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Vegetarian vs Beef Eater Evaluation Contract

Keywords: vegetarian vs beef eater debate

Diet takes on an important role for the body health. Deciding on the best, healthy and balance in diet is very important for everyone. A method to remain healthy is by adopting a vegetarian diet. A vegan diet is a plant-based diet which includes only natural foods and does not include meat whatsoever. It can also be considered as a cruelty-free act to the nature because by switching and implementing a vegetarian diet plan, human societies will be able to reduce the needless fighting and fatalities of countless family pets. The average American meat-eater is accountable for the mistreatment and death around 90 family pets per year. Humans need not eat meat in order to keep a health. It is because they can also get all the nutrition and their food needs from meatless product. Vegetarian diet is currently rising in popularity and the number of vegetarian is rising so quickly because they have seen many significant results that donate to a better health. Regarding to a 2006 Mintel survey, 6% of the population, which is about 3. 6 million people, is vegetarians, and 10% eat no red meats which somehow showed that UK has the largest percentage of vegetarian in its inhabitants among the Western country. (The Number of Vegetarian, n. d. ) As full, over one half of the world inhabitants is vegetarian. They commence to care about pets or animals and operate for the animals' right. Actually, a vegetarian diet plan offers benefits to human beings that are guards against disease, physical benefits, conserve natural resources, healthy benefits, and increase the environment.

A vegetarian diet is considered as healthy as it has shown to guards against diseases. Regarding to new medical research, a person who adopts plant-based diet is one third less likely to suffer from diabetes and cardiovascular diseases such as heart and soul diseases and heart stroke. People tend to stand a much better chance of not developing the high blood circulation pressure and bad cholesterol that may affect their health problem. According to a study from German Cancers Research Center in Heidelberg, vegetarians' have significantly more effective and strong immune system systems to wipe out tumor cells in the torso compared to meats eaters'. (Dworkin 1999). There are several risk factors of metabolic syndrome, that are high blood circulation pressure, high sugar levels, high triglycerides that are fat levels in the body, and having a big waistband. Dr Rebecca Reynolds, a audience in endocrinology and diabetes at University or college of Edinburgh Centre for Cardiovascular Sciences, said: "Metabolic symptoms is very common in Scotland since it linked in with over weight and Scotland has some of the highest obesity rates in European countries. Studies have shown that Mediterranean style diet is also good for our body health because people who are vegetarian consume more berry, vegetables and essential olive oil. " (Newbury 2011). Improvement of cardiovascular health can be carried out by the consumption of nut products and wholegrain, at the same time; additionally, it may eliminate the usage of meat and dairy products. A British review indicates a vegan diet reduces the risk for the biggest killer - heart disease and Type 2 diabetes. Alternatively, in line with the American Dietetic Connection, vegetarians tend to have a lower risk of getting obesity, breast cancers, and prostate tumor other than coronary disease and diabetes. Fatness is quite typical especially in the us. According to past Surgeon Standard C. Everett Koop, 70% of most People in america are dying from different types of diseases which immediately linked with their diet plan. (Dworkin 1999). It is because in the American diet, there are an excessive amount of carbohydrates, proteins, natural oils, fats, and sugars. An extremely clear and clear example is their morning hours breakfast that includes of sausages, rooster ham, french fries, deep-fried eggs, and combined with milk or orange juice. Sausages and poultry ham are refined food which created from animal meat. As we know, processed foods are extremely bad for our health because it includes of preservatives, waste, and unnatural fillers that will cause kidney failures if we over consume it. Studies have shown a diet saturated in pet products and milk products which contain large amount of hormones and saturated extra fat can cause breasts tumors. However, there's a huge connection and romantic relationship between vegetarian diet and breast tumor. A vegetarian diet can assist in preventing and even invert it, which is taking a diet lower in sugar, dairy products, and beef but saturated in leafy greens, fruits and vitamin supplements D. Vitamin supplements D can be an disease fighting capability booster that gets the special capacity to attack breasts cancer cells by avoiding the cancer cells from multiplying to increasingly more cancer cells in the torso. "Vitamin D is an essential component in helping your body responds to numerous different kinds of assaults and stimuli, " says Robert Heaney, Ph. D. , teacher of medication at Creighton University. (Biggar 2009). Supplement D can be obtained from natural foods such as mushrooms, soy dairy, and dark leafy vegetables. Research found that utilization of isoflavone filled with soy products such as tofu during youth and adolescence helps to protect women against the risk of breast tumor later in life. (Am & Clin 2009). Fruits and vegetables also contain phytochemicals that help ruin tumour in the body. (Biggar 2009). A Harvard Medical School study greater than 90, 000 women unveiled that the women who often take in beef everyday are twice as more likely to develop breast cancer tumor as those who didn't often consume beef. (Sloan 2008). Too much of meat utilization will also lead to certain degenerative diseases such as Parkinson's, Huntington's, and Alzheimer's disease when individual start to get older. As the famous stating goes such as this, "you are what you eat". Eventually, vegetarian diets can decrease the risk of getting diseases that make a difference body health insurance and cause fatality.

Vegetarian diet is way better than diet that contains beef because of physical benefits. Several people studies showed that individuals who choose a vegetarian diet plan generally have lower torso mass index (BMI), which is the indication of weight and body fat of the body. That is normally associated with high absorption of fibre and low absorption of animal body fat. Vegetarians could also have a higher metabolic rate in comparison to meats eaters. In a study of lacto-ovo vegetarians, one of the types of diet, relaxing metabolic process (RMR) was 11% higher in vegetarian compared to meat eaters. This was partly due to an increased degree of plasma norepinephrine which results from higher intake of carbohydrate and lower fat absorption of vegetarians. (Mangels, Messina & Messina 2004). Vegetarians will most likely have better and good-looking skin area textures. For instance, nuts such as almond, pumpkin seed, sesame seed, sunflower seed, fruit and vegetables that contain vitamin A and E play a major role for this part. A exceptional reduction in blemishes and improvement in the skin texture can be seen once a meat eater changes to a vegetarian diet. Vitamin supplements A and E are in fact effective and strong antioxidants that can help neutralize free radicals in our body. A vegetarian diet plan is especially beneficial to female or woman who wants to look younger and live a wholesome lifestyle because it prevents the maturing and damage of the skin. Fruits that could improve the skin condition are tomatoes, watermelon, cucumber, apples, and papaya. Tomatoes are abundant with supplements A and contain iron. It is a solid antioxidant that helps battle cancer as well. Cucumber is a natural chilling and brightening agent of the skin. You can simply consume it or slice it into pieces and put it on to the face. Apples and papaya consists of vitamins and saturated in fibers. These fruits are very useful for individuals who have constipation problem and raised chlesterol. Furthermore, several studies signify that folks who adopt vegetarian lifestyle live an average of 3 to 6 years much longer than those who do not. Regarding to a study from Loma Linda University, vegetarians live about 7 to 15 years much longer than people who are not vegetarian. (Dworkin 1999). This is proven with the exemplory case of monk. Buddhist monks are vegetarian plus they do not consume meat by any means. It is because in their notion and religion, eliminating and eating the animal is a sin and it's really cruel. It will not in favor of their beliefs and faith. Therefore, there is absolutely no question that monk who adopts vegetarian diet plan for the rest with their life would normally live much longer than normal people. Some monks are even as old as a century above. Besides, nail health is considered as an signal of a person's body health. You can see the individuals health by looking at their fingernails. People who are vegetarian generally have a wholesome and longer claws, which indicates they are healthy. People who normally consume beef and have minimal intake of vegetables tend to have a shorter and yellowish toenails. This means that that their health is at risk. Research showed that vegan diet helps decrease the suffering from Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) for female. The diet includes reduction of meat use but upsurge in consumption of intricate carbohydrates, leafy vegetables, fruits, cereals and whole grains. (Cornforth 2009). A vegetarian diet also really helps to stop allergies for a certain people. Research workers found that folks report less personal problems such as runny nasal and asthma when they switched to a vegetarian diet. This is fundamentally because of the reduction of common food trigger that contains human hormones and poisons such as beef, dairy products and eggs. As a matter of known fact, a vegetarian have a tendency to be thin than beef eater. Harvard's long-term Nurses' Health found that thin folks have only one-third the risk of getting asthma compared to meats eaters. (Barnard, n. d. ) For example, if chubby people adopt a vegetarian diet, they will lose their weight and alleviate asthma because individuals who are thin normally do not have asthma problem. Many of these are the results and physical benefits that may be gained from a vegetarian diet.

Furthermore, a vegetarian diet will not only good for human beings in terms of health; it also contributes to save natural resources. The meats industry is very wasteful of natural resources. Approximately 10 pounds of plant life are needed to be fed to the family pets in order to create one pound of meats, which is also one of the natural issue of eating beef. (Bronk & Su 2006). Thus, 70% of grain expanded is almost used to feed the animals in America, which means a lot more food is being consumed to aid the pets than would be needed if more people were vegetarians. (Bronk & Su 2006). Because of the extreme and increasing expansion of animals supply, the beef industry require a huge amount of water in order to develop the grain and feed the family pets. Vegetarian author John Robbins calculates that it requires 168, and 229 pounds of normal water to produce one pound of maize and grain respectively. (Vidal 2010). On the other hand, a pound of meat requires roughly 8000-9, 000 litres of drinking water. Pigs are one of the thirstiest family pets on earth. An average-sized of pig farm in North America with about 80, 000 pigs requires practically 75 million gallons of fresh normal water to feed the pig in a calendar year. (Vidal 2010). On the other hand, a large size of pig farm with more than millions of pigs may requires this inflatable water up to a city. Once the demand for meat raises, the uses of drinking water in the beef industry and farming land will go up as well. As a result, you will see lesser way to obtain water available for the plants and also having for human beings. (Bronk & Su 2006) say that almost 50 percent of the normal water that is used in the America is mainly being utilized by the meats industry and the groundwater is being withdrawn 25% faster than it has been replenished. To be able to preserve energy in terms of water resources, the best choice and option is to look at a vegetarian diet plan. This is because when people start by vegetarian diets, they'll consume lesser meats in their daily diets. Because of this, minimal amount of drinking water will be utilized to expand the grains and the number of pets to be fed by the meat industry will greatly be reduced. This can be said to save normal water resources because there will be a sufficient amount of water to provide to both humans and animals in the world. Besides that, vegetarian can also save energy in conditions of oil. Oil problems is one of the major problems experienced by humans on the planet currently. (Bronk & Su 2006) also say that 8 times just as much fossil gasoline energy is being found in the development of animal necessary protein as is used in the vegetable protein production. There are some reasons for this. Actually, fuel is needed for processing pesticides and fertilizers to develop grains and plants for animal give food to. Besides, fuel is necessary for transport in the meat industry and also the operation of equipment in the farming business. In this case, it is stated that about 400 gallons of fossil fuels are being used in order to create foods for the common meat-eating for the American each year. (Bronk & Su 2006). Therefore, it's the truth that vegetarian diet can actually help to save natural resources in terms of drinking water and petrol.

Critics of vegetarianism claim that being truly a vegetarian is not good for the body because a vegetarian diet plan is lack of animal fat, necessary protein, each of the 9 amino acids, iron and calcium mineral, which scientific research showed that human being need these nutrients for an ideal health. It really is true that vegetarian diet plan could not manage to provide canine fat and other essential nutrition our body somehow needs it. Yet, a vegetarian diet plan offers much more other extra nutritional benefits to our body compared to a diet containing meat. It generally does not mean that you will need to consume meats in order to accomplish an perfect health level. A carefully planned vegetarian diet plan can still offer an optimal health for everyone. There's always another alternative ways to get it. For example, vegetarian foods such as nuts, seed products, and dark leafy greens provide magnesium that supports the absorption of calcium mineral. Nut products such as almonds are a great way to obtain necessary protein for vegetarian apart from providing vitamin supplements E, calcium, magnesium and zinc. In addition, almond can helps lower the cholesterol rate specifically for the elders. According to a study from Health Research and Studies Centre, they found out that almonds are even better than essential olive oil in bringing down LDL cholesterol. (Top vegan excellent foods 2009). Other than that, seed products such as pumpkin seed products is made up of high amount of proteins, calcium, potassium, magnesium and tryptophan. Tryptophan is one of the essential amino acids that aids in the production of serotonin in our body. Serotonin is really one kind of hormone that can make you feel happier and lively. It is regarded as "happiness hormone" despite it isn't a really hormone. This is because it sort of activates our brains and able to makes us to be more lively and dynamic than normal. Several studies shows that pumpkin seed products contain one kind of special compound called phytosterol that helps improve and improve the body's disease fighting capability. (Top vegan very foods 2009). With the addition of pumpkin seed products into our day to day diets, it can also help to reduce the inflammation on our body. We can also get the foundation of health proteins from several vegetarian foods such as beans, tofu and other soy products. In order to gain a vintage combination that delivers complete protein, a vegetarian is preferred to eat beans and grains mutually to get the optimum result. It is because beans actually do not contain the complete amount of proteins in it. Certain brand of tofu or soy milk is fortified with extra beneficial nutrition such as calcium mineral and potassium for the necessity of any vegetarian. Soy protein has been proven to have just as much proteins as in meat. (American Heart Relationship, n. d. ).

Food type

Total Kcal/100g*

Protein (g)*

Kcal from protein



22. 5

90 (29% from proteins)

Wheat(flour wholemeal)


12. 7

51 (16% from health proteins)

Source: Collins Gem's Calorie Counter (averaged for raw meat)

(Patel, n. d. ) exhibited the quantity of daily requirement of energy in conditions of calorie consumption and protein based on the stand as shown above. An assumption of calorie requirement of normal productive lifestyle is manufactured, which is 2400 Kcal every day. Experts say that 10% of calorie should result from the foundation of necessary protein. As 1g of proteins creates 4 Kcal, it is stated that human being requires 60g of necessary protein every day. (Patel, n. d. ) Based on the stand above, wheat provides 51 Kcal of calorie from proteins which somehow come to the quantity of daily requirement for energy. On the other hand, the calorie in beef is much higher than that, which is 90 Kcal. This is considered as an excessive amount of calorie for a normal healthy diet. Additionally, a vegetarian have an increased risk of having iron insufficiency compared to a beef eater. For meat eaters, iron can be found in meat products such as red meats, liver and egg yolk. However, we can also get it from the seed resources such as dried beans and spinach. Hence, it is not necessary to ingest meat to be able to get flat iron. Plant-based diet only can already provide as much nutrient as what beef can provide to us. It is also not really a healthy way to get proteins just by eating meat only. You'll get wonder when you grow older because those symptoms of diseases seems scheduled to a long-term of beef consumption.

One of the arguments put forward to support the view that vegetarian diet plan could not contribute much towards keeping the surroundings. Although this assertion may be true, but there is no doubt a vegetarian diet can actually save the surroundings and make the world a better place to reside in. A vegetarian really helps to reduce the destruction of rainforest and save the animals habitat. Malaysia is a clear exemplory case of country that has rainforest. Rainforest is very important on the globe. This is scheduled to many reasons such as regulating the global climates; control the pattern of water, and the absorption of skin tightening and from the atmosphere. The environmental community has recognizes global warming among the gravest hazards to the planet. (Mohr, n. d. ). However, mankind in this hundred years have become more and more enthusiastic about the earning of maximum gains. People only think of earning approximately they could. Because of this, rainforest is being cut down and tremendous of fires are being used to shed down these forests to be able to have more space to raise the cattle prior to the meats, typically found in hamburgers and prepared meat, are for sale out in the market. Approximately a soccer field of rainforest has been destroyed to be able to create 257 hamburgers for the populace every second! (Animal privileges and Vegetarianism, n. d. ). By transitioning to a vegetarian diet, we can in fact save a lot of pets and also their habitat. Thousands of animals are innocently being wiped out by human each year. Some organizations even inject certain chemicals, human hormones, or veterinary drugs in to the body of the pets or animals so that they could grow faster and reproduce more. That is to enhance their development and gain more profits. For examples, chicken and beef cattle are injected with growing human hormones. What goes beyond the entrances of the organizations and industries are really terrible and insane. Pets or animals are regularly being butchered alive on speeded-up conveyor lines. These innocent living things are pressured to be killed for human being use and purposes, where in reality human have no right to do this by any means. If people still continue to kill huge number of animals merely to feed the human beings, one day, these family pets will extinct permanently and our next generation must pay the purchase price for what individual are doing right now. Like the quote that says, "If the buying stops, the killing halts. " A vegetarian diet also reduces normal water pollution and land air pollution. In the present day and high technology population, a big amount of grains are sprayed with different kinds of fertilisers such as herbicides and pesticides by factories to be able to supply the cattle. Both of these chemicals are incredibly harmful and acidic. Extreme amount of acidic substance will destroy the top soil and leak into streams and grounds. Over 4 million acres of cropland are lost to erosion in the US every year anticipated to plundering farmlands to fatten family pets. (Animal rights and Vegetarianism, n. d. ) When these chemicals stream in to the oceans and seas through the river, this causes the deaths of millions of fishes. Other than that, beef industry contributes significantly to global warming as well. For example, methane that is released by bacteria in the rumens of cattle worsens global warming. This is because methane is a relatively strong greenhouse gas that will raises global temp. Getting rid of down of forest will also release skin tightening and gas into the atmosphere. As a result, this would cause the temperatures to rise and global warming worsens from daily. Thus, a vegetarian diet can reduces the production of skin tightening and in to the atmosphere. The harm to the environment will not visit cattle or rooster, the fishing industry also somehow plays a part in the degradation of environment. Exactly what does this implies? It actually means that lots of different kinds of fishes are being caught away by fisherman faster than they can reproduce. (Bronk & Su 2006). This damaged the ecosystem of the oceans and sea, which, affect the whole environment and worsen global warming. Around 300, 000 different kinds of sea family pets such as whales, dolphins and porpoises are being killed yearly before their meat are for sale in the supermarket. (Bronk & Su 2006). Thus, by turning to a straightforward and easy vegetarian diet, we can actually conserve the environment and protect the nature's biodiversity without spending excess amount or figure out the other choice ways.

All in every, a vegetarian diet contributes a lot to humans' lifestyle, eating habits and the environment and you'll find so many of advantages of it. Basically, animals and human can in fact get the nutrition required for the body from plants, rather than by family pets itself. Human are in fact getting the nutrients from second-hand options if indeed they eat meat. If indeed they eat the pets or animals, all the poisons, hormones and chemical will automatically go in to the belly which is hard to be expelled and removed from the body. The truth is that a vegetarian diet even contains sufficient beneficial nutrition for your body that they have been mistakenly said to be without, especially health proteins. (HEALTH ADVANTAGES, n. d). As a matter of fact, the anatomies of herbivores, carnivores and human being are compared which ultimately shows that man is really vegetarian by nature. (Doshi, n. d. ). The comparison can be shown in the desk below.

Carnivores (meat-eating)

  • Have claws for killing
  • Sharp front tooth for tearing meat
  • Stomach acidity is twenty times strong
  • Perspire through tongue

Herbivores (plant-eating)

  • Have no claws
  • No sharp leading teeth
  • Weak acidity in stomach
  • Perspire through skin


  • Have no claws
  • No distinct teeth
  • Weak acid in stomach
  • Perspire through skin

The above desk has plainly shown that humans are effortlessly a vegetarian and really should not be a meat eater. It has strongly support the actual fact that vegetarian diets is much better and healthier than a diet that contains meat. In order to produce meat for meats eaters, individual need to wipe out billions of animals to fulfil the need of population in the world. However, human do not need to kill a place to obtain vegetarian food. This isn't only an action of kindness to the pet, which really is a living like human being; it also shows the appreciation to the nature and conserves the surroundings.

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