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What Is Command And The Leadership Styles Management Essay



1. Control is mentioned as the "process of social influence where one individual can enlist the help and support of others in the success of a common process. " Chemers, M. M. (2002).

2. "Leadership is finally about creating a means for individuals to donate to making something outstanding happen " Kouzes, J. , and Posner, B. (2007).

3. "Leadership is a function of knowing yourself, creating a eyesight that is well communicated, building trust among co-workers, and taking effective action to understand your own command potential. "(Warren Bennis)

4. Control is the process through which a person tries to affect another specific or a group of individuals to accomplish a goal. (Blake, R. ; Mouton, J. (1964)

What is management?

Leaders will have an impact on our lives. The first choice affects us inside our lifestyle and in our future too. Whether it good time or bad time. Almost always there is a need of any good management. The success of the business enterprise or industry is dependent upon the best choice which you have chosen for the task and what authority style she or he adopts. Command is in which you lead the whole group of individuals whether in business industries or sports. The contribution of the authority should succeed in every the situations. In control someone who is leader should have perspective about the near future he should forecast and really should know the forthcoming conditions and situation in the market or industry. For affective management the leader should have good skills in communication and convincing other people and also should have humility when he is treating people. The theory of command say leader always has great ideas but most of time ideas result from someone else. So leader should have people around him who is able to generate ideas. Once and for all leadership leader must have qualities such nearly as good communication, well planner, decision making, versatile, sensible, handworker, good company, friendly, sense of humor, visual appearance, punctual, management skills, control qualities, vision and Listening attributes.

Leadership style:

There are four authority style,

1. Autocratic leadership

2. Persuasive leadership

3. Consultative leadership

4. Democratic leadership

( Kurt lewin. 1939)

Autocratic command:

Autocratic leadership style is one of the most oldest control style. This autocratic style has been observed in classical period when the industrialist use to take decision independently. Autocratic leadership has subsequent characteristics. In autocratic command the owner or the administrator will try to make as much decisions as he can. She or he does not talk to with anyone. In autocratic command the owner appear to really have the most specialist and he has full control on the decision making. When owner is making decision he or she does not care whether this will be acceptable by the other or not. Usually in this style owner want all authority with him he does not want to spread the specialist to different people. In this command style consultation with the member or fellow workers is suprisingly low and decision making become a solitary process. In this style the primary defect is that all the professionals have less matter in trading their own idea. They just want to work on task which is assign to them. This tendency of control style is used in traditional company.

Persuasive control:

Persuasive leadership style is in which prior to making any decision the owner or the administrator call a meeting in which everyone is setting. The point is raised in the conference everyone participates in your choice making. Following the decisions which are created is carried out. The positive thing of this leadership style is that everyone offers its ideas lots of ideas are generated. Everyone interest is developed in your choice which is going on. This tread of control style is utilized in the modern company. Where fast decision need to be made like Symantec Corporation, Microsoft, software house, IT field organizations.

Consultative command:

Consultative authority style is that the leader shares the problem with his associates or the subordinates however, not in appointment or gathering. The first choice shares the problem individually. Leader delivers the challenge to each member and might take individual decision, recommendations and ideas from them. After getting the decision from everyone the supervisor focus on it and makes the decision from it. Which echo team member involvement. This control style is good but may be sometime it might not work accordingly because in the manager is the only person who is making all your choice.

Democratic control:

Democratic mean "seen as a or advocating or based mostly upon the principles of democracy or social equality" (George du Maurier) Democratic leadership style is one of the better command styles because in it the first choice is not engaged. This leadership style works like if there is some problem the leader will share the condition with the subordinates or people as group. From then on leader doesn't entail in it. The group member sit jointly they make discussions and they try to generate alternatives after those producing alternatives they measure the alternatives and make an effort to reach the contract or solution. The leader does not take part in all the process and he is ready to recognize solution that your group has made and he put into action any solution that has support of all group.

Leadership skill, qualities and attributes:


1. Understand the needs and characteristics of the post

2. Knowing and using the learning resource of group

3. Handling the group performance

4. Evaluating

5. Representing the group

6. Communication

7. Planning

8. Arranging example

9. Counseling

10. Effective teaching.

Understand the needs and characteristics of the post:

Each participant or person have needs in order a leader she or he should understand needs of each person. Before that innovator should really know what are his or her needs. Innovator should know very well what people want from him. This can help the leader in planning the task and so that it is done from the employees. This understanding creates trust and built a strong relationship between the employees. Leader ought to know why he is becoming a member of the post. What really post demand from him or her. What exactly are the major interests of the job and what are the future plans which he or she has to apply.

Knowing and using the resource of the group:

Resources is all whatever are required to do a job. Resources likewise incorporate people because people have knowledge and skill. Knowledge is what a person discovers from course experience and skill is the capability to do what you would like. Leader usually uses the knowledge and skills of the group to get the job done. Head usually develop good attitude towards skills. Innovator should know what person is wonderful for what job. In what skill he is best so he should get that job in which his skill can be most used.

Controlling the group performance:

A leader raise the performance of the group and employees members through his / her actions. A leader is an engine and employees are like boxes which are following them. Group best work when everyone has on direction and they want to attain one thing. Controlling is a function which is performed by innovator to see if the group is working in right direction or not. Through handling innovator keep watch on the group. Setting example is the best way to control the group. Group can be manipulated through following ways

1. Continually keeping an eye on the activities of the employees.

2. Knowing the frame of mind of the group

3. Giving instruction clear and pertinent

4. Help a person who is in need of it.

5. Quickly deal with the problem


Evaluation helps to know the performance of the group and people working together. Analysis suggests in which way we can improvement of the group performance.

There are question to judge for getting the work done.

What was the work?

Was the work done right?

Was the work done on time?

Keeping the group together-

Were connections between group members helped or harmed?

Was participation equally allocated among group Participants?

Did the group benefit from the activity?

Did the group take care of issues well?

Representing the group:

Leader of the group symbolizes the group in assembly or any other gathering. Leader symbolizes his group in two ways without appointment and with consultation

without assessment:

without consultation imply that leader will not consult the decision with the group. He signifies the group without their ideas

with consultation:

when the leader presents the group with seeing the group. He represents the decision which is manufactured by the group.


Leader should have good communication skills because he must talk to his subordinates and he or she also has to answer people working over him. Communication is very important because without communication head cannot express his communication. To improve the communication skill the leader should always listen closely carefully to the subordinates and make notes of everything. Always make certain before speaking. Speak slow-moving and evidently.


Leader must have planning capabilities. To increase the abilities leader should know what the aims are and how he or she has to achieve it. Ought to know all the skills, instruments, knowledge and frame of mind. Should consider the choice and then should measure the each option. From then on execute and within the last evaluate the plan.

Setting example:

Leader should be setting up example. She or he should do work before the employees so that they can study from it.


Counseling is vital it help people to solve the problems counseling also help encourage people. Guidance can be effective when person cannot make decision and when he is baffled.

Effective teaching:

effective coaching is a process of increasing the data and skills. Effective coaching includes choosing the training goals. Demonstrating or explaining the abilities. Allowing the learner to apply the abilities and evaluating the process.


A head should be genuine along with his work and his subordinates. Should be proficient for the job. Always have forward looking. Ought to be intelligent. Leader should always be good minded and also broad minded. Innovator should be self-explanatory and leader should have eye-sight so he may lead the employees with him.


Attributes build what market leaders are and every innovator needs three qualities.

1. Standard barrier

2. Developer

3. Integrator

4. Understands people

Standard hurdle:

Is building the ethical body work within an business. This demand a committed action to reside in and protect the climate and culture that you would like to permeate your organization (U. S. Army Handbook (1973).


It helps through teaching, training and instruction. This creates a good location to learn and work. Instruction helps other to learn or understand the skill. Employees who work for developers know they can take risks.


Success can only be performed when many people are working in right path. Integrators predict problems which will occur and make their occurrence experienced during critical times.

Understands people :

Leader should comprehend people which are working under it. Head should require employees for your choice making. If innovator understand and work with them they can easily achieve group goals.

Impact of management regarding to skills and attributes for success:

Leader aren't made starightaway. It takes time to develop skills to become successful leader. In case a head has good skills they can have successful authority. The impact of the abilities for the success of the first choice is if a leader understands the needs and characteristics of the post they can understand his work more properly. If the first choice of the group comprehends the work properly he is able to guide his subordinates well and further subordinates can train lower employees. Innovator ought to know the needs of the post. Because when a leader does not have information about the job. He cannot take all employees with himself. There will be no clear goal for the employees. Due to this skill he is able to know very well what he must give to employees and what he needs in exchange from them. If a leader has skill of knowing and using the resource of group he can simply take work form people. Through this skill head can know what the group is with the capacity of. So if he or she wants to take work out of which he or she knows up from what level they can do. Controlling group performance skill is also very important skill. If this skill of the first choice is good he can keep up with the group performance. He will boost or motivate that person who will be not working well so that he build up to the standard of the group and everything group work together and present 100% out of it to achieve goal. If a head has evaluating skill he can certainly evaluate what is the working performance of the group. He is able to also evaluate the individual performance of the staff. In evaluation skill the first choice can see what was the job how it been done. Just how much time it got to get the job done? So through this skill leader can surface finish his work and group focus on time. If the leader has presenting skills he can present himself in a sensible way to the group and can represent group in a good way. Good communication is the most important skill needed by the first choice because a innovator must communication with everyone. When a leader has a good communication skill he is able to understand employees perfectly I can know the necessity of the employees and he can give way easily. Planning is also a important skill for the first choice because through planning innovator can really know what new step he must take. Through planning they can forecast what will be the future environment of the organizational section. Planning can certainly help the leader. Leader who has counseling skill will never get less than idea because through counselling he will get different idea from different people and those idea will help the leader to make new decision. If innovator is genuine everyone will trust him and he'll have esteem in his fellow workers. If leader is hard working and competent then can simply gain success over his competition. If head is forward looking he may easily anticipate about the upcoming future. So he is able to think relating to it. If leader is smart and has vision he may easily take his organization to next level.

Leadership ideas:

There are four control theories:

1. Trait theory

2. Behaviour theory

3. Contingent theory

4. Transformation theory

Trait theory:

In early on day people use to believe that individuals are born with inherited features and some are suited to leadership and people who become good leader have right combo of attributes. In 1974 stogdill discovered the following characteristics and skills as critical to leaders.

Adaptable to situations

Alert to interpersonal environment

Ambitious and achievement-orientated









Tolerant of stress

Willing to presume responsibility


Fluent in speaking

Knowledgeable about group task


Socially skill

Behavior theory:

They assumption of the tendencies theory is the fact that leader can be produced rather than delivered. Behavioral theories of management say that leaders are not delivered by beginning. Behavior theory doesn't seek inborn features and functions. Behavior theory says that you can learn command capabilities rather adopting them.

Contingent theory:

They assumption of contingent theory will there be is no-one best way to lead in the situations. There may be one style successful in a single situation but Might not work in the other. This theory will focus on more management style for success. This theory says that leader should act relating to situation and really should adopt different control style for success.

Transformation theory:

Transformation theory assumptions are that people follow see your face who inspires them. Person with vision or passion can achieve great things. The design of transformational leader is fantastic because it put interest and energy in everything. They care about you and want you to achieve life. Transformation theory is a leader evolves a eyesight and then provides the eyesight by revealing to people what they have to achieve by motivating them. Then he or she find way forward mean he know how to lead. After that he remains centre of action. In change theory head motivates visitors to achieve the goal.

Leadership style you like:

The control style that i like is transformation control because everything just revolve around you. You will be the centre of everything. You are the person who offers innovative idea to the people or vision then you understand the way how you have to achieve this goal. You then take the fee therefore you put energy in people which are working to you. You stimulate them and also you put this idea in their brain that success will be in the end. You take every single person together with you. That is why I like transformation command because you are the productive member.

Stages of group development:

There are five periods of development:

1. Forming

2. Storming

3. Norming

4. Performing


Forming is where group is formed to achieve a task or to solve issues. In this customers have need to be in the group. Member gets oriented to the duty as well concerning one other. In essence in forming group of men and women is gathering to achieve or discuss a goal.


In this group member try to organize for the task. Individual have to mold their feeling and frame of mind for organization target. In storming question are increased that who'll be in charge of which thing. Exactly what will be the rules? What will be the praise system? There could be conflicts over authority, structure and ability. To go to next stage member should develop problem handling mentality.


In norming group member share their idea so that they can reach for some decision. Everyone in prepared to improve their idea on fact and figure provided my other group members. During this stage member create a arena of group. They try to understand other viewpoint.


In doing the group members works collaboratively and member care for everyone in the group. The group establishes a distinctive identity and associates are interdependent. I undertaking member find solution to problem using appropriate control plus they look for effective and adequate results.

Belbins team role theory:

1. Co-ordinator

2. Sharper

3. plant

4. Resource investigator

5. Company worker

6. Keep an eye on / evaluator

7. Team worker

8. Completer finisher.


Coordinator: A planner is a person who is innovator in the group. This person is trusted, accepted which is committed to team goals and goals. Coordinator is somebody who listen everyone.

Sharper: Shaper is one who motivates the team member for the goal they need to achieve. Usually there are two to three sharper.

Plant: Plan is a person with high IQ. Strategies are definitely more related to major issues. Place takes approaches to team functioning and problems.

Resource Investigator: Learning resource investigator is someone who is always active because he's in search of opportunities and develops programs. They are usually very public people. They usually work outside the group.

Company staff member/implementer: Company worker works for the team in functional way. They work of the task with is given to them and implementer are those who amount prominently in position of responsibility in large business.

Monitor / evaluator: keep an eye on or evaluator is a person who sees the task of people. Monitor evaluators contribute particularly sometimes of critical decision making because they are capable of analyzing competing proposals. Western world. M (1994)

Team worker: Team staff member are whose people who have will work in teams. The keep the heart of the up and allow members to contribute freely. They have skill of tuning in, coping.

Completer/finisher: They made dependable effort and they work consistently. They give attention to the facts. They check work in the long run that whether its completed correctly or not.

Specialist: Specialist is a person who provides knowledge and techniques that are rarely supplied. These are master with their field.

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