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Us Dependence On Overseas Oil Essay

Do you think sunlight, wind, and corn can save our economy? Pro-Quest staff reports that the United States are receiving a majority of oil imported from other countries which can be a point of concern in fuel cost. Counting on foreign countries for petrol is also a security concern intended for the United States, in particular when the main olive oil exporters in the mid-east have been at conflict for decades. By producing our biofuel the usa has the option of being 3rd party which will allow us to manage and help control the charges and use better (proquest staff). This paper can examine the pro, que incluye, and my viewpoint on whether biofuel is the best approach to reduce Us dependency in foreign petrol, help the economy, and protect the environment.

To begin with, simple that biofuel crop the best way to decrease United States dependency on foreign oil. First of all, biofuel offers a lot of benefits. Anne Steckel, reporter for Roll Phone Newspaper, says that biofuel creates 90% less emissions than petroleum fuel (Steckel). Steckel reports that the biofuel crop industry has created high paying jobs (Steckel). Steckel thinks that the United states of america can manufacture its own biofuel, reducing the need for international oil (Steckel). Next, biofuel improves the us job force by making even more jobs available and which helps our economy, which is also safe to use in cars. Bob Dinneen, C. Elizabeth. O. in the Renewable Energy Association, highlights that claims the biofuel industry has established 365, 00 jobs in the usa (Dinneen). Dinneen adds the United States dependence on foreign olive oil has plummeted from 60 per cent to 40% since 2006 (Dinneen). Dinneen notes that biofuel boosts engine overall performance and is safe to use in vehicles and has been for years...

... have the sun (C. E. F. ). Conserve Strength Future states that solar panels can be put in rooftops to ensure that space can be not an issue (C. E. F. ). Preserve Energy Upcoming further claims that solar panel systems are silent, where as different energy hobbyists may generate noise pollution (C. E. F). As you can see, there are plenty of ways to support solve our energy concerns beyond just using biofuel.

In summary, this kind of paper investigated the pro, con, and my viewpoint, whether biofuel crop is the best method to reduce Usa dependency about foreign oil, strengthens our economy, helping the environment. Effortless biofuel, is considered the most achieve these kinds of goals. However , others believe biofuel is definitely not the ultimate way to reduce addiction. In my opinion, there are numerous there ways to do this, however the best way would have to be a mixed effort of renewable resources of biofuel, wind strength and solar energy.

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