed by college lecturer.

When the VLE system is executed, the collection could be tuned to offer an productive service to the college student. Books could be produced available online, and catalogs could be renewed through the online system.

These will be the benefits and functions produced from a VLE system in the students' perspective. BUT WHEN it comes to VLE environment, the essential step is to provide students with thoughtful induction on VLE, this approach is necessary and has been reinforced by research done on students about VLE. Matching to (lynch, 2002), research proved us that pupil rates will plummet before students are enlightened on VLE and its benefits. In another research by Moore & Aspden (2004), the research results highlights that the students use a VLE system only when they are aware of the functions and benefits associated with a VLE system.


The educating staffs engagement with students and responsible for teaching, making assessments, make activities and all other coaching activities have made them an integral stakeholder in this job.

The teaching staff runs on the various educating techniques and styles to make learning effective. Nowadays with the increasing variety of students pursuing a higher education, there's been significant competition which has resulted in the necessity for q quality education to boost the likelihood of employability. To be a teaching staff in this time of your time the expectations are very high, resorting to elderly teaching methods and less interaction will hamper progress. Which means implementation of an VLE environment will make a professor more of a provider and a architecture of the students learning experience.

The teaching staff would like to ensure that the VLE environment could achieve the following functions and benefits;

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