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A war on terror essay from a US citizen’s point of view

Terrorists bombed the United States, Tanzania embassy as well as Kenya in 1998. Right after the horror came a greater shock: September 11, 2001 attack. No wonder a lot of war on terrorism essays went flying the Internet. In return, USA got its revenge against Afghanistan then went its route in Taliban. Few years later, USA invaded Iraq in order to remove and tear down Saddam Hussein's regime so democracy could be established – war on terror. Later did the USA realize that it was in the lines of the Iraqi society that the depth of the overall conflict reside. It was between Arabs, Sunnis, Shiites, Kurds and other conflicting religious groups. The tension originated 4 centuries ago way back the Ottoman rule, then the British took it over in 1920. So, Iraq was put under the control of Sunni. But because the old Iraqi society was destroyed, the power is lent over to the Iraqi Shiites.

Because Sunni control no longer has power over Iraq, Iran can hardly extend its influence on the west part. Because the first Shiite-dominated state has given the ground to emerge, USA motivated many of the political aspirants coming from the Shiites who are situated in Sunni countries somewhere in the region. Besides, to keep an eye on the Arab vs Israeli, the United States strongly allied with Sunni Arab allies who involve many countries such as Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. This goes to say that Sunni bloc no longer has the power and influence to rise up against Iran that has strong ties with militias like Hamas and Hezbollah. This is possibly why the new prime minister of Iraq, Nouri al-Maliki publicly supported the Hezbollah in Lebanon during the conflict last summer.

But this does not mean that it was a wrong move for the US government to break the Saddam Hussein regime in Iraq, given that some Iraqis want to cut ties between the US military. This will not soothe the situation. Besides, if the US government left Iraq during its crisis chances are jihadists will take over and battle up against Washington and the allied forces. Having taken over the USA in Iraq and defeated the Russians in Afghanistan, they could have reckoned that they would change the world. Or worse, if the US did not take over Iraq at that time, civil war might break out which would eventually destabilize the peace treaty among the Middle East countries such as Egypt, Jordan, Iran, Saudi Arabia and many more. Nevertheless, when talking about the Iraqi situation, the Singaporean government has always been among the strong allies of President George W. Bush and his administration. As the situation subsided in the Iraqi area, Iraqi police received help and were trained. A tank landed to the Gulf with at least 170 personnel with C-130 detachment is kept in touch. Even air-to-air refueling missions were executed so that peace is well kept and strengthened. Even so, President Bush made the right decision to tear down the Saddam government and remove weapons of mass destruction that his administration secretly fabricated.

However, it created a slight tension when the USA suddenly disbanded the Iraqi police and army as well as the Baathists from the Iraq administration. This may produce vacuum amongst the people (or better yet another essay on war against terrorism). This is way too different from what happened in February 1942. Japanese invaded Singapore and took the Australian, Indian and British troops as prisoners. However, the Japanese left the civil administration active but just under their control with some British personnel handling basic and essential services. With a small portion of some garrison as an exception, many of the Japanese forces left Singapore and headed towards Java. The Japanese forces were subtle because they refused to disband the civil administration and police forces of the country even though they have interned the British forces residing in Singapore.

The way most people perceive the unilateralism of the United States is quite alarming because such incident triggered a counter coalition of necessity among neighboring countries that are known to negate the coalition of the willing. Furthermore, many of this counter coalition do not approve the jihadists. Some European countries along with China and Russia simply come together to protect their own kin and interest against what may seem to them as US subtle intrusion on their kingdoms ((just seemingly like asking what is a capstone project from your teacher and you end up debating over a topic). These countries mentioned do not really have a conflict of interest or personal grudges against the United States. So, United States has more pressure than any other countries involve (quite harder than creating 10 cms paper all at once). This is because they have to isolate jihadist groups so the United States needs to be multilateral with Russia, China, India, Europe and other non-Muslim administrations. For some Islamist extremist and fanatics who have misunderstood the good intention of their religion, it takes a bigger and worldwide coalition to diminish their hatred against the world. If other moderate Muslim governments like Malaysia, Egypt, Indonesia and Jordan decide to participate in fighting against Islamist terrorism, it will definitely create a tidal wave of change.

Is it possible to change the Middle East and remake some war on terror essay?

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