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Types Of Nonverbal Communication

Non-verbal communication or most commonly known as body gestures is the unspoken language of your body which is shown through our anatomies to show our true motives and hints of the emotions to the people whom our company is conversing with. When we are conversing with others verbally our bodies simultaneously hand out and receive signs which are transmitted by our anatomies. This signal's involves the gestures we make, how we stay, the intonation and velocity of how we talk, the length we stand when conversing and the amount of eye-contact we make while conversing. All this transmits vital non-verbal announcements of oneself to some other. These non-verbal announcements still get across to the people around even when we live silent. The verbal meaning and body gestures very frequently contradicts which leaves the listener to choose which one to trust. Usually they will choose your body language. This is why why our body words should send a message which is congruent to what we are saying verbally. "It is one of the biggest misconceptions to feel that what is being said is more important than how it has been said. In reality only 7% of information is delivered through words, the remaining 93% of communication is non-verbal. If you fail to read and de-code non-verbal emails, you establish yourself up for frequent misunderstandings and various communication problems". (Arina Nikitina, 2009)

Sometimes the quantity of attention we give towards the individual who is talking may also be portrayed by the body terms. The listener will increase their trust when the body language matches whatever we say but if it generally does not, the listeners will get started to develop anxiety, mistrust and become confused. In order to enhance what we are saying verbally, we have to be aware of our body words to prevent mailing out an incorrect non-verbal message which can misinterpret that which you are saying. For example, I put a classmate in supplementary school which experienced problems catching up with his lessons in course. This was because he was suffering from some kind of mental retardation which influences his academic performance. When teacher questions him, he'd apologize but the instructor would get even more furious with him and can not allow his apology. Initially I thought the educator was insensitive but then I realized that my classmate was responsible too. It is because he did not apologize in the proper manner. His arms will be folded and while looking somewhere else he'd apologize. In cases like this, the guy was apologizing but because of his incorrect body language the subject matter he wanted to send across to the teacher was misinterpreted and the professor thought that my classmate had been arrogant. On this scenario, the most likely method for my classmate expressing his apology to the professor is by looking into the teacher's eyes with his hands down and expressing "sorry" with a tone filled with remorse. This true to life example which happened in front of my eyes clearly demonstrates the importance of body gestures. This also evidently demonstrates the value of nonverbal communication.

Nonverbal communication can play five jobs in conversation:






Source: The Importance of Effective Communication, Edward G. Wertheim, Ph. D.

The Seven Known Types of Nonverbal Communication

Facial expressions

Although people result from different parts of the world with different cultures, they all still have the same cosmetic expressions for delight, sadness, anger, shock, dread, and disgust. These expressions are almost common. For instance, if one was to wait a wedding service with a sulky face, this evidently shows that he or she is miserable with the ceremony or simply just got a bad day.

Body actions and posture

The perceptions of us from others are influenced by how we sit, conversation, stand or even by shaking or having their hand. For instance, when a person is in an interview with the real human resource executive and starts off fidgeting along with his or her fingertips or an thing, this clearly sends a body gestures to the real human resource executive showing that the candidate is feeling restless and in anchored with his or her given credentials. This can make the human tool executive think before selecting this applicant.


Gestures are virtually incorporated into our day to day lives. Some gestures take place during our unconscious status of thought. However gestures vary from each culture to some other. We should heed to the listener's cultural norms to avoid misinterpretation. In a few civilizations, the gesture of pointing the finger at one is disrespectful but to another culture is properly fine.

Eye contact

The human eye can portray someone's interest, love, hostility or interest towards the opposite sex. Eyeball contact is also another tool showing quality of the speaker.


An exemplory case of touch as a form of nonverbal communication is a handshake. A handshake is employed to mention a mutual arrangement or when someone satisfies a fresh person. Besides that a warm hug is employed to convey love toward the particular person has been hugged. A pat on the back or shoulder is used for encouragement or to acknowledge someone's presence.


The distance the speaker is located or seating into the listener may be used to indicate the sort of relationship they are having. According to Wikipedia there are four different degrees of distance: personal distance, personal distance, interpersonal distance and public distance. Personal distance is the area for embracing each other, touching and whispering. Whereas, personal distance is the area for relationships among relatives and buddies. On the other hand, social distance is the area for acquaintances or people whom you meet randomly or even common friends. The public distance is good for public loudspeakers who deliver their communication to the people to mention their thoughts and ideology. For example, politicians and teacher who is offering a lecture in front of a wide array of students within an auditorium.


Saying something doesn't really make a great impact but instead how you say something really gets the potential to captivate your followers. For example pauses may be used to show electric power and superiority. Alternatively, the intonation n rate of talk and enhance the knowledge of the listener. For example, if one was to speak really fast I am sure that the listener would only manage to understand the gist of what the speaker was saying. This is the reason you need to say what he intends to say by stating it with the proper intonation, pauses and tone to provide his message evidently to the listener for her or him to understand the actual speaker says.

The Common Misconception

Some people feel assume they can fake body gestures to cover up their feelings. That is a total failure; it is because a lot more a person will try to fake their body gestures the more clear it'll look completely unnatural. This will definitely portray a sense of insecurity towards the individual whom he or she is conversing with. The reality, body gestures is the bodily reaction towards a sense felt by your body of a person and its own completely natural. That is why one cannot successfully fake his or her body language. What is said by the person runs congruently with the body language of the individual. That is another well-known cause of why nonverbal communication is just as evenly important as verbal communication.

The Basic Need for Nonverbal Communication

Nonverbal communication may be used to gain trust from individuals whom you speak to. It is because, through the body language projected, one can simply read it of course, if you are lying down or saying the truth. Instead, if you have the ability to portray a self-confident body language, this will automatically notify the individual whom you are conversing with that you will be a dependable and honest person telling the truth. When you yourself have gained their trust, the message which you wish to send across would be successful. Entrepreneurs who are well of the are very successful in their courier since they have gained the trust of the customer. Relationships sometimes are unsuccessful because the spouse can read the body language of his or her other half. Whenever a person cheats on his or her partner they tend to lack eye contact frequently and appear tense and agitated just as always fidgeting with their hands. But if one wasn't cheating but it's simply his or her character to do something so then it will send a wrong concept across to the spouse. That is another need for the knowledge of nonverbal communication in daily live.


Nonverbal communication is clearly as important as verbal communication. Fundamentally, if everyone had more understanding of the importance or simply just the framework of nonverbal communication I am certain that the earth we are in would be a more understanding and peaceful spot to live in. This is the reason why companies should promote the importance of nonverbal communication to their student to make some sort of awareness among the list of students and also to understand the importance of nonverbal communication.

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