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We Can Actually Use First Aid

We cannot forecast anything, we can never tell when an accident will arise, but there may be one thing for certain, we can prevent added injury or pain if we realize how to demonstrate first aid. Last January 15, 2013, we've our guest presenter in the school to discuss and help us with the basic knowledge about first aid. The simple debate helped us learn the value of first aid and how we can utilize it in the foreseeable future.

Saving a personЇїЅs life is the most important thing why we have to learn first aid. When there can be an car accident and there is no person there to help out the sufferer, you is capable of doing the first aid to ease the suffering and prevent the sufferer from having serious injuries when treatment or help is not yet present. First aid also functions as the bridge that fills the gap between the unwell and the medical professional so we ought to be the center man who'll secure that the sufferer would feel less in pain and would check his/her condition by watching the blood pressure, breathing, pulse rate and heat. Every second or every minute counts after the sufferer have experienced the crash thatЇїЅs why he/she should be attended in the quickest time as you possibly can.

We can in fact use medical in many simple ways and by doing the first aid properly. So when medical biology students and maybe future doctors, it's very useful for us to know the basics of first aid because we can definitely use it in case of emergencies to provide a sufferer some medical assistance. So for us to practice how exactly we can use first aid, our guest speaker and our teacher site us a situation wherein a youngster was harmed in his arm after he dropped on the floor when heЇїЅs trying to change the lamp. Given that we have some materials like: handkerchief, cardboard, ruler, belt, whitening strips of

cloth and masking tape at first we donЇїЅt really know how we ought to start and how we should do it but we properly managed it. We attempted to cover the handkerchief around our classmatesЇїЅ arm but its duration was somewhat brief so we made a decision to use the belt and replace the handkerchief then we put some bandage around his arm and use the ruler and the cardboard to straight his arm and whoala! we actually performed an initial aid. Our group didnЇїЅt win but our guest praised us because our group was resourceful to use a belt rather than the handkerchief. We donЇїЅt have to always bring our medical equipment because we can continually be resourceful and use things all around us to save a life.

Life is very important to people and there is absolutely no rule saying that we should not help people right? Even when we donЇїЅt know the individual suffering from an injury or an accident we can always provide a helping hand to that person and give some medical to provide a temporary hand care. Exactly like what the Good Samaritan do to the Levi? who was simply beaten in the street. Maybe if you help a sufferer in need you will be his/her savior for keeping his life from next to death experience or possibly youЇїЅll be the next Good Samaritan. If you know the true meaning and the importance of medical you can definitely make use of it and save a personЇїЅs life.

Our English teacher asked us to create an essay about our activities during the medical lecture and the activity of using household what to give medical to the damaged as instructed by our professor. First aid is a must for all of us students of Medical Biology because it is related to our course and our future career as Medical doctors. And because this article is a requirement to pass this subject, we have been appreciated to do it.

The first thing that we does is the first aid lecture. Our teacher invited a guest speaker to discuss medical. This lecture protects the definition of first aid, its targets, doЇїЅs and dontЇїЅs of doing medical, some tips in saving oneЇїЅs life and the ABCЇїЅs of life. This lecture can come in handy when someone needs help. Actually, the lecture is beneficial but also boring. The loudspeakerЇїЅs approach in lecturing was so monotonous that I experienced that everyone in the classroom is half lifeless while hearing the speaker. Good thing that I managed to stay awake while hearing the lecture.

After our lecture, our teacher challenges us to place our skills to the test. He first asked one of the participants from each group to be the ЇїЅmain professional/actressЇїЅ. I mistrust that assertion because I understood that this person will be subjected to slight uncomfortableness and probably humiliation while doing the experience. Thinking that way, I made the decision that we donЇїЅt want to do it. But my fellow associates obligated me to volunteer. Someone has to still do it? So I ended up doing it.

After that, our teacher gave this situation: Supposedly I dropped down from the couch while changing the light bulb with my left arm first. I winced in pain and my still left arm maybe destroyed. So using the materials provided, my fellow users gives me first aid treatment for 10 minutes. And we began this chaos. They wrapped my kept arm with bandage; straighten my left arm with a ruler and a keep, serving as a support for this to immobilize my arm. Then they use a leather belt that hangs from my throat to the damaged arm as a support. I believed like I got a dress-up doll and twisted in awkward positions while supplying me the medical treatment. A great deal for top-notch care and gentle motions. It was, for me, an awkward instant. Then, the demonstration of the result comes. The four main actors goes in front of the course and shows off what they did. As I turn to the other folks, one thingЇїЅs for sure, we all appear to be fools. Then the guest loudspeaker judged the end result. But in the end, we lost. But we still gain experience and some laughs while doing the activity.

In life we really not know very well what are going to be happening. Because in life we can not predict the near future only 1 Man can, imagine if we are using in a aircraft then all of the sudden a one passenger experience difficulty in deep breathing or something? You are in a area with your sibling or sister then a child dropped on the monkey club and broke his or her arm? What exactly are you heading to do? These are the exemplory case of the many situations why first ЇїЅ aid is important and just why should we understand how to apply it.

WeЇїЅve lectured about medical in our course; and for the reason that lecture we learned why MEDICAL is important in our everyday living. First ЇїЅ help is define as the immediate and temporary help provided to a ill or damaged person until medical treatment can be provided. First Aid is important in a number of reasons; it assists us the momentary treatment to a certain sufferer. It is done to help make the situation lighter or even to help the sufferer feel less pain and anguish by knowing his / her vital signs or symptoms to his or her heartbeat Medical also helps to prevent further threat to come and risks of the life span of the sufferer and more importantly with a simple hand you will learn how to save lots of someone life.

As Medical Biology students and a soon to be doctors we ought to learn how to practice first aid. On the experience weЇїЅve done there's a certain situation and we ought to practice first aid in another of our group mates with the materials we have designated to brinkg like ruler, piece of cloth, masking tape and scissors. We have no idea that which you are doing we just cover the piece of material with a ruler with my classmateЇїЅs arm because in the situation the person dropped from the chair so we feel that she or he might broke his arm. The other organizations did the same approach. I think imagine if this happen in real life?

And we could inside our white uniform there is a situation that needs first aid it is considering that we should have the experience doing it but what if we are not? So this explains why we have to learn how to practice first aid, from the simple CPR to save a drowning friend to the heavy situations of men and women meeting mishaps having fractured bones. It can be an edge to us Pre - Med students to really have the knowledge and the strong ability to learn how to practice first aid and utilize it to help other people.

Having to contain the ability of supporting people in an essential danger situations, Supporting them reduce their anguish and helping save someoneЇїЅs life; this thoughts make MEDICAL important so we should practice it because nowadays we are living our company is clueless of what bad or good stuff will happen, everybody knows that Life really are filled with challenging surprises.

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