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Types of Discord and Stages of Conflict


Conflict is an activity that commences when one get together expect that another get together has negatively damaged or is going to negatively have an impact on, something that first party are cares. The simply way to comprehend is discord are disagreement between your two or more people on any factors. Discord management is the practice to be in a position to identify and cope with conflicts sensibly, rather, and efficiently. Turmoil management includes acquiring skills related to discord resolution, self-awareness about issue modes, issue communication skills, and creating a framework for management of issue in your environment. Issues management are a natural part of the workplace appear, what the most important is the people who understand conflicts and learn how to resolve them. This is important nowadays more than ever. Everyone is trying showing how valuable they can be to the business they work with and, sometimes, this may lead to disputes with other participants of the team.

According to the evaluation in our group, I have got two general problems. It really is social an intra-personal. I'll explain the following with the scenario and the perfect solution is.

Firstly, Interpersonal turmoil is clash between two individuals somewhat than one individual a difference in views in what should be done. The different of view such as orientation of work time that are not part of a business. Actually for social issue we found some members in my group they have got bad manner and no responsibility. For poor attitude like always emerged late when we have a talk group. For responsibility, some users in my own group they don't manage their careers. They didn't came even they have got free time. So if so the rest of the members are experienced unhappy with them. For the perfect solution is, firstly our group innovator tried and provided them the tips and inspiration to the member are didn't come in the group debate. Secondly, our leader also attempted to explain to them maybe they are not understand. Lastly, if they are still redoing their frame of mind, our head use the autocratic system like let our consultant know the problem and they will get punish.

Secondly, Intrapersonal issue which are occurs in a individual often entails some from of goal turmoil or cognitive discord. A leader must ensure that all issue of each people include himself should solve with properly to make certain that the program will run smoothly. For instance, our group leader was tried to resolve the problem especially for communication problems. In my own group some Chinese language originated from China they cannot speak well in British. Different of terminology between users include local and international university student make barrier when this job in progress. Depending on the problem our leader encourage them to overcome the condition like show the uses of dictionary. Besides that, our leader likewise have the issue because cannot get proper obligations of an organization innovator to do the responsibilities because all users have communication problems and that make all customers hard to talk.

The problem our group faced is the communication problem each members. This situation arise because of variations in terminology between each associates that come from different qualifications, nationalities and country. Weaknesses by using British dialect between each member may cause misunderstanding and can effect our project. Therefore, our leader decided to solve this issue by using third person that are others people in others group to help us translate what you want to say or what they say. Other that people also use request such as Yahoo Translate to get what the true meaning and can discuss jointly smoothly.

There is a five conflict process in the addressing problem in the group that is made up Probable, Cognition and personalization, Intent, Behavior and End result. This prosses can help our group get know the turmoil that arise when this project ongoing.

The first level is the procedure is a potential conflict of opposition or incompatibility when participants contribution ideas. Within this stage, our group will meet and achieving together to develop idea to perform the project. Inside our group, this level is because of differences in vocabulary among customers that will have an impact on our goal and also have an impact on our personality, mental and visual value. Communication between local and international students will be use British dialect for communicate each other. In such a group, there have a group that customers will talk a lot and less when we make a discourse. Our leader aren't take this example easily or ignored, but she will try to get attention with them by get proven fact that related to interested of them. This ways can help them to improve their motivation rather than reluctant to contribution and speak in English in this project.

The second stage is cognition and personalization. At this time, the notion of the discord between participants in the group. According to the Miler, 2011 in this level, the parties aware of the conditions that bring about the turmoil which causes the displeasure feeling such as panic, pressure and the hostility. Problem that occur inside our group that is difficulty to understanding British by Chinese university student which problem result or group to complete this task. When this turmoil come up, each member include our leader try to understand and help one another although it is difficult to interact and completing the task.

The third levels is intent or the decision that can be use to resolve our problems. The ways are by using competing, collaboration, compromising, preventing and accommodating. We provided ideas to our members like suggested the dictionary be their good friend, read a lot English books watching English movies. Besides that, we helped the other person to any activity which is difficult to your member to solve and always to judge and guide them when they lost ideas of the job. It related to techniques are state early on and we are definitely more compromising and accommodating because we do not want to help make the situation more serious and result our task.

The fourth level is about behavior or become visible include assertions, reactions and actions made by the conflicting parties. Our leaders will make division of the task and in this periods show that some people aren't satisfaction about their task and indicated that feeling. So, although the task are divided but other customers can give any idea and discuss it along to get ultimate decision. This ways can help our issue not constant and each members will be happy.

Finally, we got the practical ways and methods as end result to solve our problem. After all the activity that people do include face issue, we've found the best ways to make sure that all members will give full tasks and company. The improvement that all member give are very satisfied and our leader also happy with it. Lastly, in addition they give commercial and provided good commitment to complete this task as result.


Motivation comes from Latin term, 'movere' means 'to move'. Motivation is basic term deciding on the entire class of drives, desires, needs, wants, and similar pushes. Determination is the internal forces that determine the route of a person's behavior within an organization, someone's level of effort, and someone's degree of persistence. From your duties given as are individuals who are inexperienced working in a group or in an organization we received a lot of problems such as no responsibility between our users, unsatisfied from the responsibilities given by director, and so on. From that above we received many ways to inspire our participants, to make sure they are be useful to themselves also to be useful in an organization. These are four kinds of sources of motivation that can encourage and affect the motivation inside our group such as positive drive, negative motivation, extrinsic determination, intrinsic motivation among others things that offering motivation whether it is acceptable or unacceptable by individual.

Firstly, positive drive. Positive desire is will involve proper reputation of employee attempts and appreciations of worker contribution towards organizational goal achievement. The sociable and status wishes require connections with others if they are to be satisfied plus they align with Maslow sociable need and the external component of Maslow Through the problems that we got our assistant supervisor motivate us with gave the heart words that can made us be happy to do the works given. She also recognizes the associates who are gave full co-operation with is instructs the lecturer who are does.

Secondly, negative drive. These kinds of motivation is use pressure, power, fear and treats to motivate members to provide full co-operation and stops customers to be useless in group. In this case if any our member is do not want to do his / her task given, assistant director warned and information them to the lecturer if it is needed.

Next, extrinsic drive. Extrinsic drive is induces by external factors which is mostly financial in dynamics. It is centered after the assumption that the action with brings about positive reward tends to be repeated. For example, we live get inspiration when the lecturer offer more grades if we are be the first person who are finish with the task given with do it correctly. It really is precisely what was happened in my group. They are very excited to do the tasks given. Indirectly my members are incredibly happy and felt got energy from that offered.

Besides that, we also stimulate ourselves with studied of motivation ideas such as maslow's hierarchy theory, aldefers ERG theory, herzberg motivator and mc clellond's learned needs theory.

Maslow's hierarchy of needs, represented as a pyramid with a lot more basic needs at the bottom

Maslow's hierarchy of needs is a theory in psychology proposed by Abraham Maslow in his 1943 paper "A Theory of Individuals Drive" in Psychological Review. Maslow consequently extended the theory to add his observations of humans' innate curiosity. His ideas parallel many other theories of individual developmental psychology, some of which focus on describing the stages of development in humans. Maslow used the terms "physiological", "basic safety", "belongingness" and "love", "esteem", "self-actualization" and "self-transcendence" to spell it out the design that individual motivations generally undertake.

From that information above, as a summary Maslow shows us in what is related atlanta divorce attorneys person needs in their live. They are simply physiological, safe practices, love, esteem, and self-actualization. We'd explain as follows.

Physiological needs are the physical requirements for real human success. If these requirements aren't met, our body cannot function properly and will ultimately are unsuccessful. Physiological needs are thought to be the most important; they must be met first. Such as for example air, water, and food are metabolic requirements for survival in all animals, including humans. Clothing and shelter provide necessary protection from the elements, etc.

Safety needs is the main for me personally and my participants, felt safe from any dangerous which is can prevent from getting disaster situations like conflagration, electric hassle and so forth. It is can give disrupt the lessons to us if it's happen. As are students we also need taken care of by the security or wooden for the particular times. Safety and Security needs are include personal security, financial security, health insurance and well-being safety net against incidents or health issues and their unfavorable impacts.

The third level of real human needs is social and involves thoughts of belongingness. Humans need to feel a feeling of belonging and acceptance amongst their social groups, regardless whether these categories are large or small. For example, some large sociable groups may include clubs, co-workers, spiritual communities, professional organizations, sports clubs, and gangs. Some examples of small communal connections include members of the family, intimate partners, mentors, fellow workers, and confidants. Many people become vunerable to loneliness, social anxiety, and clinical depression in the absence of this love or belonging element. This dependence on belonging may get over the physiological and security needs, with respect to the durability of the peer pressure.

All individuals have a need to feel well known from other; this includes the necessity to have self-esteem and self-respect. Esteem reveals the typical individuals desire to be accepted and respected by others. People often take part in an occupation or hobby to get reputation. Low self-esteem or an inferiority complex may result from imbalances in this level in the hierarchy. People who have low self-esteem often need respect from others; they could feel the need to seek fame or glory. However, fame or glory will not help the individual to develop their self-esteem until they accept who they are internally. Psychological imbalances such as depression can prevent the individual from obtaining a higher-level of self-esteem or self-respect.

This degree of need identifies what a person's full probable is and the realization of this potential. Maslow describes this level as the desire to perform everything that one can, to become the most that one can be. Individuals may understand or concentrate on this need very specifically. For example, one individual may possess the strong desire to become an ideal parent or guardian. In another, the desire may be indicated athletically. For others, it could be portrayed in paintings, pictures, or inventions. As mentioned, Maslow assumed that to understand this degree of need, the person must not only achieve the previous needs, but get better at them.

In finish, with study the levels of Maslow's hierarchy theory it made us to comprehend member's actions and their needs easily. Besides that, to be careful every single word when speaking with people especially customers in the group to make sure they are are reputed.

In this task, our leader will inspire each of customers because this project aren't give any cash motivation such as salary. First techniques our head makes is to separate job for every single members. It will have other situation that associates aren't satisfaction about their job. So, our innovator will make sure that this discord will solve to generate positive environment of this job. When situation are positive gives motivate each users to work properly and present full Co-operation. Inside our group, each of users will try the best to do their job because their feel enthusiastic to complete this project.

Second way our head uses to motivate each member is non-cash motivation. Our leader motivates us with advice to give good performance even there is no cash motivation. Our head also reminded the participants that this duties given very helpful to the future. The huge benefits are improved upon our skills and performances whenever we are functioned at the real life. Besides that, our lecturer also told that the content taken are incredibly important like make a proposal, and make a simple document (demand letter) etc.

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