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What attracts one to the field of sociable work?

1. What allures someone to the field of sociable work?

I have always been deeply committed to supporting others, especially supporting those who result from similar backgrounds such as mine. Several encounters have activated my appeal to the field of sociable work. The first step towards my interest to study public work was produced after i was about four. My parents were unfit to improve my siblings and me, which consequently resulted in foster care and attention. At age group four I put no idea that day would lead me on the path of becoming an efficient agent for social work. While in foster health care, I achieved some amazing social workers who went beyond the call of responsibility. My social employees were talented, devoted, and hard working. As I became old, my involvement in communal work grew. I started asking my communal workers how do I become a communal worker. In so many words, they discussed that I must do well in university, and go to college. While in university, I can major in the field of sociable work or tightly related field. My public employees were my first perception from what a social employee is and just what a social worker does. The actual fact that my cultural workers were focused on my well-being and forced me to my full potentials showed their concern for me as well as their moral commitment. Secondly, will be the three premises on which social work is based on. Which are incredibly straightforward. First is the fact the individual or group is important. The individual or group has a challenge that may arise from many different facets, and last but not least finding a solution to help solve those problems so see your face or group can live a much better life. Finally, is the number of opportunities for a public worker in the field of social work. Cultural workers can be found in hospital, colleges, community health organizations, and international organizations merely to name a few. I give my social employees credit for the knowledge they have shared with me as well as pushing me to attain my own goals to become social worker.

2. What influences, individuals, or work/life activities guide your choice of social work as an occupation?

I have not always been the strong self-confident person I am today. My outdoors involvements were my cultural workers, and indie living planner. They play an enormous role in my own influence to study social work also to become a public employee. Sometimes I often wonder

how different my entire life would be now without my communal workers participation. I adopted a lot of things from my interpersonal workers, things such as how to be compassionate and caring towards others, how to set and reach my goals, as well as how to be a hard employee.

Some people neglect to realize the impact of pushing words to others. I could remember while i was at the twelfth level my social staff member Tameko was picking my sister and me up from school to help us fill out some important paper work for university. Along the way home, she told us that people are smart and beautiful young ladies who can be anything we put our heads to. Don't let our circumstances establish who we have been. That minute of encouragement hasn't only stuck with me but has evolved the way I think about my entire life. I then realized that I determine my future and should not be ashamed of my parents mishaps. Studies show that the routine of poverty repeats it self for at least three decades. I new at a age I did not want to do it again the circuit of misuse, poverty, and addiction so I worked hard to perform my goals. In practice, I have experienced an opportunity to work with Indie Living Program. Which really is a program that helps children ages 14-21 with job training, educational opportunities, personal funding, job-hunting skills, freedom skills, and so much more. I also needed a Counselling Practicum category, which provided me an chance to see and experience working within the Augusta Pregnancy Middle. Which is a non-profit agency that provides services to women who are facing challenging situations? In this program, I could learn the precise skills necessary to care for the ladies and their unborn child, honest principles, and moral standards. These activities has only increased me love for the field of public work and given me valuable activities working with women and children.

3. Discuss personal advantages you possess which will make you an effective assisting person.

I chose social work, however in retrospect, I think social work select me too. I often think about what kind of career I'd be interested in easily was never in foster health care. My very own personal track record would make me a highly effective assisting person. Growing up in the foster care system I am able to relate to the young ones and families I will be serving. I know very well what it feels as though to be sent to different foster individuals. I understand how it seems being fearful to trust people and being afraid to discuss being in foster care and attention. I assume that children who've been abused and neglected find it hard to trust people. I believer children in foster treatment would feel a feeling of understanding, being that I have came from similar backgrounds. My personal strengths i posse will be the willingness to help others unconditionally. My interpersonal personnel were very focused on me, and I want to share that same dedication with other people who are susceptible. My experience has educated me how to be non-judgmental, how to demonstrate empathy, and how my improbable voyage can motivate others. In addition, my undergraduate research in Psychology-Counseling has provided me with a much better knowledge of why people think, feel, and react the way they are doing. I believe understanding the habits of people is very important tool to posses in the domains of sociable work. I also understand the value of volunteering to help improve my community and community. I am presently a foster health care golf club member as well as an online message board member for foster health care. I also volunteer in the Jefferson Region Public College system and Woodhaven Place cultural committee. Volunteering is one of my most satisfying experiences for me personally and it gives me an opportunity to help my community as well as gaining skills to better help others. With my encounters during my undergraduate studies and currently I understand that social are an occupation is perfect for me.

4 Discuss your vulnerabilities as these effect your development as a specialist social worker. Specifically discuss any history of substance abuse, problems in a work environment, legal activity, and/or help-seeking for personal issues.

We are vulnerable at any given time because of life circumstances. For instance, disease, humiliation, harassment, natural disasters, poverty and mistreatment; however, some people are more vulnerable than others. In my case, I had been susceptible to physical mistreatment and neglect which has made me a solid person. My life experiences has not crippled me, but has motivated my concentration in public areas welfare therefore i can serve others. My previous vulnerabilities can help me because they offer me with a better empathy of what children and households are going through in downside situations. I give thanks to God for my doubts. One of my biggest anxieties in life was to conclude like my parents. My dread has led me never to have an enthusiastic about taking in or using drugs. I never really had any problems in a work environment nor have I put any criminal activities. I never seek any professional help for any personal problems that I have had in the past, however, there was a group that we was involved in call ILP that stands for Independent Living Program. This group is amazing. That's where I satisfied my Individual Living Coordinator who has been such an influential role model. The Independent Living Program is where I acquired my tone. In the program, I learned how to be more confident as well as how to talk about my life account with other junior which were in similar situations as me. I think the program help me cope with the personal issues that I got experiencing at that time.

5. Describe your special work practice as you predict it five years from now.

Five years from now I see myself helping abused and neglected children who may need a positive communal worker. That is with out a doubt the right vocation for me. I am passionate about working with this picked group, because of my own personal experience as an abused and neglected child. I've a special place in my heart for children especial those who are suffering for their parents' inability to safeguard and provide for these people. I often wished I had a magic wand to safeguard the kids who are being abused, but realist I do not. However, what I could do is take the necessary steps to be an accomplished interpersonal worker, that will enable me to help protect children from all types of child abuse. In the years forward, I also see myself volunteering to help teach foster parents about how to be prepared foster parents. To often there are foster kids positioned with young families who aren't properly trained. For me to succeed in my efforts towards guarding children, I realize that a master's degree in the field of social work is vital. After attending your details sessions, I had fashioned the possibility to better understand how Spalding University can help me reach my academics and personal goals. I became more aware of the value of cultural work key points. I could find out more about your Master's in Social Work program. I was so impressed with Spalding's devotion and background to their Community Work program. I am very excited about learning the basics which can only help me sharpen my skills when i pursue my imagine learning to be a professional social employee as well as writing my knowledge. I anticipate using the knowledge and skills that I am going to develop at Spalding School to help abused and neglected children reach their most significant potentials. I promise to uphold and exceed all that is expected of a student at Spalding College or university, as well as a professional social staff member.

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