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Cover letter for nursing resume

The need for nannies, nurses, and housekeepers is increasingevery year. So, the supply of services is also growing.Competition in this area is becoming increasingly rigid. Andwithout a competent resume, the chances of finding a good job aremuch lower than if you have one. Also, it is important to preparea cover letter for nursing resume.

A cover letter is a small text (less than half of A4), which theapplicant sends along with the resume. Generally, the letter isnot submitted as a separate file that you attach to the e-mail,but is the body of an e-mail. If you send a resume through a jobportal, then, as a rule, you will receive a letterhead.

The candidate should briefly talk about oneself, his or herexperience and skills, and explain why they wish to occupy thisor that position or work in this particular company.

The presence of a cover letter is especially important in thesecases:

  • If the resume is submitted by a student or a graduatestudent. As a rule, there is not much to boast about in such aresume, so it’s a great way to demonstrate your desire to workand gain experience.
  • If the candidate changes the field of activity and submits aresume to a position for which he clearly does not have enoughexperience. This is when the letter is a possibility to show yourmotivation, explain why you wish to work in a different area andwhat experience/knowledge you already have.
  • If a person claims to get a position in a large internationalcompany. HRs pay attention to how the candidate presents himselfin such companies.

The job as a nurse

The main task that faces any nurse is to surround the kids, thesick or elderly person with care. And, as a consequence, it isnecessary to provide the full range of services associated withthis.

When applying for a job as a nurse, you need to decide who youwant to work with. If you want to work with a sick person, thenin this case the priority, of course, is that you have a medicaleducation. Moreover, it is desirable that you also haveexperience as a paramedic since your duties will include:

  • Observation of the patient
  • Execution of all directions that the doctor will make
  • Timely notification of the doctor, as well as relatives aboutthe condition of the patient
  • Assistance and professional support during physiotherapy andother procedures, if any

Of course, you will also need to carry out hygienic care for aperson. In agreement with the employer, you may discuss if youneed to do other duties such as cooking and cleaning the house.

A nurse is a good psychologist. You must be able to find a commonlanguage with a person and help him or her engage inpsychological adaptation. It is not uncommon for a nurse to workwith the people with a suicidal period of life. In this case, youshould help extend the boundaries of the life of a sick orelderly person, showing that the world is no longer limited tothe walls of the room and the view from the window.

By and large, a nurse is like a nanny who has more seriousfunctions and obligations. Do not ignore the opinion of the sickor elderly person for whom you are hired. As a nurse, you need tofully and rigorously fulfill all the requirements imposed on you.

Writing a resume for a nurse position

Resume is an admission pass for an interview with the employer.Whether this pass works or not depends on how much the person hasworked on the form and content of the resume. The firstimpression of the candidate the employer receives about thecandidate is by looking through the cover letter and the resume.If you make spelling or other mistakes in your letter and resume,chances of getting the desired job are sharply reduced.

A sloppy text with a lot of grammatical errors in most people issubconsciously associated with irresponsibility, laziness, andeven disrespect. And these are not the qualities that theemployer would like to see a nurse.

Structure of the cover letter

A standard sample cover letter does not exist but you can findmany examples on the internet. What should you write in the coverletter? The main thing is to answer three main questions:

  • Who are you?
  • Why should you be hired?
  • Why do you want to get this position?

Consider that a good cover letter is not a simplified copy of theresume. It has a more personal character and gives you theopportunity to reveal those nuances that you could not show inyour resume. With its help, you can attract your potentialemployer’s attention to your strengths. In addition, this is anadditional chance to convince the employer that you are an idealcandidate, even if you do not have enough experience orqualifications. In an ideal cover letter, you must show yourinterest, activity, and desire to work for this position.

When looking for a job as a nanny, you may include photos withkids, if you want to work with children. This will show youremployer that you are friendly person who enjoys spending timewith kids.

Personal things to include in the letter

In the cover letter, not only tell about your best qualitiesrelated to the profession but also about strong personalitytraits:

  • Activity
  • Focus on results
  • Love to work with children or looking after sick people

This will make you look good in the eyes of the employer.Laconically write down those features that you could not includein the resume. After viewing both texts, the employer should havea holistic picture of how your professional and personalqualities will help him or her to reach their goals. However,avoid common expressions. Reinforce what you write with smallgeneralized samples from your work and life.

In addition to what you have already mentioned in your resume, itwill be useful to talk about your attitude to animals and theskills of caring for them, cooking, cleaning, etc. in your coverletter. Information about the attitude towards religion can beomitted – your religion views are rarely an important criterionfor the employer.

Nurses are often required to have a pedagogical or medicaleducation, love children, and be willing to give them all theirworking time. When writing a nursing resume, be sure to indicateif you have ever worked with babies, if you are ready to takecare of two or more children, if you can look after kids duringthe weekend and vacation, and if you can you provide childcare ifchildren are ill.

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