What Is A Learning Journal Mindset Essay

A learning journal is a means of taking and recording your thoughts, impressions, concerns, questions and reflections. This provides a casual yet focused destination to express whatever involves mind. Its purpose is to improve further insights on how you learn experiences through the process of writing and considering about how you learn. Your learning journal is personal and will reflect your activities, preferences and personality.

Why am I doing a learning journal as part of my review of social psychology?

The learning journal can help enhance further understanding about public psychology and how we can conform these personal encounters individually, as sociable psychology mainly targets dealing with interpersonal interactions this assists us understand how we can socially hook up with ourselves and others through interacting insights and activities that are reflected inside our learning journals. This may effect our perceptions and interpretations of how each of us understands social mindset and how exactly we can watch it which also implies implications it may have had on your level of understanding also to help identify your advantages, weaknesses and preferred desire of the machine.

What do I am hoping to learn from this task?

From this assignment i am hoping to learn skills and talents that gives me a thorough and deeper knowledge concerning how i could express and reflect on my own ideas and to help me understand how they build on what i already know using it in my independent research. Through the development of the learning journal I also pray that this can not only broaden and echo my own views and ideas of this content but to further extend my knowledge of the assignment. This may enable me to gain experience and help me understand and complete intellectual procedures, goals and duties that are required in order to represent upon.

Self and Identity

Which aspect of this issue has interested me most? Why?

The aspect of this matter that found my interest would be "development of the communal self"

I have found this topic aspect very interesting as it points out and reflects on how people see and identify ones cultural self. To me this broadens my insights concerning how and why every individual is looked upon socially for their self concept, self esteem, self knowledge and public home. This also demonstrates how each individual is looked upon and exactly how their roles may differ from others which help show the public world that surrounds us and how each one of us can form and become area of the public world. This not only pertains to me but to any individual based on the development of the social self.

What are the key ideas, concepts and proof related to this aspect?

The main ideas that cover multiple ideas about how the interpersonal world is producing includes the tasks we play, the social identities we form, the evaluations we make with each other, our successes and failures, how other people judge us and the surrounding culture. In relation to the development of the social do it yourself a thought that related towards this aspect include the 'looking - goblet self' which really is a social psychological principle that was created by Charles Horton Cooley in 1902. This idea states a person self develops out of society's social connections and the perceptions of others. This mainly refers to people shaping their self-concepts based on their understanding of how others understand them. One evidential way this is perceived is through sociable evaluations (Festinger, 1954) which help us examine ourselves compared to others.

What short quote from the text or reading illustrates an important point related to this aspect?

An important point that implies this aspect is situated in the text booklet expresses that" The self- concept has become a major social-psychological concentrate since it helps organize our wondering and guide our cultural behaviour". (PP. 68) In proclaiming this instructs us that relating to our personal image we can base this on the way we reside in a sociable world which can provide an influence along the way we think and how exactly we portray ourselves and other individuals we can also say that communal experiences also play a part in expanding ones social home.

How is the aspect highly relevant to my communal world?

This aspect is pertinent to my cultural world since it shows how our sociable image and communal perceptions can condition who we could and how we are looked at upon.

The personal can be analysed through multiple levels for the development of the social do it yourself, the social do it yourself idea 'Who am I?' comes from ones self, sociable knowledge can clarify how an individual predicts themselves. Self-confidence self sense of how much their price and social home which shows how functions as a student, family member and friend which can be used for an organization identity.

Prejudice and discrimination

Which aspect of the topic has interested me the most? Why?

An aspect of this issue 'Racial Prejudice' has interested me the most because it shows how people can have a negative evaluation towards certain individuals or teams based on attitudes with certain biological characteristics. I find this of great recognition because racial prejudice impacts people and populations around the globe and is associated with discrimination which also exists in today.

What are the primary ideas, ideas and information related to the aspect?

The main ideas that come with racial prejudice can slightly emerge from ignorance for disliking others. As racial prejudice has common similarities with stereotyping, discrimination and hatred we realize that prejudice can be an attitude which is a distinct combo of thoughts, inclinations to act, and beliefs. Further Ideas and evidence concerning this aspect include racial prejudice has been found between several self-report actions of religiousness and racial prejudice; however, no test has evaluated the direct aftereffect of religious beliefs on racial behaviour. An test that was conducted by 'Jane Elliott' (Blessed 1933) who was an anti-racism activist illustrated how biological characteristics through the experiment 'Blue eyes, brownish eyes' which was conducted to identify how biological features play a role in racial prejudice.

What short offer from the text or reading illustrates an important point related to the aspect?

Racial prejudice illustrates important things that connect towards this issue "In the framework of the world, every race is a minority. " The individual in society (PP. 182). That is an important point which clarifies how every individual is categorised using groups based on their natural characteristics and how they are viewed predicated on that fact which links with racial prejudice and exactly how individuals form our understanding of racial prejudice never to only use certain behaviour towards biological dissimilarities but to categorise and judge that is based on the racial prejudice perspectives of the world. Multiple statements can help shape up how racial prejudice is present "I'm a 'Cablinasian. " PADRAIG HARRINGTON, (1997) explaining his caucasion, dark-colored, Indian and asain ancestry is a good example.

How is the aspect relevant to my interpersonal world?

As social the truth is distinct from biological realities racial prejudice is pertinent to my communal world because it prevails within today's society and is placed into different communities within the sociological world. That is relevant in terms of judging and classifying based on competition and, or gender which complies with racism and discrimination that also happen within the social world we stay in today for that reason racial justice is a problem and puts negative insights on minority communities based on natural characteristics.

Due to the aspect becoming highly relevant to the communal world racial prejudice impacts many people in the communal world predicated on each individuals attitudes towards certain people that shape the public world we are in today.

Conformity and obedience

Which aspect of the topic has interested me most? Why?

One of the interesting aspects i've found in this matter is 'Milgram's conformity experiment. ' By Stanley Milgram (1963). I find this facet of the topic interesting because his experiment demonstrates conformity and compliance to regulate how far individuals were willing to go in order to obey the commands of any authority figure and exactly how this test illustrated social influence.

What are the primary ideas, principles and evidence related to this aspect?

Main ideas that relate to this are evidently contrary to Milgram's conclusion that individuals blindly obey regulators to the idea of committing wicked deeds because our company is so susceptible to environmental conditions. As a result of this social psychology is becoming one of the very most famous and controversial tests. There are ideas behind conforming as possible defined as altering one's behaviour and or considering to complement those of other folks or group standard, the bottom line as to the reasons people confirm is basically because it is suggested that 'everyone does it'.

It is obvious to say that when the first subject of the Milgram experiment, Emily, quit the moment she was told the protocol. "This is not really my thing, " she said with a stressed giggle when our second subject matter, Julie, got to 75 volts and read Tyler groan, she protested: "I don't think I want to keep doing this. " Jeremy insisted: "You really have no other choice. I need you to continue until the end of the test. " In saying so this shows how social effect make a difference individual's thoughts, perceptions and actions in order to confine with compliance.

What short quotation from the written text or reading illustrates an important point related to the aspect?

"Milgram's (1965, 1974) experiments tested what happens when the needs of specialist clash with the demands of conscience. " This illustrates an important point with regards to this aspect because corresponding to Milgram individuals moral nature includes a inclination to be empathetic, kind and good according to our interactions and group members, this also shows inclination towards being chauvinistic, cruel and evil to others. According to the shock experiments uncover not blind obedience but conflicting moral tendencies that lie deep within based on this social influence plays a role in Milgram's experiment in order for people to show signs of compliance and conformity.

How is this aspect highly relevant to my social world?

This aspect is relevant to my social world because in world today we could conforming and being obedient under certain circumstances for example universities require conformity such as putting on school uniform is an example of compliance conformity which is similar to norms that we must order and obey. A good example of being obedient in today's contemporary society would be getting started with the military you are required to follow and follow instructions to be able to qualify the mandatory norms they have place for you. These are all things that happen in the cultural world we are in due to this the sociable world and the bigger world we are part of is when an individual fully comprehends the situations that are occurring around them. This involves the part of life that affects them and their environment and in this case conformity and conformity are clearly recognised in today's sociable world this is the result of public influence.


What value has this journal been for my learning of interpersonal psychology?

This journal has respected in instructing me about public psychology and exactly how it deals with social interactions. It has also helped me understand and make clear how the thought, feeling and behavior of people are inspired by the genuine, imagined or implied presence of other people due to this i now have a higher level of knowledge about communal psychology. The journal in addition has observed social psychology as to how it looks at ranges of cultural topics that contain been explained and exactly how people can interact and know how social psychology has been used.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of my journal?

For me determining my weaknesses is just as important as figuring out my talents because I think that our strengths result from our weaknesses and our weaknesses come from our strengths. I feel that a durability that exists in my own journal is that it's structured briefly yet descriptive at the same time rendering it reflect after my understanding of tasks and at the same time has the required information to be able to properly point out and explain my information. My learning journal is just a little centered more on this issue and should evaluate my things into further details but aside from that I really believe my journal has a good and short layout in order for anyone to indicate upon.

Did I get out of this assignment what I hoped for?

Yes i think that i have received even more knowledge towards the required skills and capabilities that I wished for when writing my journal. This has given me deeper insights to each aspect of the topics. I have expressed and shown my own personal ideas, this has also helped me build-up on that which was required for the completion of this learning journal. As I stated earlier in my introduction the learning journal has helped enhance my understanding about cultural mindset and has proven how social psychology can be modified in the society we stay in and how it works all around us.

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