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Understanding Medical And Friendly Model Of Disability Friendly Work Essay

The understanding of disability is still unknown to many people. Just how people see impairment have different meaning to the way society see impairment. Different civilizations have different meaning to the term disability. There are some people, who consider people who have disability are paying for their sins. It is believed that they must have done something bad in their pervious life and are paying for it in this life. Due to some cultural dissimilarities, they typically are labelled to be look over negative perspectives.

Swain (2003) says that what term societies are meant to use? 'Disable People' or 'People With Disability. ' Using the term 'People with Impairment' is known as more human and more positive compared to 'Disabled People' it makes people feel a part of the society instead of being left out.

To make people who have impairment feel more area of the society the government bought laws and regulations so that individuals were equally, the DDA Take action 1995. However it acquired change in 2005.

The (Disability Discrimination Function) DDA Take action 2005 state governments that 'as using a disability for the purposes of the DDA where they have a physical or mental impairment which has a large and long-term unfavorable influence on their ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities. ' (Department of work pension 2005)

Yet what can be considered 'day to day activities?' It isn't clearly defined properly as a lot of people with disability might use some part of their body where there are a few who can not. Because of this people with disability tend to be labelled and overlooked.

Calling someone handicap or dump or deaf and dump has been labelled. Being labelled is quite negative towards people who have disability. It creates them believe that the society will not consider them similar. This discourages many people to make friends or venture out into the society.

Shakespeare (2006) clarifies that labelling is seen adversely in the impairment communities. It is because, people with disability do not need to be labelled and ask other folks for help. Some individuals do not want to ask for charity.

If people do need help, how do they run into it? Do they need to provide evidence that they are disabled?

Which techniques to the medical and the social model of disability?

The medical style of disability is perceives the handicapped person as the challenge. They are meant to adapt and easily fit into to the earth and whether it's not possible then they are shut away. (Rieser 2002)

The social style of disability the cultural model is a thought which recognises that a lot of people have physical or mental differences which make a difference their ability to operate in societies. (Brain. HE 2006)

The medical model is employed for the ones that need help. It is with the medical model that folks can get support. If individual needs help from the government and need money or any other support they have to go through a series of process where they might have to under evaluation to see if they can qualify for help.

The medical model is used through evaluation or screening or by professional expert that may then give information if you have a impairment or not.

The benefit of the medical model is the fact it provides support to the ones that need help. It provides finical support and can provide information to those individual that need operation and can also provide guidance to a cure.

The medical model can also share understanding towards others as it can make other folks understand the similar dilemmas that they may be facing as well. However, a remedy was something that may help in knowing that the medical model and gave people the fact that their disability would disappear completely.

Yet like any other model that have been uncovered the medical model has its fault. For example in the medical model the individual is the the one which has an abnormality. That this disability is in the person and the only path is to treat it.

Another problem with the medical model was that the surroundings was overlooked. If someone got a major accident, it was considered a tragedy yet if someone have been delivered with impairment, it was considered a impairment.

The medical model also considered they are 3rd party on themselves and will always need help from others or charities. It made them look pitiful and helpless.

However, the problem was that the medical model continues to be dominated because, to know very well what is happening to an individual, they need to be asses.

It was also used more as a critique than by the medical expert themselves. It's the job of the professional to discover a cure and also to help the ones that need help.

Because of the medical model, people commenced to think in different ways and the sociable model makes process.

The social style of disability was the 'big idea', in the English disability activity. (Shakespeare and Watson 2003 p3

It was a starting point to prospects who felt that the medical model didn't help. It gave those individual the main point where they didn't need to rely upon others.

The social model of disability was there to help people with disability feel part of the community. Together with the model, it can conquer barriers such as labelling and other barriers that population will come up with. (Crow 1996) pp66) areas that the communal model was a way to escape.

It was meant for those people who wanted to get over any problems with respect to disability. The individuals note that being impaired is not a bad thing. That you can do many daily activity like any other person. It makes a better sociable romantic relationship with the world.

However, like the medical model, the social model had its problem. Where an individual needs help, now thinks that the communal model is making them believe that they can be too being 'pitied' they can not do anything by themselves.

The model is important since it enables the recognition of a politics strategy and its main target was to remove obstacles, which helped, because the medical model did not make an effort to remove barriers such as external ones.

The cultural model also targets the effect of the family, the income, the training and every other factors as well.

However, there is currently a transfer. Once where in fact the medical model was dominated and was the answer to most questions has copy to the interpersonal model. But, here is situated the challenge as well. The interpersonal model is now considered outdate as well.

Union of the Physical Impairment Against Segregation (UPIAS) needed an alternative model of disability.

Mark, 1999 said that the public model argues that the key issues are that the individual must have a 'positive identification' as handicapped. With this it revealed that unless you have a label, you can not be given help. This implies that, even though the social model is there to help, the medical model still dominates and now the cultural model is outdated because people with disability do not want to be considered as needy.

Tom Shakespeare is one particular who think that the cultural model is an outdated and that require a lot more updating. In the journal 'research in social science and impairment' he composed articles dedicating that the cultural model of disability is now outdated. He explains that the model must be improved upon from new course. It requires to be enhancing as social ethnicities are need and different views are need as its more focus on the United kingdom people and needs to be view from different culture as well.

The social style of impairment is also being criticised by Grabe and Peters (2004) who make clear that the sociable model needs to recognise the importance of bodily experience. That it is not easy to tell apart between people who have disability and people without disability. In addition they make clear that the model does not cover everything. The model will there be to produce a person feel important about them and that they would believe that the model is assisting them.

Oliver 2009 (p49) criticise that, there are five important things attended from the public model of impairment. The first one is that the model will not consider the realities of impairment, as the model is dependant on misunderstanding because the model is not predicated on personal experience.

The second is that the pain of impairment and disability is disregarded by the world. The 3rd is that it's unable to combine cultural sates and cultural section. The fourth is issues of otherness. That's where it is viewed from other person's point of view, and the ultimate would be that the communal model is limited.

This demonstrates the social model of disability now is outdated as there are many problems that model is facing.

In conclusion, it is shown that the social model is outdated and the population needs a new view. But there is that problem. Because where the sociable model was a fresh thing now is becoming outdated, exactly what will happen when there might be a 3rd model. Will they consider the new model outdates when its time will come. It appears to be going in a routine.

The social style of disability has its mistake like the medical model impairment. However, unlike the social model the medical style of disability, it continues to be dominated despite the trend towards the sociable model, the medical model is necessary for those person that need support finically and support from the federal government. Yet at the same time they don't want to be dependent on the government as well. This also causes the problems, as the interpersonal model of disability is there to support those person that need to feel that they want to do something for their lives and not merely rely upon others.

Author such as Liz Crow, Tom Shakespeare and Michael Oliver, all think that the social style of impairment is outdated. Their factors are that the interpersonal model of disability does not cover all factors that are essential and needed. They assume that the model needs to be regarded a new viewpoint or change or even bring in a fresh model, as the existing one is giving problems.

If the culture does bring in a new model does it not criticize the model as well? As all it appears that individuals do is criticise that this model is not good or that model is not good.

True the communal model of disability needs a new change, but despite the model being outdated, the model still helps those individual feel better about them. The model has given encouragement to prospects individual with impairment, the capability to give something back to the population.

The medical style of disability will there be for the medical professional as instruction in try to find a remedy as the medical model of disability provides facts only and the public model will there be for support and moral and encouragement and works well to those people with disability.

There will be some individual that will complain about their situation compared to others, and can say that they want extra support, but what these folks need to comprehend is that they have to stand up and become braver. True, there were cases where individuals with disability have had hardships and also have acquired no support, but what they need to understand is that the models do not run their lives; they basically are guidance how they have to live morally and finically.

The medical model of disability provides facts and the interpersonal model gives support. So regardless of the social model being outdated, the public model of disability makes it feel to those individual people that they have support that they need, thus the model is still affective.

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