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Use Of Torture TO BE A Counter Terrorism Tool Criminology Essay

Torture refers to subjecting strong pain and fighting to a person leading to mental and physical pain to be able to obtain certain information that the person is concealing. Therefore, Levinson (p. 32) concurs with most scholars that torture is the intentional infliction of pain and hurting to persons usually for a certain goal. Torture is mainly used as a tool by america and other countries to cause a break down in the personality of suspects in order that they are subdued to give certain information. The most common methods applied during torture include, severe conquering, sexual assault, suffocation and electric distress among other methods.

Krauthammer in his article states that it was the Bush administration that led to the delivery of torture in the United States landscape. Regarding to Krauthammer, no-one, not the exec s permitted to use torture as an instrument to obtain information. He further insinuates that the information is nor normally well worth the torture. Security firms should go back to the drawing plank and adjust to forensic science techniques. There exists need for the authorities and other security companies to be empowered through training them about how to obtain information. The UN Convention and Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions prohibit torture (Kinsley, p. 1).

There have been questions as to whether torture should be forbidden as a way of compelling individuals to give certain information. Torture has already established severe consequences that are far reaching from the pain that the victims feel. While we agree to that terrorism is a significant frustration worldwide, it is imperative to consider that no person is guilty until proven innocent.

Moreover, the Human being Rights regulation is firmly against torture as an instrument used to coerce suspects to volunteer certain information. Human being Privileges watchdogs are always against any pain and hurting inflicted intentionally. AMERICA has always found itself on the acquiring end with such draconian laws that have put its image at that moment light. Many people who listen to about the torture tales of the survivors or victims often hold a grudge against the government. This is because of the intentional pain and hurting that the think is made to undergo.

There is an assumption that torture save millions of lives. The major question which makes torture to be at stake is the 50-50 chance. Normally, those who torture suspects expect they have vital information. What if they do not? The suspects could have already suffered innocently. Krauthammer has help with certain rules that need to be accompanied by the United States administration. Proponents of torture dread that if the United State follows these rules to the notice, then it could find itself not torturing anybody by any means.

We should acknowledge the fact that we are already coping with the terrorism problem and are doing nothing on an individual level to reduce terrorism. Do we are in need of the tool of torture to reduce terrorism? The solution here is a loud, NO. Indeed, we do not need any form of torture to reduce terrorism. We are able to be community law enforcement officials who'll be watching the environment on a daily basis to avert terrorism.

However, torture should be utilized as a counter-terrorism tool whenever you can find inside information leaked from terror cells regarding an impending terror attack. In this case, torture would allow the suspects who've been nabbed to volunteer certain vital information that may save more lives. In this case, torture is positive as it contributes to saving more lives.

Therefore, in cases like this, torture is warranted as an instrument to ensure that information is given out by the suspects. Such labeled information is usually timely to allow the security agencies to do something fast towards averting potential terrorist attacks. The problem will come in when the individual being tortured is an innocent person. A lot of the times the security forces that inflict torture will often have a fifty-fifty chance that the individual being tortured is the real suspect.

In my opinion, torture should not be used as a counter-terrorism tool since it does not acts to discover the best interest of everyone that live under the regular mercy of terrorists. However, I highly suggest that the utilization of torture should be controlled by the international regulations. The regulation of torture is key towards making certain around it is utilized as an instrument, it remains in order so that the suspects are not killed consequently of the infliction of pain and intense suffering.

It should be further known that during the torture process, essential information is generally obtained that is core to struggling terrorism, though with a 50-50 chance of obtaining such information (Kinsley, p. 33). Therefore, torture aids in obtaining such information. Critics insinuate that torture has been efficiently used as a counter-terrorism tool since they have enabled the authorities and security businesses to make the suspects to give very important info. Consequently, torture is worth the task of obtaining such vital information.

In addition, the US Convention against Torture prohibits the utilization of torture as an instrument in the fight terrorism. Torture has been condemned in many states because of the adverse effects so it usually is wearing its victims. AMERICA will not support torture at least theoretically. There have been various reviews and even documentary pointing to the Guantanamo bay jail where it is alleged that prisoners are tortured and even killed. The latest studies reveal that terrorism suspects are usually placed in this jail facility where they may be tortured to the end.

Research signifies that the information obtained through the procedure for torture is normally worth the entire process. The majority of this information is employed by regulations enforcement organizations as well as security firms to form sound information and develop over a case. It could also be useful in averting further deaths and property harm in case there is a well planned or botched terrorism strike.

Andrew Sullivan is a strong advocate against torture and represents torture as the exact opposite of freedom. He further states that it's the denial of freedom from mankind and the removing of selfhood. Andrew Sullivan is therefore against the use of torture as a counter-terrorism tool. Torture has indeed been the tool that most of the security analysis clubs use on victims regardless of the negative image that the punishment includes.

Torture creates a poor picture or image of the police and investigating clubs. Hence, this raises the question as to whether the information is worth obtaining in the way that it's obtained via the utilization of torture.

At times, torture is put through the incorrect victims or suspects. It is for this reason i advocate for the government to regulate the use of torture. In my ardent opinion, torture should only be utilized after investigations are complete and that they point towards a person. Otherwise, it might be unfair to subject matter an innocent person to torture when in simple fact they know nothing at all about terrorism. Investigating teams have to be succinct in their work to prevent the occurrence of the kind of errors; otherwise, it would amount to considerable infringement of individual rights.

On the other hand, Krauthammer helps torture as an instrument that assists the investigating clubs to obtain useful information that indeed help them to unravel certain conditions of terrorism. It is obvious that terrorism is not morally right. However, where saving many lives can be involved, torture would indeed be the ultimate solution. Terrorism has been a global problem and continues to be an issue in the wake of several terrorist cells.


The government should consider using other varieties of punishments or methods that could coerce suspects to give certain useful information. However, this again poses issues as to whether the terrorist suspects will volunteer information. Most of the terrorists usually take an oath that can only be broken by using torture.

Personality malfunction has been proven to work just right for them. According to Krauthammer (p. 2), the US Convention should think about monitoring the distribution and administration of torture as a tool that works well for obtaining information from terrorist suspects. This should be completed based on the laid out ideas.


The pain and fighting brought on by torture tend to be extreme and traumatizing. Actually, there is opportunity that the suspect being tortured does not have the essential information required to deal with terrorism and save an incredible number of lives. Torture obviously goes against human rights and infringes on individual rights. They have often been suggested that the torture victims will often have rights similar to the other people. Human Protection under the law Watch has been stern in discouraging this form of punishment. I therefore do not support torture.

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