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What is an essay in real terms?

An essay from all indications means an attempt at something. The meaning is to try something. This meaning has been overtaken and an essay is now regarded as a short piece of writing that gives information about a specific subject. The two cardinal points that must be present before you term a write up an essay are that the essay must be a text or writing that can stand alone, and it must make some sense to the person who reads it. When you learn these, then you can vouch for yourself that you know what is an essay. When you are in college, you may be given a topic or question and told to address certain issues as stated by the topic. You are also given a word limit to guide you. When you get this, you should get down in search of information about the topic. Through this information, you will put up a title, and make some arguments within the text, backing them up with some evidence to get to a particular conclusion. When you are through with this work, you submit it to your teacher who marks it by looking at the things you have said and the way you said them. After this, he makes comments and hand the work to you to go and read the comments he or she made and make corrections where necessary. The simple purpose of writing an essay in college is to teach you how to develop a good grasp on issues and how to express this knowledge you have about the issues. There are many types of essay and the writing a reflective essay is one of them. Others are the exploratory essay, commentary essay, evaluation essay and many others. With this, you can realize that the original meaning of essay, which is an attempt at something, is still retained, because when you write these and get corrected, you keep on trying till you are perfect. Now, some of the areas judged in determining the way you present the information you have in an essay is by checking the correctness of the words used and how they were used. This is an area we can take care of in our essay proofreading services.

In the college setting, the writing of essays is seen as one of the most important parts of the studies. This is because of the role it plays in deepening your understanding of the subject you are writing about. When one is told to write an essay on a subject, the next thing the person does is to start serious research and intensive reading on the subject. Another great importance is that writing of essays will make you learn the best ways of using ideas and points to argue cases. Your logic and reasoning is sharpened through essays. An essay is not like a multiple question where you answer yes or no. here, you have to make contributions and write about your thoughts and ideas. Essays are meant to establish a dialogue between the teacher and the student and the result of this is that the thinking of the student is refined. The same thing happens to the student’s writing skills. You learn a lot through the mistakes you make which are corrected by your teacher. At the end of it all, your progress and skills are easily assessed by your teacher through the essays. Every essay should have three main parts. The introduction explains what the essay is about and the criteria used to the reader. It also contains the thesis topics or thesis statements which is the most important part of the section. This introduction is followed by the body paragraphs and these are in turn followed by the conclusion.



How to write an essay

You cannot say that you have found the answer to what is an essay when you do not know how to write it. You learn more about an essay when you write essays. This is why our firm is involved in tutoring students on the best possible way to write essays. We also teach students the best english paper writing methods. Before you start writing your essay, you may use these simple ten steps that will make everything easy for you. You should start by highlighting the keywords. While doing this, you may employ the use of dictionaries to check and ascertain the true meaning of the keywords. You have to look at the question and understand the task words indicating the roles you should play in the essay. Things like evaluate, explain and compare must be taken cognizance of. You should follow this up by identifying the topic words pointing to the main subjects of the essay you have been told to write. When you have these resources, then you go in search of the limiting words that indicate the boundaries you should not cross when writing your essay. These are guidelines before you start a short essay. However, there are some big essays like your thesis, dissertation and others that will demand specific formats. We will also help you with the best information on how to write these huge papers. Whether it is an apa paper or the MLA type, we have experts that will see you through. After this, it will be time for you to do the research and reading as necessary. You should make use of relevant sources depending on how accessible they are to you. You have to be selective here.

  • While selecting, you have to write down some notes and quotations that will be valuable in the essay.
  • While writing the quotations down, you should also take note of the sources so that it will not be a problem for you when you want to cite them in the main essay.
  • From here, you move to brainstorm and jot down points from what you have read. The evidence you encounter should also be noted. And with this, you will develop a thesis, idea or argument.


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