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Walt Whitman and Dostoyevsky: The human identity

The portrayal of the human being personality in the poems of Walt Whitman and Dostoyevsky:

Literature performs an important role in the population that's not only related to the level of entertainment. Through the various genres of literature, we can stand for suggestions to the world through the specific thematic issues lifted within the textile of the text messages. Poetry functions the same purpose in the culture. Through the use of beauty in the dialect such as the symbolic sound give the genre an interesting perspective. Apart from the entertainment, the ideas of the poet about the contemporary society are equally provided. The viewpoints of the copy writer in regards to a specific subject such as the personal identity and its implication in a modern culture are possible views that can be intertwined in the designs texts. The poems of Walt Whitman and the novella by Dostoyevsky are no exceptions. It's possible that the creators' use of the thematic issues is a portrayal of the views about the world. Here, I verify the possible difference or similarity in the portrayal of human identification in the functions by the two creators. Specifically the works that are selected for this evaluation will be the poems A noiseless patient spider, the songs of myself and A Sight in Camp all by Walt Whitman. Notes from the underground will be the work by Dostoyevsky which will be looked at here.

Thesis: Non-conformity and self-reliance are used as the major formulators of personal identity in the works of Walt Whitman and Dostoyevsky.

Non-conformity is taken in this paper to mean the lack of respect or understanding for societal prospects. This means that the sociable obligations and the need to be clear of societal expectation can make a person contain the propensity to be unbiased. This freedom is the main element factor that will condition the identity of folks in a contemporary society.

When a child asks the persona about lawn in the poem song of myself, the persona could not give an answer a comparable question. This delivers him thinking in thought in a journey that will take him through the continent of America (Whitman, 56). His epic quest in thought makes him show up in love with character and he does believe that there is nothing bad that won't contribute to a confident outcome in the system that is nature. Transcendental idea and the freedom of thought, in this case, is exactly what informs the persona's personality. The persona evolves an thoughts and opinions of the world through the examination of the different areas of the culture in thought. the cause this is that it is easier to create the possibilities of the society through the mind.

In notes from the underground, the author's objective is showing that by using mindful thinking, the personality of an individual can be shaped. The narrator, in cases like this, informs us that the capability to take revenge is in fact not a possibility to him. That is powered by his ability to construct and analyse the options of the action. He thinks that the consequences of his activities could lead to other disasters that may be of even more consequences. Because of this, the persona opts to do simply nothing but imagine things in the culture. This makes him unable to confront his colleagues even though they have obviously shown that they despised him. Typical in any world is that if anything is incorrect, the responsibility is on people surviving in this society to make changes to the same result.

The use of imagination and the resultant utopia created by the imaginations may also be viewed as shaping the id of the persona in notes from the underground. The persona thinks that he could get away from from the overall boredom created by work and social relation through the use of a mental process or creativeness on a single. This position can be taken from the actual fact that the primary desire of the persona is to be unbiased of any external forces that shape the interactions that he had in society. Inside the poetic works of Whitman especially the A Noiseless Patient Spider, the persona envisions his spirit wandering in an enormous open up space of the sea while he stands on a promontory (Whitman, 405). The idea that has been projected in the text this is actually the independence and the lack of influence of other societal factors like social relationships. In reality, the opportunity of the life of no factors to affect the thinking or the actions of an individual is a societal impossibility. The author, therefore, uses a level of insufficient conformity and adherence to societal norms in these works. Really the only possibility of the lack of any disturbance in the world is when there is no individual coping with the persona in the same population.

A Sight in Camp is also a poem that is employed by Whitman to help expand the ideal of wishful thinking and freedom from the cultural norms. In such a poem, the writer knows that it's possible for customers of different age ranges and sex to see suffering occasioned by disease. Still, the author deliberately talks of a faceless perfection and lack of enduring even in a medical camp (Whitman 276). The author's intention is to make us imagine that there is a society where all the anguish is not present and that folks do not recognise the other person from a physical perspective. The assumption that the author is also driving here is that there is a likelihood of achieving the amount of equity that appreciates all beings as perfectly similar irrespective of age and cultural standings.

In notes from the underground, the author takes a different method of interacting with the society, battling and utopia. The writer opines that it's possible that the level of suffering brought about by the several factors in a culture may be the norm. However, the use of knowledge and the rationality is a significant cause for the deviation of the norm. The persona argues that through hurting, it is possible to have a person to get honour or ennoblement. This ennoblement or honour could be what the standard individual would wish for themselves and identification. The deviation from this normal point and the lessening of anguish by researchers and rationalists is the cause of a strive towards a utopian society.

The argument that the writer proposes here is also related to the freedom of choice. Inside a contemporary society that the realists and the researchers are constantly working towards making life better, the normal man is remaining without other choice. The desire to see anything in life like work and social life is constantly challenged by the idea that are floated by the customers of these systems. The result is the fact that everyone is whipped away from what they so desire and instead migrated towards how many other people think is ideal. The effect is the fact that their personal identity is improved through conforming to these norms but their independence to choose is refused.

In conclusion, the key area of discussion in this article concerned the use of non-conformity to societal norms and the amount of effect of freedom in the creation of personal individuality. A review of the works by the two authors reveals an even of similarity in approaches given to the main topic of id in the text messages. In all the works, transcendental viewpoint underpins the forming of the personal information of the persona of the task. Relating to Dostoyevsky, the use of thoughts or mindful thinking has led the persona not to act at all to change the problem that is prevailing. Despite him realising that it could be wrong or the problem is not right, the consequences of the action contain the persona back. It also affects the amount of independence that the writer has about the capacity to make choices on the actual wants like escaping from boredom. Whitman also uses the same philosophy in deciding the id of the persona in almost all of the works. According to the publisher, the epic mental journey that is provoked by way of a Childs question about lawn (Whitman 56) has led to a lot of discoveries. The nature of the non-public self is probably the things that the persona has discovered in the process. Much of the theory that, therefore, shapes the identity of the persona are therefore presented in a transcendent way.

The only difference is in the manner the authors handle the concept of the ideal culture and the independence to choose an individual identity. In records from the underground, the persona opines that the decision of the members of the population is not indie. It argues that the choice is consequently of the methodical view of your utopian world. Whitman in contrast feels that it is highly necessary to have a utopian contemporary society where everyone is equal, there is absolutely no suffering. This notion is explicitly projected within a noiseless patient spider (Whitman 405). It is, therefore, important to conclude that both authors employ the use of non-conformity and self-reliance as the major formulators of the identity of people.

Works cited

Dostoevsky, Fyodor. Notes from the Underground. Broadview Press, 2014.

Whitman, Walt. The Complete Poems of Walt Whitman. Wordsworth Editions, 1995.

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