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Understanding Special Needs Children And Young People Essay

In this assignment I hope to spotlight the ADHD Disorder also show what treatments and helps are available for this special need. I am hoping to find some local organizations because of this condition and also detail what legislation is within place to package with special needs.

I wish by the finish of this assignment I will be after highlighting enough about how difficult family members and teachers find it to deal and live with children who have problems with ADHD.

Rational for the Project

Plan of Work

For this project I will go over the records Christina Meyler has given me so far.

I will also look up the ADHD disorder on the internet.

I will also feel the booklet Assisting Children with Special Needs by Ellis Flood.

I hope to get most of the assignment done during the mid-term in November and then get some good feedback on what I'll have done to then.

I aim to have it completed and handed up by the 30th November 2012.

Case Study

Brian can be an 11 year old boy that has been identified as having ADHD. Brian is a dazzling boy, who's very creative, he has average marks in institution. But he sufferes from severe distractibility and a lack of organisational skills, which affects his assignment work. Brian would often lay about his school work which would cause problems aware of his family.

The school approached a therapist and they saw Brian on a regular basis for four calendar months and also performed trainings with Brian's parents. The therapist along with Brian's parents and his professors at college developed a checklist of satisfactory behaviour programme for Brian. His parents and educators had to learn proper replies to Brian's repeated oppositional behavior.

By carrying out this Brian's behavior became more workable for his parents and his educators, Brian's behaviour has become a lttle bit calmer for this reason also. Brian now also gets on better aware of his family. He will still have his outbursts however they aren't as repeated as they once was the ADHD has become more workable.

Causes of ADHD

The factors behind ADHD aren't really known at this time, but there is research been completed to uncover what triggers it. Some children in the us with ADHD have been through an MRI Check and 'the prefrontal cortex and the basal ganglia were found to be smaller than in children who haven't ADHD this might signify that neurophysiological may be the reason behind the disorder'(www. casestudies-ADHD-children)

Also it is thought that children with parents which have ADHD will develop it so there for ADHD could be hereditary.

Diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

ADHD is usually diagnosed by a qualified psychologist, usually the psychologist will obtain information about the child's behavior from the child's parents and professors at their college. The psychologist will observe the child and give them various tasks to complete, strongly observing the child's attention span, activity level and impulse control in regards to to their era.

In order to analysis ADHD the kid must have an adequate number of problems with attention, activity levels and impulse control. These behaviours must be there in at least two adjustments usually in the home and at school.

The evaluation process will also determine the kind of ADHD a child has, the psychologist analyzing the child would have to have comprehensive knowledge and experience of children with the problem.

Treatment of ADHD

ADHD is usually treated using a blend of stimulant medication and behavioural therapy.


Several stimulant mediations are available that assist to calm the child down permitting them to bring their behaviour under control. Many people are stunned to discover that stimulants receive to children with ADHD as these children seem to be over activated already however they do work. Ritalin is perhaps the most widely known ADHD medication, it has been trusted since its release in 1954. Other medications used are Adderall, Dexedrine and Metadata.

Stimulants work by increasing dopamine levels in the brain, the parts whose function is to regulate attention, drive, pleasure and movements. By regulating the dopamine levels doctors can regulate the attention spans and energy of the children they are treating.

Some children are not able to take stimulation medication because of side effects, there are non-stimulant medications available such as Stiattera, there are not many children on this medication.

Behavioural Therapy

Behavioural Remedy can be utilized exclusively or with medication as defined above. Behavioural Remedy is designed to train children to regulate their hyperactivity and insufficient attention. Predicated on the task of B. F. Skinner 'desirable behaviour is rewarded but undesirable behaviour is not'. A good example of this is whenever a child is asked to do a activity, when that task is carried out the child then gets a reward for doing the task, but if they don't complete the duty they are not rewarded.


There is not any treat for ADHD and children with the disorder hardly ever grow out of it. However many find ways to cope with and adapt to their ADHD as they get older and become parents. Many people have ADHD and don't even understand they have it, it is assumed that mand in our prisoners suffer with ADHD. Many adults with ADHD have poor time keeping, they have a problem completing an activity, they might also find it hard to keep up a personal relationship. Others become unemployed and also have a higher than average occurrence of drug and alcohol misuse. In the past in Ireland hardly any children were diagnosed with ADHD, if indeed they played up they were just expelled from school. Now in the academic institutions when there is a difficulty the teacher and principle will attempt to find the actual cause for the child's behaviour. This will mean that in future a lot more children will be diagnosed early and methods will be put in place quicker to help them manage their condition in order to attain their true potential.


Support Communities for ADHD

Springborad Family Support programme operated by Children New Ross Ltd.

They hold meetings in my local area for parents with children who suffer from ADHD. The group satisfies every four to five weeks to share their own tales and discuss the issues they come up against over a day to day basis, in addition they give each other advice on how they package with the problems they come up against.

Waterford ADHD Support, 74 Farren Park, Upper Grange, Waterford. (051) 852171

Kilkenny ADHD Support, Jerpoint Abbey, Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny 056) 7754954

These are local organizations in my geographic area that we sourced from the web.

Current Legislation

THE EDUCATIONAL Take action 1998

This was the first little bit of legislation passed because the basis of the state that outlines the government authorities legal obligations regarding education.

The work provided the first legal classification of disability

The act supplies the first legal explanation of Special educational Needs

The act defines what it means by support services.

The function of the Minister for education was also described under this work.


This act ensures all children have the right to attend a regonised college even children with special needs. This action also helped in the creation of the Educational Welfare Board


This is the most significant piece of legislation relating to special needs in education.

The function is comprehensive and covers the next general areas

The issue of inclusion with regards to children with special needs in mainstream adjustments.

Preparation of individual educational programs for children with special needs.

Assessment of special needs.

Service provision for children with special educational needs.


(Ellis Flood 2010 :10-17)

The Practical and Emotional impact of experiencing a kid with ADHD

Most parents of children with ADHD face a regular challenge of controlling their child's behavior. Within the house most children with ADHD who are hyperactive have a problem complying with parental instructions. They get frustrated quickly, interrupt discussions and have a tendency to find yourself in fights with the siblings. Their demanding tendencies can cause problems with their friends who will regard them as been bossy and quick tempered, they can also get violent with their families.

Children with ADHD who are not hyperactive and impulsive can drive their parents crazy not really much with what they do but more what they don't really do. In cases like this parents have a problem with unfinished homework and major disorganization. They are generally referred to as being unaggressive and shy in relationships.

Conclusions and Recommendations

While carrying out this assignment, I did not realise how having a kid with ADHD could impact the house, I also didn't understand just how many children experience attention deficit hyperactivity Disorder it is getting fairly common amongst children. I believe this is principally anticipated to more doctors and professors been more aware of the condition, then it is getting diagnosed quicker. That is a good thing because more folks will be produced aware of the condition and therefore will learn how to cope with it plus more supports will be placed in place quicker.

I feel I've done the best of my ability in undertaking this task, and I am pleased with what I've accomplished.

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