Types of Personal Selling

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It is used as visualized, when you visit a printed or sensible based advertisements, you can reacall those ad for long in your thoughts.

E. g. : Printing advertisements, advertisements in Television, Radio, Billboard, Broachers and Catalogues, In-store screen, motion pictures, banner ads, webpages, posters are some of the types of advertising

The more you advertise, you can develop the brand

Whenever you start to see the advertisement, you bear in mind the product or service so, the merchandise has long-term image

Slide 06 Sales promotion

Examples: Contests, product samples, Coupons, industry events and exhibitions.

Slide 07 Popular sales promotion

Buy one get one free - when you get one product you have the same product as free

Customer romantic relationship management - incentive such as benefit factors or money off coupons. Customer relationship management is from banking companies to super markets

E. g. : Apico provides privilege cards to the customers

Nolimit provides Arampaima Credit card to the customers

Nexus Card provide more benefit for the customers

New Mass media - website and mobile phones that support a sales promotion

E. g. : in UK nestle imprinted individual codes on KIT-KAT product packaging, whereby a consumer would get into the code into a strong website to see if indeed they had won award. Consumers could also text rules via mobile phone to the same result.

Free gift - Buy one product and get one product free as a gift.

Joint campaigns - buy one product of one brand so you get another brand product as free

Free examples - Tasting of food and beverages at sampling items in supermarkets

E. g. Red Bull was presented with away to potential consumer at supermarkets, in high pavements and at petrol channels (by a promotion team)

Vouchers & coupons - often observed in newspaper and mag, on pack.

Slide 10 Direct marketing


Influential tool for building customer romantic relationship- when you talk to the customer directly, the partnership between both with be build.

Enable Company to interact with the customer straight- company can directly move with the customers.

Company can get regular reviews from customer - Company can get regular opinions from the clients E. g. Nestle's baby food files a database of new parents and post them personal parcels of gift idea and present them guidance at key phase in baby's life. Because they speak to more worried consumer at the best times.

Slide 13 Understanding buyer Behavior

If you want your business to be successful you have to comprehend their buying habit. Especially in the current competitive world. Unless you understand it's very hard to gain them as customers and keep them dedicated. Buying patterns is one of the elements you need for a customer profile.

Slide 14 Environmental Affects

Multiple methods used to find environmental pushes exist. One particular method is named the PEST analysis because it lists the politics, economic, socio cultural and technical factors that can affect the business' environment. Types of such factors that can effect personal offering include legislation on fraudulence and on content in marketing, the average income of prospective customers, local etiquette and the systems potential customers tend to use. Economic, socio cultural and technological factors are specifically important in personal offering because understanding these factors lets management find out what products to sell and the best sales methods. For instance, a small business might choose to use an advertising-driven "pull" procedure rather than the more extreme "push" way in a culture where getting close strangers is frowned upon. On this example, salespeople would be used more as sources of information to verify the purchase decisions of customers already pulled in by advertising campaigns.

Slide 15 Managerial Affects

E. g. management might choose a "thrust" approach to selling in which salespeople are expected to seek out potential customers and try to sell to them immediately rather than counting on advertising to "move" them in. With this example, management would map out the processes needed to support a "push" providing campaign, hire and coach salespeople suited to the extreme "push" mindset, immediate them in their day-to-day offering and utilize this experience to improve on their preliminary plans.

Slide 16 Main types of personal selling

Delivery people - E. g. Milkman, Fisherman and nowadays bakery staffs are helped bring through three tires.

Salespeople - E. g. people who sell the company product at supermarkets.

Door to door Selling - salespeople who goes to house by house and sell the merchandise.

This is all about the role of personal offering. Hope u guys grasped the lectures. Thanks for hearing my lectures.

Task 02

2. 1 "You will find difference in the type of sales tasks and skills in variety of contexts" Agree or Disagree

I concur this affirmation because, the general responsibilities expected of any sales rep, the obligations and responsibilities give to a sales person hinge mainly on the nature of business. The work description is apparent in multiple market sectors including Pharmaceutical Sales, Insurance Sales, Retail Sales and Internet Sales. Therefore, the role of a sales person in the Pharmaceutical industry may well not be the same with a sales rep in the Insurance Sales or in the Internet Sales. While a sales rep in the Retail Sales may maintain a store joining to customers, an Insurance Sales person is required to be away in the field and sell the insurance to the clients.

Sales Representatives play a significant role in the success of their specific companies. They will be the reason clients, customers or clients may either be satisfied or not. And they're required to make the best of this opportunity by offering quality service to customers. They are simply likely to know the 'ins and outs' with their company's products and services to allow them to educate clients how the products and services can be used to keep your charges down or increase revenue. Generally, a sales rep is required to spend enough time travelling and going to prospective customers and current clients to remind them how devoted the business is to gratifying their personal and business needs.

2. 2 "Sales staff members who are operating within an international environment should play a new role compared with sales staff member from local environment"

Sales staffs in an international environment and local environment both are similar, both sales persons will be using a good understanding of the product or service, challengers, buyer behavior and thy straight communicate to the customers and receive the feedback. Each one of these are done by both salesperson but the various are the sales person in an international environment will be using the terms which is recognized by the customers as He/she is within an international environment they understands the customer objectives on the merchandise or service. So, he /she will respond based on the customers willingness.

2. 3 "there's a possibility to describe the goal of engaging for the trade fairs"

Trade fair can be an event focused on a specific industry and acts as a program for combining buyers and sellers in different areas, under one roof structure. The merchandise manufacturers, dealers, resellers, importers and exporters are the primary members in a trade good. The first concern for managing a trade fair is its feasibility. A market analysis must be done to get a concept of the response that a trade fair are certain to get, once it begins. The eye shown by the actual tourists and exhibitors chooses the success or failure of a trade fair. As being a well-organized trade rational can benefit the whole industry, similarly good trading can show very important for the trustworthiness of companies.

Trade fairs will be the meeting point of people from different geographical areas. These people can have different motives for attending a trade show. Some might come to the fairs strictly for business purposes; people like businessman and scholar who are doing the higher education while others might only be considering grabbing new friends on the same time. Whatever may be the explanation of their visit, site visitors are always on the lookout for something interesting and worthy of remembering. Despite the fact that a boring trade fair may still do good business, but it will never be able to reach high heights in recognition.

By executing trade fairs the firms get opportunities of getting new customers, new market, new opponents, new distributors, new brokers and new companions for the company. Trade fair helps the business in advertising, marketing and publicity all these happens from participating in trade fairs.

For example trade rational of "Sri Lanka Expo 2012" planned by the Sri Lankan Export Development Board at BMICH. The Exhibition provided a perfect opportunity of Sri Lankan exporters to showcase their quality export products and services, traditional and non-traditional at an individual program with over 300 stalls to an international audience.

Edex Expro 2012 trade fair.

Task 03

Role and goals of sales management

Sales Management was initially designed for sales staff. It got a narrow perspective of directing the sales personnel of an organization. Sales Management has gained a broader point of view, which include management and execution of most marketing activities via advertising, personal offering, sales promotions, distribution, pricing as well as others.

Appropriate recruitment and selection strategies are created by several ways those are

Job advertising through magazines, websites, mass medias and VCT professional magazines

Campus recruitment - Hayley's, dialog these kinds of organizations go to colleges and do workshops and get people.

Employee companies- they give the JS to the work agencies and get employees

Getting data platform from the organizations e. g. : NDB lender and Aviva does this.

There are inner and external methods of recruitment, advantages of interior recruitment are Internal Employees are most familiar to the organization and its culture, The cost of recruiting interior employees is less, Motivates the existing staffs, Strengthens the staff relation, Bankers recruiting employees internally. The disadvantages of exterior recruitment are Wide range - big pool, Infusion of fresh blood - people who have new ideas and feels, Element of competition - we can competitive and get people from outside, Can get the workplace brand edge, Can position the best expertise from the challengers, Development cost is less.

The appropriate selection made is made by interviewing the individuals. You will find three methods of interview they may be; one- one interviews - interview one and make comfort for the candidate. Extensive interviews, Stress interviews - when recruiting armed forces people it is better, Group interview.

The two techniques used to co-ordinate and control sales end result are, appraisal and performance and budget and success. Appraisal and performance is utilized to provide an analysis of current performance against which future advancements can be assessed and training needs proven. We can measure the employees and get feedbacks to achieve the target of the business. Budget and success will be used to attain the sales targets also to boost the sales productivity.

An organizational framework is an interior representation of how persons are positioned in an organization and further can be used to identify the amount of ability and responsibility directed at each individual within the organization. It is better to have the matrix framework, where each office has each manager. When there is a problem in a single department, that section manager can make the decisions.

By motivating and training the employees we can boost sales performance at the business. By motivating the employees they be employed by the organization, by that we can perform the goals of the business. Training for the sales staffs are essential, they should be trained as on the job training. Where they will be supervised by the top management, by workshops and by executing lectures, where they'll clarify how to talk to the customers and the data of product and about the business. All theses will make a sales personnel to get started on the sales.

The Tasks and objective of your Sales management is to identify a sales staff and motivate him/her then educate him/her will the required skills and hook up him/her to the organization composition and used the correct technique to enhance the sales productivity.


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