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Users Conception On Digi Telecommunication Ebilling Service

Digi telecommunication (DIGI) founded in the entire year of 1995 and is a well-known mobile marketing communications brand company in Malaysia that delivers a completely range of highly affordable and simple to use Wi-Fi telecommunications services to make easier and increase the satisfaction level towards Digi customer. The company provides cellular phone as well as fixed mobile phone systems products and services which enable visitors to stay linked always with each other no matter where they may be. DIGI's two main business lines services are operates into such as Digi postpaid, Digi prepaid and international services as speech services, and text messaging, multimedia system messaging service (MMS), broadband internet, GPRS/Border and wireless request standard protocol (WAP) as data services. Digi postpaid is where in fact the user used fixed range service to call and pay the charge after their total consumption used for the month whereby Digi prepaid consumer need to pay and reload the credit first before using the service, which don't need any phone bills. International services are also known as as international direct dial (IDD), which enable customer to make international roaming such as telephone calls and text messaging.

2. 0 Rationale for the title

Digi Telecommunication industry is among one of the fast grow industry in Malaysia. The telecommunication sector is extending rapidly due to its up-to-date services and products. Due to the swift development of technology, people are actually in the time of telecommunication and internet based. Everything in the world are usually communicate using internet and business can be deal using online deal. This development has become a transition for the development of the nation's commercial sectors. All mobile communications company in Malaysia would like various ways to compete themselves from their opponents and gain benefits over competition. A good quality of service becomes the promoting solution to appeal to customer attention as it is the most important factors in customer satisfactions.

The major reason for choosing this subject is to analyze and identify the user's understanding on Digi e-billing services in Penang area. Besides, it also helps users to aware of the lifestyle of Digi e-billing service. It's important to determine the customer's requirements, requirements and the belief of the clients towards Digi e-billing services as in to gain the client service level. Therefore, hand phone expenses that are postal mail to the customers in regular monthly basis has already been turn into a regular method among Malaysians. It's already a fact that in this current advanced technology world, each and every individual in urban areas has a mobile phone because it's one of an trends and life-style for people.

Besides that, another reason is because of the current weather change issue, Digi has took part in the Go Green campaign to lessen the weather impact, Digi has fully start and stimulating e-billing service system to postpaid customers. For those postpaid customers who choose to convert to e-billing and unsubscribe for paper billings, DiGi will be contribute the each one of the postpaid customers paper billings of RM3. 00 to WWF-Malaysia as a reforest cash. This is an effort to minimize the surroundings impact by stimulating the postpaid customers to receive the monthly statement electronically alternatively than receiving the most common paper expenses. Besides playing a job in guarding the country's forest, Digi customers also get to reduce the monthly bill by RM3 to convert to e-billing service.

3. 0 Research Question and Research Objectives

This section will raised some questions in this research newspaper which are highly relevant to the research name and to identify the key objective of the research paper. A couple of 10 research questions created that happen to be related to the name. The questions are as below:

1) Why do customers choose Digi as their telecommunication network?

2) What are the amount of customers satisfactions by using Digi postpaid network service?

3) How do customers sign up for e-billing online?

4) How do customers received their regular statement invoice through e-billing?

5) Do e-billing service brings convenient to customers?

6) Do customers participate in e-billing service?

7) Do customers prefer received monthly statement though paper monthly bill or e-billing?

8) How frequent customers able to check on the e-billing statement in a yr?

9) Do customers support Digi to move for Go Green by using e-billing?

10) How can the user's understanding level on Digi e-billing service in Penang area?

3. 1 Research Objectives

There are 2 main objectives for this review. The objectives of this study are to recognize the user's notion level on Digi e-billing service in Penang area. Second of all, is to let customer aware about the e-billing services and encourage them convert to e-billing to lessen climate impact.

4. 0 Research Methods

The type of this research method is dependant on empirical project. The study is focused to carry out a review on the Digi e-billing Service in Penang area only. This research will involve a total of 150 respondents to have the feedback. To make this research into more well centered study, the respondents will involves the Digi postpaid network service customers in the Penang area where they will select to take part into this survey only. These were either the existing or previous Digi postpaid end user. The study is not limited by some other requirements either years or religion. Overall, all Digi telecommunication postpaid end user in Penang area will take part in this research study.

In this research, most important and supplementary research is included to get the data collection. Key research will began with distributions questionnaires to Digi postpaid users in Penang malls such as, Queensbay Mall, Gurney Plaza, Prangin Mall, 1st Avenue Mall and also Straits Quay Mall. Besides that, e-mail study will be forwarded out to selective friends and other Digi postpaid users by e-mail. And finally, a person interview will be kept between your Digi sales rep and other Digi postpaid users. Next, supplementary research will obtained by using electric databases such as journals and articles and online research.

5. 0 Time Scale



Title / Article

13th April 2011


13th April 2011

Questionnaire Construction

Questionnaire Analysis

Methodology Analysis

Literature Review


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