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Users of HR services and their needs

One of the HR users for an organization is line manager. The line director basically observed the activities that are associated with services. The tasks of line professionals are staffing, ensuring health and security of employees and supervision of manufacturing vegetation. The need of line administrator is the timely services of the manufacturing plants. Their monitoring work will reduced. Also, they are responsible in hiring staff. Another need of lines manager is the fact the company will organize certain training session for the employees. These sessions will increase the efficiency of employees and collection managers can simply supervise them. The employees are main asset for an organization. A worker needs good working environment where there is absolutely no discrimination between your employees and where they feel secure. Another need of employees is that they can be awarded with some rewards like reward, bonuses and advertising. These methods will motivate them to work more efficiently. Another HR user is potential employees. The success of any company is is determined by the potential employees. The employees demand overall flexibility at work. Employees should be permitted to choose their working hours according to their efficiency. The other demand of potential employees is they are allowed to home based if there existence at the company is not essential. (user of HR services and their needs)

Identify and prioritized conflicting needs

The needs of the employees and professionals with the organization are different. It isn't possible for an organization to fulfill each and every demand and needs of the employees. This can leads to the degradation in the performance of the employees. Now it become essential for an organization to identify and prioritized the conflicting needs based on the performance of employee and welfare of the company. The employees need this environment at firm where there is no discrimination based on faith, caste and region and where they can speak perfectly. This need of employees should be prioritized first and make such rules and regulations to build such environment so that there performance level increase. The priority should get to the people needs which help the organization to attain its goal and the needs which are advantageous for almost all of the employees. It will not be done on specific basis whether he's a administrator or a worker. The employees also need that they must be given with some bonuses and incentives regarding to their work. This demand of employees is beneficial for all the workers and for this reason their performance level increase. This need should be prioritized first since it helps in gaining companys goal. The employees also demand that company should apply flexibility at work. According to the flexibility at work, the employees and professionals are permitted to choose their working hours according with their stamina. This demand will improve the efficiency of the employees and give benefit to the business. The business should perform the performance review. It really is a detailed and more formal way to recognize job related needs of an employee. Based on the review the company can design such guidelines which will match the needs of the maximum employees. A business can also use the determination inventory which is used to identify needs of employees. They should also arrange various training session and meeting where in fact the employees can discuss their needs and needs with the individual resource professionals. These classes helps the managers to recognize common needs and which need should be prioritized first. At the time of job interview, the director should ask certain question which will discover their needs at the work environment. These questions can help the business to indentify those employees who could work at strenuous condition and with limited resources at the time of crisis. Another to indentify the customer need is effective communication. The effective communication between employees and professionals are essential because most of the problems and needs can be settled simply by communication. The employees also demand the better health facility at the organization. The goal should be given to the need also because the employee who has a sound body can work more effectively and quickly. This will save enough time of both workers and corporation. (identify conflicting needs)

Methods of communication

The effective communication between employees and managers plays a essential role in the progress of an organization. Communication at workplace should be prepared in the systematic manner like other activity. Top management is responsible for the successful communication at office. The main link in any approach to communication is line supervisors and professionals. Ineffective communication by lines managers causes poor performance. The technique of communication used for brand managers is immediate communication. The benefit for this method is that the collection managers are more aware of the needs and problems of their employees. According to the needs of employees, they can simply plan the working timetable. Various training session and reaching should be planned by a business so the employees can easily communicate with their managers directly on different issues. The communication must be concise, easily recognized and clear. Sometime, the employees force their lines managers to simply accept their needs even they aren't useful for a business. In direct communication, there is no written proof for just about any communication and because of this a person can not claim anyone at the time of any issue. Team briefing is another method of communication. The coach of the group provides their employees with new information in order that they the employees can ask any queries and discuss any problem. In this technique the employees can easily cover all the key area. It is very time consuming and these session should be arranged at regular period. Another approach to communication is digital media. Electronic advertising helps in providing important info cheaply and quickly. The employees can search any information on the site of their respected organization. The info through this technique can be delivered at fast quickness without any in person connection with each employees with one time information can reach too many employees. This method will save the time of both employees and management. The downside of the method is that the information can't be delivered at the time of any technological problem or system crash problem. The employees also send their problems or any recommendation through email. Another approach to communication is written file. Every organization has its own employee handbook which has information related to job. The employees are provided with this handbook so that they can aware of guideline and regulation of a business. The performance article of an employee is ready in written document. This report will help the employee to investigate his performance and try to improve it. Newsletter and publications are another approach to written record. These provide information to the employees on the standard basis about the company. It contains massive amount personal and cultural information. The aim of notices is to bring the attention of the employees, matter of specific interest and standard information. Individual letter is a method of communication which ensures that the specific information is come to to the precise employees and targeted group. The advantage of the written doc method is that the company has legal documents of information and for that reason nobody will promise for any destruction. It is also beneficial for those employees who has a part time job and who work from home. The disadvantage of this method is that it's very time consuming and sometime doc get misplaced anticipated to some individuals mistake. (approach to communication)

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