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Construction project manager resume

A construction project manager is the specialist responsible forthe successful implementation of the construction project:

  • At the time specified by the customer
  • With the necessary quality
  • With a fixed budget and limited human resources
  • With the necessary requirements on the part of the customer

As a result, the main result of the manager’s work is customersatisfaction.

The position of the construction project manager imposes a highresponsibility on the specialist, since he controls all theprocesses of the project and influences the final result of thework. The career path of the project manager always leads to topmanagement and to projects of a larger budget.

Places of work for project managers

The profession of the project manager is in high demand in manyindustries:

  • Information technologies (programming, automation, creationof sites)
  • Construction
  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Organization of events
  • Sport

The concept of project manager was born in the field ofinformation technology. IT has the highest demand for projectmanagers. At the same time, in every major business, theprofession of the project manager is necessary and economicallyjustified. In construction, the profession of a project importantbecause this is the person who is responsible for theconstruction and its successful implementation. If you want tofind a job as a construction project manager, you need to preparea professional construction project manager resume that will helpyou get a job you want.

Duties of the project manager

Job duties of the project manager strongly depend on the scope ofthe company, but they have a common set of tasks:

  • Project management (quality control, timing, budgets andrisks).
  • Communication with the customer (coordinating plans, terms,requirements, budgets).
  • Management of the project team.
  • Maintenance of project and technical documents includingcalendar plans, technical tasks, functional requirements,financial reports, and so on.
  • Taking part in the process of sale and signing contracts(including participation in tenders).
  • Post-project management of customers and additional sales.

Sometimes the functions of the project manager include the tasksof the sales manager:

  • Active client search
  • Preparation of commercial offers
  • Negotiations
  • Conclusion of contracts

Who is the construction project manager?

The construction project manager has the followingcharacteristics, which also have to be indicated in theconstruction project manager resume:

  • This is the specialist who represents both the customer andthe builder.
  • This is the specialist who has the skills of a sales manager,realtor, crisis management, planner, marketer, surveyor andgeologist, and a representative of the interests of thecustomer/investor.
  • The main link that ensures an uninterrupted constructionprocess, from site selection to putting the facility intooperation.
  • A professional who is motivated to explain to the customerthat something is not economically profitable and to the designerthat this or that category is not suitable, and to the contractorthat the bricks are better.
  • He will follow all the norms and prepare the defense ofdocuments and go and stand his point of view.
  • He saves money and time of the customer.
  • He is the leader, who once adjusts the mechanism and onlycorrects its work as changes are received.

Role and qualifications of the construction project manager

The project manager in construction is often hired for a specificinitiative, for example, the construction of a swimming pool, ashopping and entertainment complex or a residential building. Atthe same time, depending on the specifics of the company’sactivities, it is possible to carry out the whole range of worksor concentrate on certain types of work (interior decoration,installation of heating or ventilation systems, and installationof equipment).

Employers require the construction project managers to havecertain skills and knowledge, which directly depend on thecomplexity of the proposed tasks.

The average profile of a construction project manager resumelooks something like this:

  • Higher construction or engineering education. Sometimes aprofessional with a secondary special education, but withextensive experience in the industry can be hired for the job.
  • Experience in construction is not less than 3–5 years,including in managerial positions. Employers often look for aspecialist who supervised the construction of a similar facilitybefore.
  • The ability to build and manage a team or to organize theeffective interaction of existing employees.
  • Knowledge of the legislative and regulatory frameworkgoverning the construction industry, as well as the basics offinancial accounting and estimates.
  • Knowledge and use of special software (MS Project, Primavera,Spider, AutoCAD, etc.) in the practical activities.
  • Ability to work in intensive (often unregulated) mode,negotiate complex meetings, and make responsible decisions.

Recently, in the process of developing interstate relationsknowledge of a foreign language is increasingly required.

Most often the construction manager must work with employeesprovided by the employer. However, there are cases when he isinstructed to form his own team from scratch or allowed to bringwith him 1–2 of the most important employees. Therefore, theability to work in a team with different people and find a commonlanguage with them to achieve their goals is one of the mostvaluable qualities of a manager in the construction industry.

The level of a salary is usually set individually after theinterview and the decision to enter into a contract. In additionto the monthly payment, bonuses are often assumed based on theresults of the work carried out (after the end of the initiativeand commissioning of the facility).

How to become a project manager

The required knowledge, skills, and abilities of the projectmanager essentially depends on the profile of the company’sactivities.

To become a project manager in construction, you need to havehigher technical education and work experience in constructioncompanies (usually more than three years and preferably inmanagement positions).

You also need to be able to manage a team of more than threepeople, negotiate at a high level, and be able to defend yourpoint of view, have time management skills, and have a steadypsyche.

Once you get the necessary qualifications, it is important toprepare a good construction project manager resume and only thenstart looking for jobs.

In high-end companies, productivity in the workplace is moreimportant than the number of hours the project manager spends onprojects. The ability of the construction site to operate withoutthe constant supervision of the manager is an indicator of thegood work of the manager.

The project manager should manage the work of both qualifiedpersonnel and unskilled workers. The number of people under theleadership, the number of responsibilities and areas ofresponsibility vary depending on the place of work. The salary ofthe manager should grow with the increase in the number of hispowers and spheres of communication (for example, if initiallythe manager worked only with suppliers, but at some point, he wasdealing with communicating with inspections).

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