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Wal-Mart Swot Research Paper

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This assignment is dependant on a SWOT evaluation of Wal-Mart, a leading biggest global retail company. Wal-Mart's Sam Walton opened the first discount store in Rogers Arkansas back 1962, and 47 years later, Wal-Mart manages 8, 159 models in 17 countries. Wal-Mart employs over 2. 1 million people worldwide, making them one of the major private employers in both the US and Canada, and the major private workplace in Mexico. ² Even in the midst of a recession it's believed that Wal-Mart stores' retail market talk about has brought up markedly³ and they are seeing sales profits for 2009. Wal-Mart has a remarkable history of success from its humble origins to its change into a business leader; one can only ask yourself what the near future holds for this corporate large.

One facet of Wal-Mart's structure that has given them a competitive edge is their efficiency in logistics. Beginning in the early 1970's, Wal-Mart utilized a warehouse circulation strategy facilitating bulk purchasing and streamlined circulation processes enabling those to dramatically minimize circulation costs. Today Wal-Mart has more than 147 circulation centres with the common facility offering 75-100 stores. Their pickup truck fleet journeys about 800 million miles a year and they move over 5. 5 billion situations of products. A Wal-Mart circulation centre can have up to twelve mls of conveyor belts and about 500 - 1, 000 employees.

Wal-Mart has also been able to gain competitive advantage with their embracement of Technology move forward. This network included voice and video communication which streamlined the company's communication and facilitated the movement of sales and inventory information to the corporate head office in Bentonville, Arkansas. 6 Throughout a period of slower growth in the first 21st century, Wal-Mart made large technology investments that were successful in attaining more inventory control and enhancing company performance. In addition to their scientific competitive edge, Wal-Mart continues to make smart proper decisions to exploit potential new revenue sources as they constantly to develop into new markets. Wal-Mart opened up the first Wal-Mart Super centre in 1988. Wal-Mart include a complete super-market, garden centre, pet shop, pharmacy, tire and lube express, optical centre, picture processing centre, and some additional smaller outlets ranging from scalp, nail, video tutorial, and fast-food shops. Today there are over 2, 700 supercenters in america. By 1998 they released the Neighbourhood market strategy which catapulted them into becoming the largest US food merchant by 2001.

By 1991, Wal-Mart began its international expansion with the launch of its first store into Mexico. 2 yrs later they developed Wal-Mart International - their rapidly growing third section. Today, Wal-Mart has a complete of 3, 859 international locations and operates in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, Chile, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Japan, Mexico, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, america and the uk. Wal-Mart is now planning on growing their operations in India and China even further. [via : The Wall membrane Street Journal]

Some impressive products and programs Wal-Mart has created have contributed to their popularity and profitability. Wal-Mart commenced its site to store program in 2007 which offers free delivery or delivery to an area store for acquisitions on the website walmart. com. [via : CNET] Wal-Mart's signage and emblem have recently changed; in 2007 they modified their very long time slogan "Always Low Prices, Always" with the current "SPEND LESS Live Better" motto.

Wal-Mart's three Basic Beliefs and Values as follows are: "Value for the individual, Service to your customers, and trying for Quality. " [via : http://www. walmartmovie. com/facts. php] These long-standing values haven't ended them from becoming the foundation of some controversy and damaging press within the last decade including participation in multiple lawsuits regarding questionable business methods. There have been multiple allegations of erotic discriminatory procedures and cases involving unpaid wages.

To achieve a larger knowledge of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. , it's important to investigate the advantages, weaknesses, opportunities and dangers as to what you need to expect in their future performance as a corporation.


The way businesses operate is influenced by the wider political, economic, communal and scientific environment. They are usually known as Infestations factors - Infestations is an acronym for political, monetary, social and technological By analysing fads and developments in their business environment, organizations can position new market opportunities and risks.

Political factor: Wal-Mart is currently operates its procedure worldwide. In this particular procedure Wal-Mart need to check out certain rules and regulation of coordinator countries. Last year 2009, international businesses produced 27. 2% of Wal-Mart's net sales. [via : wikiinvest] They are simply facing big challenge from Chinese authorities and forced to Wal-Mart to obtain its operation with local company. Politics condition includes politics instability, economic condition, currency rules, legal and rules constrains, intellectual property protection under the law, duty system etc. Wal-Mart's international businesses have greater impact of web host countries legislation and legislation like Indian federal available door for international investment to use business acquire with local organization. For Eg, currently, Wal-Mart attained with Bharati Airtel - leading Telecommunication Company and open new shop in 12 months 2009 and shut their procedure in Germany and South Korea.

Economic factor : Monetary condition of web host countries has better effect on any business firm. Lately, Wal-Mart facing high inflation rate and currency devaluations. In US, Wal-Mart facing obstacle of high interest rate, higher energy and energy cost, inflation, more impressive range of unemployment, higher consumer debt level, unavailability of credit, higher duty rates, economic slow down and other financial factor could adversely have an effect on consume demand of the product or service offering by Wal-Mart.

Social factor : Wal-Mart's international procedure should operates matching to local culture of variety countries. It includes population growth, years distribution, career attitude and emphasis on safety. Tendency of variety countries affect demand of Wal-Mart's products and services. [via : wikipedia. org]

Technological factor : Nowadays, technology has a grater effect on any business. This factors includes ecological and environment aspects. Wal-Mart need to invest in Research & Development activities, automation, technology bonuses and respond the speed of technological change for remain in competitive market no. 1 shop. Wal-Mart's spend huge amount behind continuous new advanced technology upgrade program.

PEST analysis really helps to examine influences macro environment and with the aid of PEST analysis, company can successful study its talents, opportunities, weaknesses and threats i. e. SWOT. Wal-Mart's SWOT research as follows :


The internal and external environment scanning can be an important part of the tactical planning process. SWOT is acronym, standing for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and dangers. A SWOT examination enables an organisation to place itself and its own products into point of view. The analysis helps to highlight the main power and weaknesses of the company, as well as any exterior opportunities and threats.

SWOT Analysis

Internal Analysis

External Analysis






Marketing Aspect :

Wal-Mart emphasis is on its brand image "everyday low prices and good quality of products" when marketing by using different stations. Wal-Mart is become more advanced than their rivals by utilizing their expertise key competencies. Wal-Mart regarding local communities and they're sponsoring local clubs. This is a significant competitive benefit Wal-Mart has within the challengers. Wal-Mart has around 4000 stores in US. In UK, Wal-Mart takeover Asda on 26 July 1999 for $10. 8 billion, internationally they have more than 1300 stores which number is defined to grow greatly. Wal-Mart has excellent logistic system. They create the ideal one - stop shopping experience. Due to conglomeration of its extensive product range customers can do one stop shopping products, the typical customer can go into any Wal-Mart and walk out without having to stop at another store for whatever they could need.

Management Aspect :

Wal-Mart's plans and practices are made to ensure a host that is inclusive and equitable. Wal-Mart has 2, 100, 000 employees including international operation. They provide training on dealing with people, equal occupations, leading skills, diversity and help achieve career targets. Wal-Mart has strong community - based mostly initiatives. Corporate structure of Wal-Mart is very well curved and managed with center values like esteem for the individual, striving for brilliance and service to their customers. The management of Wal-Mart is the backbone to the whole company and these core beliefs have propelled them to the top of these industry. They may have allowed Wal-Mart to be world's major company.

Finance and Accounting Aspect :

The company operates nearly 7, 873 stores worldwide, with over 3, 000 of them in international market segments, where the company is continuing to grow its presence at an average annual rate of 30% between 2005 and 2009. The business focuses on offering the cheapest prices across its business segments, which together earned $408 billion in earnings in 2010 2010, a 1% increase from 2009 which is swiftly increases in income shows good financial position.

Human Resource Aspect :

Wal-Mart has more than 2. 1 million associates or employees worldwide. They provide continuous training to their workforce to perform successful business.

Production and Operation Aspect :

Wal-Mart has strong syndication system and it's known as combination - docking. They are really continuous delivering goods to warehouses and their stores within in one day. However it provides faster response to advertise demands and low degree of inventory. This technique has allowed them to diminish its sales cost by 2-3 3 % in the industry.

Research and development :

Wal-Mart's innovation retains it a leading shop in retail industry as it is regularly turning out new patents/proprietary technology. Development and advancement are high at Wal-Mart in regards to with their products/services which give ultimate revenue.

Computer Information System :

Wal-Mart uses satellite founded communications allowing you to connect all the network of stores. Wal-Mart is offering safe, secure and useful complete website where consumer can purchase products easily. Through web-site of Wal-Mart, one can find A to Z information of Wal-Mart.


Marketing Aspect :

One of the largest marketing weaknesses seems from Wal-Mart lobbying to broaden into new market nationally and internationally. There are plenty of areas over the US tried to stop the benefits of Wal-Mart due to financial impact like local stores, traffic and environmental problem. Wal-Mart has a damaged reputation since when they move into a fresh location they finish up "forcing" for beginning new stores which is unethical at all. Wal-Mart also turn off its underperforming business in South-Korea and Germany in fiscal time 2007-08.

Management Aspect :

There are few females in top management role and few minorities applied. Wal-Mart is missing equality demand which is not ethical decision for Wal-Mart to be making. They are actually hurting their corporate image by retaining this position in market. There is also lack of union. Due to perception of treating employees inadequately, Wal-Mart does not have any union involvement. There is biggest problem is insufficient job security for associates.

Finance and Accounting Aspect :



Fixed Advantage Turnover

8. 4 %

Earnings Per Share

3. 35 %

Average collection period

8 %

As above percentage are presented weakened money condition. Fix resources turnover proportion present high investment however, not being utilized. The EPS ratio is bad as compare to the industry. The collection proportion presents that Wal-Mart allowing their debtors to carry account with above average period of time. It increases the probability of non-payment.

Human Source of information Aspect:

Wal-Mart is non-unionized organization. Wal-Mart employees commence at lower salary than unionized businesses. Wal-Mart gives low wages to their employees which have an impact on their quality lifestyle. Wal-Mart is currently involved in class action suit behalf of formal and current female employees across its US retails and warehouses. These employees totalling to 1 1. 6 million alleged that the business exhibited gender discrimination at the time of pay, advertising, training and job assignment. This is one of the primary gender discrimination cases in the US.

Production and operation Aspect :

Since Wal-Mart sell products across many sectors, it might not have the versatility of a few of its more centered competitors.

Research and Development Aspect :

Wal-Mart is not positively engaged in virtually any R & D. Specifically, they don't do prior research before opening a new store in virtually any new area.


Economic Aspect :

When any country's authorities invite foreign investment with new trade agreements, businesses like Wal-Mart have capability to provide products and services. This simply increases the markets available to retailers. Wal-Mart offers all products under private brands. Expanding brand profile, Wal-Mart incurs lower functional costs, high quality product and gaining higher margin. Wal-Mart has huge opportunities for future business in widening consumer market by acquisition, merge with, or form tactical alliances with other global suppliers.

Social, social, demographic and environmental Aspect :

To fulfil responsibility or duties towards social and culture, Wal-Mart declared plans to open up in - store center 'The Medical clinic at Wal-Mart' to be connect with local hospitals in Feb 2008. The company could leverage rising healthcare spending in the US to boost income of its pharmacies and health clinics.

(c) Political, Legal and Federal Aspect:

Asian market is almost untapped by the retail world in many extent. It gives huge opportunities to extend business with unlimited and unforeseen potential growth and earnings.

Technological Aspect :

Nowadays, online shopping keeps growing stage. To make the most and connection with internet shopping, customers can simply purchase products by receives friendly site designs, useful order fulfilment, fast delivery and response. It can help Wal-Mart to make huge income.


Economic, public, demographic and environmental Aspect :

Wal-Mart is facing stiff competition from a big amount of companies in the retail market worldwide and local stores. Intense competition could adversely have an impact on the profits and success of Wal-Mart. They face opposition and level of resistance from communities by local and international market like small retailer in US and opposition of shopkeepers and merchants on release of Wal-Mart in India. Growing opposition to starting new stores from local areas and entrance into international market segments will probably hold back extension programs of Wal-Mart.

Political, Legal and Governmental Aspect :

Being a global retailer, each firm threaten by political problem in the countries where they operate in by nation's professional and general laws and regulations, regulations. Like Chinese authorities will not take kindly open to their country to overseas establishments.

Technological :

As scientific change and advances, products being sold today are gone tomorrow; this gives fewer products to market and ongoing change with technology revise. Thus, Wal-Mart must update technology according to current demand and upgrading requires high investment.


Wal-Mart is the largest retail firm in the world with strong market position in the US. The business's strong market position in america provides economies of size and increases the brand image to the company. It derived almost 75% of revenue from the united states market. However, the business faces stiff competition with local players which can adversely impact the earnings and profitability of Wal-Mart.

In order for Wal-Mart to stay at the top of their game and follow the company strategy and achieve their key coverage goals, they will have offer better using their stakeholders and make sure they officer their reputation well nevertheless they can be criticized by some community organizations, women's rights communities, labour union, grassroots organisations, amount of resistance to union representation and alleged sexism.

Key Talents :

The key strengths are employees, financial position, customer focused, one-stop shopping, satisfaction assured programs, worker stock ownership and profit-sharing, well-rounded business, ease of website, good reputation, and favorable access to distribution networks.

Key Weaknesses :

The key weaknesses are some ratios aren't sufficient, non-unionization, no formal mission declaration, few women and minorities in top management, undifferentiated products and services, site research, poor quickness of checkout service, and finally a broken reputation.

Key Opportunities :

The key opportunities are development of business, better segmentation, leverage tech. and financial know-how.

Key Hazards :

The key risks are competition, labour unrest, brand devotion disappearance, company backlash affects performance of company.

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