Voice User Interface (VUI) is the software which works on the user's demand in the form of speech. The speech engine identifies the keyword from many ambiguous words in the environment and works on the user demand. The essential VUI is constructed by the XML Vocabulary.

The keyword has to be saved in the talk engine during construction. The essential security of the VUI is given by the confidentiality of the keyword for the precise work. The keyword refers to the password which is distinct for every single work that has to be performed by the machine.

The new thing according to me is to help make the system to understand our instructions and work corresponding to it with the same excellence. However the only difference is that people have never to store any keywords in enough time of initialization.

The tone of voice tester attached to the speech engine unit gives the security which checks the voice frequency of the user and allows only the approved user to access the engine unit. This provided high security and which can't be broken easily.

For that, have to include three various things in the library functions of the XML Language. The three things are:

  1. User Dialect,
  2. Translator,
  3. Phonetics.

The user language is set in line with the user and it should be included in the library function.

The individual has option to provide the command in different dialect and the translator turns it to the machine language.

The phonetics is the language of pronunciation. It includes all the pronunciations that contain to be pronounced by an individual. But the pronunciations by the user should be accurate.

The security of the VUI is high and it should be initialized. An individual has to give the authorized speech that can only just access the machine. If the user desires to increase, the security, the speech modulation along with some keyword can also be stored in the system. This escalates the security level in the machine. An individual can designate the no of users during that they can even be access the system with the specific key term.

The VUI has sees many applications in words mailings, Home appliances, entertainment, etc. ,

Kinect is the special device used to sense the speech of the user. The VUI sees its applications in cheaper and perfect manner. By, linking this VUI to the conversation engine to any of the appliances, we can make it as user-friendly.

By implementing, this concept in devices and other systems, we can make our work simple, cheaper and quicker. The system linked with the talk engine is very useful and is super easy to handle.


Voice user Interface (VUI) is an user interface which works on the demands of the user which are given by means of speech.

VUI strategy is firstly presented to make some devices better. The tone of voice can be considered a high secure element and which can't be hacked easily by an individual.

Also, it has main good thing about easy of work and keeping the time of working the user has many requirements and it could be easily done by the machine.

Kinect is the talk device which is used to record the talk from the user and it converts it into the words.

This device confirms an application in the field of VUI to record the words and send it to the system.


VUI gets the basic concept of recording the tone of voice and convert it to what and works according to it. The next picture refers to the change of conversation to words.


VUI which is actually word in some consumer- system user interface where the help of individual is not required. For example, it can be found in the field of "CUSTOMER SUPPORT", of the mobile companies.


Consider a user calling to the customer care regarding the need of information

  • The recorded tone of the machine welcomes the user and gives the user, to choice and it talks about this is of the choice.
  • The user has to process a number corresponding to his need and the machine recognizes the quantity, and attaches it to the respected module.

User: - //Dialling for Customer Care and attention//

Customer Care:- Welcome Sir,

Your alternatives are

  1. Security code,
  2. New Schemes,
  3. Sim details
  4. Balance enquiry

User: - //pressing no. 2//

Customer Good care: - Sir your choice is to know about the new techniques. The call is connected to our secretary.

//Now, the decision is connected to the secretary//

  • In this example an individual has to specify a number and it is now processed and it gives information regarding it. Normally, if the demand is not resolved by the system then it links to the decision to the Individuals who are able to clear all doubts of an individual.

Draw backs:-

  1. Pressing the quantity, is works of time
  2. Suppose, our demand is the choice 10 we have to wait before 10th choice appearance, It is waste of time.


The VUI finds its improvement in the field of its applications. The applications also have improved along with the improvement of VUI.

There are three basic applications in this stage of VUI, they are

  1. Customer Care,
  2. Home device,
  3. Mobile applications.
  1. Customer Care and attention:-
  2. The improvement in this level of VUI is in the keeping of time the user has to specify his choice corresponding to his demand rather than pressing the quantity.


User: //calling for customer health care//

Customer Health care : Welcome Sir, your choices are

1. Security code

2. New schemes

3. Sim details

4. Balance enquiry

User: 2 //It is given by talk//

Customer Attention: Okay Sir, Now your call is linked to our key.

  • In this example, an individual has to identify his choice through voice not by pressing the number.

Draw backs:-

  1. Here also, the user has to wait by hearing all the options until his choice appearance. In addition, it wastes the time.


  • The VUI has found its request in the field of Kitchen appliances. Here, the gadgets work according to the customer demand through speech.
  • The vice keyword is usually to be different for different devices the keyword is usually to be specified during initialization.


  1. If the user need to be on the Supporter and off the enthusiast. The keyword because of this process is to be specified.

ON - F1


Now, an individual have to state "F1" if he wishes to Around the fan, and he have to state "F2" if he wishes to Off of the fan.

  • Like that, he has to more the keyword for each appliance during initialization.


  1. The different key term for devices is difficult to have in the storage area.
  2. The security of keyword is only according to our confidential level.

iii) Mobile applications:-

  • The VUI can be used in come mobile applications. There is a mobile software which can respond to our questions and it's rather a partner to us.


User: Hay

App: Hay

User:what's your name?

App:I am X

User:Do you prefer me?

App:Yes, I like you.

In this, example, the mobile connect to the user relating to his question.

Draw backs:

The answer, distributed by the mobile is only stored in the form of templates. The reaction is comparable for maximum number of questions by an individual.


My new idea about VUI is to make the system to understand the user's demand and work regarding to it with the same efficiency.

For that, the Library functions of XML language must be included with a little extra functions.

There are three main functions to be contained in the Module: They are simply:

  1. User Vocabulary,
  2. Translator,
  3. Phonetics

i) USER Vocabulary:

The consumer can demand in any type of language which he is able to able to speak.

But only thing is that it is to be included in the Library functions. An individual language should be considered a specific one. If we want to change the user language we must say the keyword for changing compared to that language.

The keyword should be specified at the time of initialization of the conversation system.


Translator can even be called as Convertor. Convertor has main work of converting the conversation words into the words which can be understand by the machine.

The speech engine unit records the conversation in the form of speaking words and sent it to the computer in the form of words which can be understand by the computer.

This convertor is also included in the library functions of the XML. It does not require any keyword and it could be automatically executed.


Phonetics is the representations of speaking words by means of some special icons which can also be contained in the library functions.

It is very important in this case because this is to designate the pronunciation of words and it so this means.

The meaning of the word differs based on the pronunciation.

Ex: "read"

Is it present tense or former tense?

It is only depends after the pronunciation of the word by an individual.

The speech engine motor has to track record the speech and it should by checked out by the pronunciation and it is executed according to the meaning.

For placing a demand to the system, the user must specify the correct pronouncing. Otherwise, the system responds to this is of the pronunciation.

Some of the applications to be executed with VUI are:


  • In this concept, it is very easy to select our choice in the customer care.
  • The user has not to wait for the required choice number. An individual has to identify his need and system responds based on the demand.



Ex:Consumer: //calling customer care and attention//

Customer Care: Welcome Sir, What do you want to know sir?

User: About balance amount.

Customer Health care: hang on sir, we will send you the info of your balance via Text message, sir.

  • Here, there is no job of looking forward to the chief to solve the trouble.


i) An individual has not to hold back for the decision to be noticed. There is absolutely no waste to time.

2. Home appliances:

  • The VUI has found its applications in Home appliances also. The keyword not necessary in the case of this idea.
  • The system can understand our demand and react to it accordingly.
  • The statement distributed by an individual may be different but the pronunciation and the competency must be accurate. Ex: If an individual wants to ON the fan, there a wide range of possibilities.
  1. Switch on the admirer (Or)
  2. ON the lover, (or)
  3. Turn on the fan

All the statements are accessed by the systems but the pronunciation matters.

  • The mobile app that respond to ourselves according to our questions and it can't be a template function, if, we use this theory in VUI.
  • The answers given by the mobile app is reasonable which is a great friend to us.
  • For example, a car can be began by a keyword stored by ourselves. The automobile can be began only if the tone is identified properly and high security concerns.
  • The tape (or) FM in the automobile can be activate by VUI and the channel of FM can be changed without any physical contact or eyeball contact and it generally does not destructs driving.


The security of this VUI is only depends upon the speech modulation. The consistency of the voice of the user decides the ON/OFF of the device.

The frequency of the speech of end user is stored in the system during initialization. The system is seen by only the approved user.

For increasing the security. We can also include the passwords, plus some special tones that are just peculiar to ourselves may also be included.

The breaking of all these security is maximum impossible. Thus the machine is prevented from Hacking.


By implementing this idea in the real-life applications, we can do our careers faster, effective and secure.

By connecting this with the computer, we can make our computer as user-friendly.

By this, we can enhance the security of the accessing of device and it allows the user to become smarter to do all the task in short course of their time.

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