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Voices Of History And Custom Present English Books Essay

The play Medea was written by Euripides and first of all played in 431 BC. Euripides was born in Salamis. His dad was reported to be a tradesman and his mother worked with herbal remedies. When he was little supposedly an oracle predicted that he would be considered a "child of victories" thus he was trained in sports however the victories he was supposed to achieve were not in athletics but within the field of books. In his literary works he slightly shows some sympathy to all members of contemporary society (even to women who in those days weren't an "active" part of population). The author of the play I consider got a pretty tough life since he was not accepted in his culture and neither were his works and both of the wives he previously were unfaithful. As Euripides himself said world was not ready for the type of literature he created.

It is said that in lots of the literary works he created he points out the flaws of the heroines or women and depicts kings as tyrants or as people with no majesty. The fact that Euripides performed this along with his works especially with Medea has a lot to do with the voices of traditions and history. The reason behind this thought is that throughout that time there have been lots of wars, Peloponnesian conflict being perhaps the main and influential to this work. I believe the most relevant occurrences that resulted in the development of this were the final outcome of the alliance between Athens and Corcyra which threatened Corinth and the growing power of Athens.

I think that history and the fact that Greece was having such wars was an important determinant for the path that this play took. Since the author probably was influenced by these. I feel that there is no possible way for the author to ignore that which was taking place in his area. The very first thing which makes me think about this is the setting of the play and the background it includes.

As a background we've mythology, the myth of Jason and the Golden Fleece. It had been a tradition in Ancient times to go away down reports about mythology, which is how Euripides surely got to know both character types of Medea and Jason. In other words since prior to the story started we can see how custom is important in the play but I believe this goes further, not merely in getting enrolled with the topic but in the elaboration of the play.

Throughout the play we observe how communal conventions are firmly portrayed. As stated before in this article people say that Euripides proved some sympathy to ladies in his literary works. I believe this is because of a conflict he had with the practices of that time. According to the Merriam Webster dictionary a custom is a customary style of though, action or habit. The play shows the role of women at the time, how these were treated but also I believe it shown the part of women which was frequently ignored.

At that point womens role was to prepare, have kids, take care of the house and of their husband plus they were just allowed to be an active part of world when it was about religious festivities. We're able to say that common pattern was a "tradition" at the time, since when i mentioned before a tradition is a commonly accepted routine. Therefore voices of tradition did not merely get the writer familiar with the heroes of Medea and Jason but also helped the writer construct the culture within it. It helped him built the perfect balance in his play because in the play he performed not just represented women as they were seen before (he performed this through the chorus. Since as it can be observed in the play it did not matter how much the chorus spoke or how much they attempted to be heard these were just completely disregarded). It's the perfect balance for the play as a result of fact that Euripides was portraying a part of women which before had been overlook. The character of Medea signifies a strong woman who cannot stand to be modified and defeated; a woman who is very pleased and can not let a man use her as he pleases with no any repercussions.

When discussing history we cannot forget the setting and the environment of the play. The play occurred in Corinth immediately after Jason flees from Colchis along with Medea who possessed betrayed her family and her country for him. In Corinth the population was just the same as it was in Greece at that time, therefore the play was based in the history of that time. The population has a king, people who had been warriors or nobles and peasants women were unheard and not taken into consideration by men.

I think Euripides in a way portrayed the relation between countries at the time because as observed in the play Medea not only remaining her homeland but betrayed her country but stole something important from them. Afterwards she resided in exile in Corinth, bear two children and wedded to Jason. Except that this time Jason betrayed her with the little princess of Ruler Creon. King Creon did not care about the situation Medea was considering, the thing he cared for was that he and his family were well; he never thought or even considered the possibility that this could bring outcomes. Medea convinces Creon to give her one more day in which to stay Corinth and convinces the Ruler of Athens to provide her Assylum after she leaves Corinth. The Ruler of Athens accept with the main one condition that he could only offer her safety once she was at Athens and this he'd not get involved in any issues regarding Corinth.

I think that the storyline of the play could be predicated on the role and position of Corinth and Athens. From 435 to 431 BC Corinth was in warfare with Corcyra. This battle soon made the Athens become involved. With this warfare the Peloponnesian warfare started. It is stated that a few of the complexities for the Peloponnesian battle were: "the bullying of Athens to allies or natural places and the growing power of the town". Out of this I think that the fact that Euripides chose the Ruler of Athens to be Medeas savior in the play is showing the positioning of Athens compared with Corinth and he performed this for the play to get rid of tragically because I feel that if he had chosen a city other than Athens the impotence for Corinths retaliation would not have been clear. Since Athens electricity was overwhelming at that time no-one could claim that Medea could in truth be safe in there.

In other words, the voices of background and custom in the play have an enormous role. Custom was important for the author to possess acquaintance with the subject as well as for him to build up a suitable environment so that his work acquired a huge impact on the readers of that and of this time as well. In order said in the reflective assertion I feel that the goal of Euripides for writing this play was to portray the role women acquired at that time but now which i consider history and tradition I also feel that his target was not simply showing the area society gave to women but also women nature. Both of these ideas I think wouldn't normally have been properly demonstrated acquired he not taken into account what both of these towns were experiencing at the time and the commonly accepted conventions during that time.

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