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What Magnitude Is English A Global Language?

There are numerous different dialects are being used across the world. Since there are too many different languages, a global terms is produced. A language can achieve this status only when it's important to the globe activities such as communication between countries, trading between different countries across the world and culture. It takes on an important role which is recognized by every country (Crystal, 2003). Crystal (2003) records that English has reached this stage and there are nearly a quarter of the world's population around 1. 2 to at least one 1. 5 billion people is already know and use British. Nowadays, English is the most greatly spoken language in the world. English has become a global language not because than it is both easy to learn and it is superior to other terminology but it includes strong power bottom. The thesis of this essay is divided into a few parts, first look at exactly what is a global dialect and why is a language global then why English turn into a global vocabulary.

Global language means a terminology which is using round the world and it is important to the world operation and influencing the domains of the human activity on the globe. For example, global terms is usually uses to write tracks, use to trading throughout the world and communication between countries in the world. Global language is important to the planet operation and a global language is necessary in the world.

A language has two mains ways to be global. It could be an official terms and foreign language of countries. Public dialect means a terms which wildly used as medium of communication, such as mass media, the domains as administration and the training system (Crystal, 2003). In addition, it can be the first language of few countries. Crystal (2003) cases that a vocabulary can have a worldwide status when it is utilized by other countries about the world. Since a dialect cannot become global only use alone. Foreign language means a terminology teaching in school which has no official position. A mother-tongue dialect becomes the spanish and the official dialect is the step to help make the words become global since a terms cannot have a global status when it is not considered by the other countries. And English has finished the step to be an international vocabulary.

English has become an international vocabulary not since it is simple to learn. There is no language is simple to learn and better, the difficulty of a language is depend on different learner and Lutz (2010) tips that it will depend on which degree of the learner want to achieve, the higher level, the more challenging. Ellis (1985) says that era, aptitude, cognitive style, motivation and personalities are the five main aspects which isolate individual learner variations in another type of level. This implies the issue of terminology are will depend on learner. Ellis (1985) accounts that aptitude is a primary factor to divides the vocabulary learner to different level. When a learner has a good aptitude and a effective way to review a second vocabulary, the language will become easier. Learner determination also is a essential aspect that make a learner learn another terminology success. A learner can likely learn a second language to be success when the drive is high. Crystal (2003) reports that the intrinsic structural properties, how big is its vocabulary or it has been a vehicle of the great literature before or it was once associated with a great culture or religion are the motivation of some learner to learn a words but not the reasons make the dialect become global.

English has become an international terms also not because it is superior to other terminology. Crystal (2003) says that there are many people claim that a language may become global because its sense beauty, clear expression or religious position and these are the misleading values. Language may become a global language not because the wonder of the dialect and the number of individuals who speak it but who speak the words. There are some properties of British helps it be become global appealing but the characteristics of the vocabulary are not the main cause to be worth to learn however the relative importance between your words characteristics and the internationally value. This make a vocabulary be more appealing but not superior to the other dialects. English may become more appealing than other dialects but not more advanced than languages.

Crystal (2003) says that words can become a worldwide dialect not because the wonder of the language and the quantity of folks who speak it but who speak the vocabulary. English can become a world dialect mainly due to strong military electricity and economic vitality. Crystal (2003) implies that a dialect cannot become global without strong power-bases, such as politics power, military power and economic vitality. They are the dominance of the vocabulary making a vocabulary become global. The military power is the main reason to make a language turn into a global language. Whenever a country has a solid military power, others need to listen to the dialect spoken by folks for the reason that country. Which means it makes that language can be used in many countries. Between your world warfare two, Britain set up a great deal of colonies. British became the official language and spanish of the colonies. This is very important to be the official language and spanish of the colonies since it is a important step to make a terms become global. British must be studied by others countries to become global because a language cannot become global when it is only use by the countries which British is the mother-tongue. So British become the official language and foreign language of the colonies becomes the bottom of English to become global language. an economic ability is still had a need to maintain and expand the status of the vocabulary. Economically electric power became a primary aspect which maintain and expand the position in the beginning of twentieth century. The monetary start to expansion and develop around the world and there are many new markets were born. There have been many new technology are invent. Communication between countries is needed to develop the financial and market. Country has a stronger economically electricity, the first language of that country can be more important and it can maintain it much longer and extend it to larger through the current economic climate. Crystal (2003) says that Britain experienced end up being the world's headmost commercial and trading country at the start of the nineteenth century. The progress of current economic climate of the English is the most effective in the world. These built the building blocks of English on the globe through the colonies and the economy. These are the two mains reasons to provide English a global status.

In conclusion, English has become a global words is not because it is both easy to learn and it is more advanced than other language because there is no dialect is superior to other terms and the difficultly of any language is depend on the individual learner differences. The reasons why English may become a global words because the military and the financial electric power of the countries which speak British "And English was in the right place at the right time. " (Crystal, 2003:7-10) British set up the bottom to the earth through out the entire world by Britain colonies. British is also taken care of and expended by the economically electricity and military ability of Britain and USA. That the reason why English can become the global language and why British can be the global terms until now.

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