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Real facts about your entertainment: a fierce video game violence essay

As a true hardcore gamer you know that every new game comes to this world with a huge hype. The same is true for cutting edge game systems. You might remember the day you firstly heard such magic words: Xbox, Game Cube and Sony PlayStation 2. These days computer games are mighty as none of amusing stuff of the previous generations could only dream about. Not so long ago, in the 20th century, reading was a kind of entertainment, especially if books were with pictures. Now we don’t need to picture heroes and wonderful worlds using our imagination. We’ve got addicted to ready-made virtual worlds created by famous game studios.

Computer games have taken control of a large portion of humanity. Human beings aged 4-45 are ready to stay in virtual worlds day and night, even forgetting about food and sleep. That’s becoming an alarming social disaster. That’s not a joke, video games really call for concern in up-to-date society as this addiction causes depression, aggression and a bunch of other mental disorders. That’s why we’re writing this video game violence essay .

According to recent studies of kids, a third played computer games daily, while 7% played for up to thirty hours a week. From any video game violence essay , you can learn what brutal stuff they’re used to playing. These are such bloodthirsty «masterpieces» as Doom, Marvel vs. Capcom, Mortal Combat. All of them are extremely interactive when it comes to slaughtering virtual opponents. Though video game publishes mark their products with signs «Violence level» or «Real-life violence», any kid will find thousands of ways to play this stuff. As a result, more and more kids are get used to violence. It’s no wonder US teens take their dad’s shotguns and kill people at their school. They’ve just seen how it’s cool to observe splashes of blood in Call of Duty. Indeed, there’s an evident correlation between the violent and brutal nature of computer games and aggressive tendencies in players. We can’t pretend this problem doesn’t exist. We ought to discuss it in our video game violence essay .

In terms of displaying violence and tons of blood, many prominent game studios compete with each other. For instance, up-to-date kids can’t imagine their lives without such gory games as Half-Life and Unreal Tournament. In these virtual blockbusters shot victims give huge sprays of blood covering the walls, floor and anything around. When kids set explosives, we see someone burst into small but quite recognizable body parts. In spite of the warning marks, the violent video games remain the most popular genre. One shouldn’t stay indifferent when kids are taught and torture. Explain your firm position on this issue in your video game violence essay .

Perhaps, you’ve already heard about Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris. Those crazy guys launched a violent assault on Columbine High School, Colorado. They killed 13 and wounded 23 people and after this, they turned their guns on themselves. There’s one common distinctive feature of those teens we should mention in our video game violence essay . Dylan and Eric were fond of a well-known shoot-‘em bloody game Doom. Do you know Doom has been licensed by the US military? It’s really used to train soldiers to effectively kill their enemies. You ought to warn kids of this fact in your video game violence essay .

Scientists have conducted a series of tests with young adults involved in playing violent video games. Those folks demonstrated increased levels of aggressiveness and hostile feelings. The recent studies have proved that college students absorbed by virtual reality demonstrate a higher heart rate along with nausea, dizziness, not to mention tons of aggressive thoughts.

It has been already found out that those boys who had played aggressive video games during tests were more prone to display verbal as well as physical aggressions to their playmates and inanimate objects, compared to those who had played nonaggressive games. Inform your classmates of negative consequences of playing violent games via your video game violence essay .

According to another study conducted by Craig A. Anderson and Karen E. Dill, violent computer games have appeared to be more effective in terms of instilling violence in kids compared to violent films and TV shows due to their engrossing and interactive nature. That’s another convincing reason to go on with our do video games promote violence essay .

227 college students with aggressive behavior records have confessed they’re used to playing computer games. As you might have already guessed, these folks play exactly violent games, involving vivid splashes of blood and easy kills. We should stop it and we put a lot of value on this video games violence essay .

Violent video games encourage people to seek aggressive solutions to any conflict situation. Those who play violent games too long will soon forget about all human normal emotions, except aggression, of course. You don’t want your kid to be raised by Wolfenstein 3D, do you? Give a straight answer in this violence in video games essay .

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