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Types of tourism

P1-Describe the travel and travel and leisure component industries and offer examples of domestic, inbound and outbound organisations within them.

Inbound Tourism: Travellers (non-residents) coming into a country e. g. The French coming into the united kingdom.

Outbound Travel and leisure: People departing their country for a different country e. g. Russians going over to China.

Domestic Tourism: Residents of 1 country going within it e. g. New Yorker travels to LA.


It's the place you stay at for your holiday or head to; accommodations can be both serviced and non-serviced, serviced is when the area or place you're going to stay at is fully furnished and provided with baking facilities, fresh dishes, modern technology such as a flat screen Tv set and internet (Wi-Fi). For example the Hilton hotels has its network in 78 countries across 6 continents[1]. The Hilton hotels are highly brand name, stylish with excellent services, having over 92 many years of experience showing their professionalism and reliability. Even the guest room itself comes with an original design which is well organised not to mention accommodating. Thus inbound and outbound travel and leisure would use serviced accommodation. Alternatively, non-serviced means only the accommodation itself is provided; the Sykes cottages company has over 5, 000 cottages across the UK and Ireland. Nearly three years of experience[2] signifies the company's efficiency and reliability. Therefore non-serviced accommodation would be used for domestic travel and leisure.

Transport Provision:

Irrespective of your vacation spot, transportation will be necessary to get there; irrespective of its form whether it's by air, rail, street or sea. To access and from your vacation spot and around to explore the area trainer or car travel is recommended. Coach travel are providing low cost prices if the seat tickets are booked beforehand. Megabus offers prices as low as Ј1. National Exhibit is one of the most significant coach companies that happen to be more than 900 spots across the UK[3]. During the last 50 years, car travel is continuing to grow rapidly which is the most popular kind of transport employed by the holidaymakers in Britain. There are a variety of different worldwide companies, such as Avis that specialise in private car work with. Therefore both mentor and car travel is ideal for domestic tourism. Rail travel is a more environmentally friendly function of visiting. Virgin trains is an extremely popular teach company that is favored by the travellers. Virgin trains have been with us for over 15 years[4] therefore they are simply one of the very most experienced coach companies around Britain. Virgin trains travel all over the country. Thus rail travel being used for home tourism too.

When visiting by sea, it is almost always by ferries or cruising. Ferry companies operate services between the UK and Ireland, France, Belgium and some other destinations. For instance P&O Ferries, Irish Ferries and Stenaline. Since the Route Tunnel was exposed in 1994, ferry services have dropped dramatically[5]. However, cruising is also a kind of travel using the sea which is growing steadily which is attracting tons off different kinds of tourists. In the past, cruising was seen more for the rich, famous and the elderly but cruising today, it is bringing in families, teenagers and groups of people. Royal Caribbean Cruises is an exemplory case of a luxury cruise service. This company holds the major cruise ship ever before built[6]. Sea travel would be utilized for those three types of tourism; inbound, outbound and home.

Air travel is the most popular kind of travel used all around the globe. This includes; scheduled-planes that operate to a shared timetable. These planes have to follow routes and they are under authorities licence e. g. Uk Airways or the low-costs such as Ryanair. Tickets purchased from the company's website, operating time round[7]. Charter-an airfare ticket for a charter trip will be purchased from a head to operator. In this manner, charter flights change from scheduled flights, generally operate only through the summertime (May to Oct) or November to April for ski flights. Tour operators who put vacation packages alongside one another will charter or lease an aeroplanes from an flight such as Monarch or Thompson. Flights is to be considered mostly for inbound and outbound travel and leisure.

Ancillary Services:

Ancillary services are the extras that come along side a holiday that tourists may need. These are things such as; travel cover, foreign exchange, airport car parking, car hire, luggage check-in, head to guiding, equipment work with, passport and visa services. Without Ancillary Services the vacation wouldn't be complete. Many Travel Agents offer ancillaries to their clients plus they make good commission rate on the products and services. Eurochange is the foreign exchange expert within the UK, that may allow tourists to switch their money with remarkable rates, one of the better foreign exchange companies in the united kingdom such as The Money Shop. Therefore making their holiday break alot cheaper; suits the inbound and outbound tourism.

Tour Operators:

A Mass Market travel operator are companies such as Thomas Make and Thomson who package with any type of holiday and they are able to set up deals that suit the clients. A mass market head to operator also provides their customers with accommodation, transfers, transport and further services. Specialist operators are businesses such as Cox and Kings. These kind of tour operators are much more personal to the customer. This is because these tour providers have the ability to accommodate and specialise from what the travellers interest are for example, someone wants to be on a cycling getaway, they can tell the operator what they need in their getaway and the operators can do their finest to satisfy the customers' needs.


The tourist planks have estimated that there are around 6, 400 tourist attractions in the UK. In the travel and tourism sector, attractions are vital because they are what appeals to all the travelers from across the world. The Lake Region is about the most natural sights in the UK[8], a natural attraction is an attraction that is created naturally. Several areas have been given a status to safeguard their environment and provide facilities so the public can enjoy the sights. You will discover sights such as caves, waterfalls, seashores and other scenic view interest that haven't been created by mankind.

Attractions that are old and have experienced place for quite some time and are now historical-heritage attractions. These are visitors attractions such as canals, railways, battlefields. These visitors attractions are set up so that individuals can gain an gratitude of days gone by. The Rock Henge is a favorite hertiage attraction had by English Traditions and is situated in Wiltshire.

Purpose-built attractions-attractions that contain been built purposely to catch the attention of visitor into that area. When people notice the word 'tourist fascination' it makes people think automatically about the purpose-built visitors attractions that are fun and enjoyable and created for a number of reasons. In the UK there are extensive purpose-built places of interest like Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Buckingham Palace and Alton Towers.

Events-attractions that draws in tourists to the area. They are small events like the Blackpool Illuminations or huge occurrences like the Olympics and the Paralympics. Occasions play a substantial part in the tourist attractions because in various places, some places can't offer a big amount of natural or purpose-built visitors attractions therefore the occurrences may be the only reason people visit that one area. Also Occasions generate a whole lot of income which creates jobs and wealth in the region.

Tourism development and Campaign:

Tourist boards play an important role by assisting areas and co-ordinating the work of tourism businesses. Tourist boards get their money from the government (National and Local) which is said to operate in the public sector. Open public sector body play an important role in Travel and Tourism the UK, because they promote tourism and get local and inbound visitors to the united kingdom this in return will generate income and careers for local business and have a positive influence on the GDP.

Tourist boards are websites such as Visit Bolton, Visit Britain etc. These websites show folks who are going to that area what's happening during the period of time they are there and when and where in fact the events and occasions are occurring. These websites offer you information locally, nationally and regionally.

National-either a day trip of for a short break away. For instance, the Visit Scotland website has information about the events that are occurring in Scotland looked after has their time and place that it is taking place. The nationwide websites are usually available in a variety of different languages this means they are accessible for guests from overseas who would like to find out information about the UK.

Local-local destinations including the Visit Bolton website. This website provides information such as teach and bus times, happenings, accommodation around Bolton and also in Bolton there would be a Vacationer Information Centre that would help you the vacationers.

Finally, Regional-websites such as Visit England's North Western world. This would be helpful for folks who are overseas plus they want to come and visit an area like the North Western world of England, it would provide them with information about what happens around this area and what type of activities and events can be held in the Lake District.

Trade organizations and Regulatory physiques:

A trade relationship is an organisation which works in the distributed interests for the particular industry or the customers in general; the difference between ATOL and ABTA is that they both are present for different sorts of providers. ATOL means Air Tour Operators Licence. ATOL is supervised by the CAA (Civil Aviation Expert) which is for the travel operators selling plane tickets. ABTA means Association of British Travel Agents. ABTA is made for the tour providers who arent associated with offering flights[9]. AITO is another association. This stands for Association of Separate Tour Operators. AITO was set up for small travel companies[10]. These companies are set up just in case anything goes incorrect when you are on holiday, your entire money is shielded. Also if any of the companies go bust when you are away, you'll be refunded and brought home by the relevant organisation. If a visitor books any occasion via a company which really is a person in AITO or bonded by ABTA they can be certain that the business is reliable if the business should have problems with financial problems they will be safeguarded. The traveller would be brought home using their holiday if the business failed whilst these were away.

Travel Providers:

Retail travel agent-advise people when they are traveling, about different hotels around the region they are travelling to and about the current weather conditions and the several forex. Business travel agent-travel services for companies, they concentrate mostly on short notice trips where the timing of the airline flight is far more important than the price of the flight for the vacationer. Call Centre travel agent-sells products over the telephone and every day they have to reach a certain quantity of sales they make per day. Web Based travel agent-sells holidays online. An example of these websites would be Expedia. This site allows you to set-up your own vacation trip and also talks about hotels and other extras that you may want with your getaway.


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