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Two Current Management And Control Theories Management Essay


The reason for the following activity is to create a literature review on two current management and authority theories. The impact how the selected ideas of management and authority have with an organisational strategy will be evaluated. Then a control strategy will be created which can support the organisational direction. Hence in process 2, tactical management and control will be explored. Two management and management ideas will be mentioned and linked to a selected organisation. The ultimate part is to design a leadership strategy for the chosen organisation.

Leadership and management is a repetitious process to a great amount that is improved over years of review. Theorists have helped by building up a firm and wide knowledge of this subject by contributing their major studies to existing ones. Leaders and managers in an company can be developed in a variety of ways as there is not only a single correct way to do it. But many organisations show that there are similar features or traits about management. Different ideas have their impact, benefits and drawbacks depending on culture, size and situation of the organisation.

In other words, the ideas and theories which were investigated and developed as time passes have contributed to get deeper understanding of the type of managerial work and the role and work of any innovator. Thus organisations can derive their own unique way to identify and develop managerial and management competency by combining these ideas and theories correctly.

Task 2

2. 1. Review the impact that preferred ideas of management and control have on organisational strategy

In this part, two management and command ideas will be chosen and analyzed to show the impact of these on an organisation. The two theories I have chosen for literature review are: 1) Situational and Contingency (behavioural and style) theory of command and 2) Transformational command theory. Regarding to Carmichael, J. et al. (2011), "in situational theory of management, analyses and syntheses of workflows are essential, with the objective of bettering labour production and increased output". Since individuals are different from each other, a most efficient way that works for a person may not work for another person. More often than not, management and workers' economic passions aren't similar. Management may apply certain strategies whereby the labor force can disagree, nor accept to follow. So there is resentment between employees and employers. Due to these two significant reasons mentioned, it is important to analyse and synthesise workflow in an organisation.

Referring to Fiedler's contingency model (Carmichael, J. et al. : 2011), it is argued a leader's effectiveness is dependant on situational contingency which really is a combination of management style and situational favourableness. This model will involve a potential innovator and evaluating his/her design of work from activity focused to relationship oriented. Then factors such as stress level, type of work, flexibility to change in groups, use of technology and coordination of resources, people and responsibilities are being explored and the correct design of management is being put in place. Also the style chosen will depend on both interior and exterior factors of the organisation. There was a connection between situational and contingency theories when the idea about a preexisting single correct answer to organisations was decreased away. Similarities were found between the two theories and therefore there was a merger of ideologies constituting that efficiency of a group requires a leader's style and situational needs to match. A leader's role is structured by three hierarchical aspects. These are namely the self-confidence and loyalty a group feels towards the leader, the ambiguity or quality in the composition of the tasks given to the group and finally the power exerted by the first choice in group performance.

The next theory of management and management evaluated is transformational management theory. It is stated that aside from being concerned and involved in the process, transformational leaders are also centered on helping his/her group users in order to do well as well. Since leaders are usually full of energy and enthusiastic, the group customers are very determined and have advanced of morale to work and achieve the goals. Transformational leaders possess strength of perspective and personality which allow them to encourage their group people to change their objectives and perceptions towards obtaining the normal goals of the company. As the term 'transform' means creating significant change, in the same way, transformational approach is to bring significant change in the life span of both organisation and its own people. It's important to know the impact of transformational control on an organization as the market leaders will gain trust, value and admiration from the people. This type of leader is able to also energize the subordinates' thinking and pay attention to the people's needs.

Moreover, transformational leaders encourage their group users' creativeness. They encourage the subordinates to explore new means of doing things. In addition they offer support and encouragement to individuals. The type of communication between such leaders and the co-workers is often opened. This type of leader feels in sharing ideas and acknowledgement of subordinates' efforts. Transformational market leaders help their group people to feel enthusiastic and keen towards gratifying the organisational goals. They often act as a job model for the people they use, thus making the partnership between the leaders and subordinates more strong.

2. 2. Generate a authority strategy that helps organisational direction

A authority strategyA allows the organisation to identify how many leaders are needed, what kind, where, using what skills and exactly how they behave singularly and in communities. The existing situation and the goals the company must be analysed and then a command strategy can be developed. Hence the distance between the current situation and the desired future can be reduced. The chosen company in cases like this is 'William Hillsides', the betting shop whereby it offers lots of opponents such as Ladbrokes, Coral, Paddy Electricity, and so many more.

Following is a management strategy designed for William Hillsides that can support the organisational path. The vision assertion of William Hills states that they want to be the first betting shop that involves the mind of an individual when they would like to bet, thus William Hills wish to entice more customers than some other betting organisations. Desk 1 shows the key factors known as the main element drivers that the leaders need for key decision making and the implications.

Key driver


Becoming more global

- Leaders have to be more very sensitive towards culture

- Leaders need to improve their terms skills to develop cross-cultural relationship

- Leaders need to be alert to and understand local laws and regulations and business preparations to make strategies

Becoming more innovative

- There has to be shared dependence between market leaders so that there surely is effective collaboration across departments

- Market leaders must become more engaged across departments

- There has to be capital anticipation

- There is a need of change in culture for development to occur especially at top level management

Becoming more customer focused

- There is a need to use processes to understand customers' needs and convert them into business practices

- There has to be a strong link intended to be seen by customers in the organisation

- The culture of customer support must be instilled

Investing in high development opportunities

- There is a need to build up expertise which results in speedy growth

- Amount of leaders must be harvested at every level over another 3 years

Improving operating efficiency

- Introduce methods which bring costs into range with other competitors

- Create culture of continuous development and improvement

Table 1: Key individuals for decision making

William Hills is utilizing a mixture of situational and contingency theory with transformational leadership style in their view of attempting to boost their customer service. The change in general management and control style has took place as the communication was only one way from top management level to low management level and the leaders were more autocratic before. But nowadays to attain the organisational goal, there were drastic changes due to higher rate of conflicts of passions, high turnover of employees and poor customer gratitude. For the past few years employees were not happy as they had a lot of problems with the professionals. The shop managers were just carrying out their normal managerial duties without knowing what their subordinates were going through. Employees were burning off their desire to work.

Luckily, market leaders at William Hills decided to execute the theories of management and authority. In today's time, managers are receiving more involved in the activities taking place at the many shops. They will work closely with their subordinates, supporting them where necessary. In this technique, professionals are being trained about the careers that subordinates are doing and vice versa. The change in management has brought this change as these leaders believe that when managers are involved in the processes more often and deeply, they will be in a position to support their subordinates as they have a full understanding of the situation. Likewise, some potential subordinates with management skills are being determined and delivered to management trainings. This way, the subordinates will have a much better knowledge of the manager's position. Hence the work is done through collaboration of each party and communication works more effectively. This results to a two way communication system.

Another good thing about implementing the theories is usually that the relationships between your managers and subordinates have become stronger and there is less amount of resistance to changes towards achieving the organisational goal. The working environment has become more enjoyable to work in. All employees have been given a dress code where they might look more formal and professional. The market leaders believe that it's important for the employees to project themselves in a proper dressed manner before the customers. Before, subordinates did not have a say in decision making process. But because the implementation of the theories, the work has become more relationship oriented than task focused. Although the primary goal that the leaders want to attain is more in to the business line, they also think that employees who've direct connections with clients or customers will be the better person to have decisions. So nowadays, employees get excited about the decision making process by inputting their ideas, thoughts, imagination, experience and many more. Hence, these ideas have shown to be very good for the organisation. In addition to, the employees are being consistently trained with new skills and receive opportunities to improve their knowledge further. A couple of ideas also for those employees who've the potential to be market leaders to be delivered to universities to follow management and authority courses and a degree at the end and implement the knowledge in the real life situations.

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