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Travel And Travel and leisure Industry And Virgin Atlantic

The first company I want to speak about is Virgin Atlantic. Virgin Atlantic can be an popular and successful flight. Virgin Atlantic provides many services on board their flights, and it's really a planned service.

Organisation Two: The Head to Operator - Thomson.

The second organisation I'm going to talk and summarize is Thomson Tour Operators which is part of the TUI group. Thomson are a multinational head to operator, and they offer a great deal of services on the consumers who choose to holiday with them. A head to operator has major duties towards the buyer, the travel agent that catalogs the holidays, flights and other ancillary services, and even air-port staff from ground handling and airplane maintenance. Although Thomson can fall under the category of airline, they are also a head to operator and travel agents. Thomson is shown in all three component areas. Thomson specialises in deal holidays, but it doesn't just limit the business to that. It provides significant amounts of services towards the client such as:



Car Hire


Package Holidays

Below I'll analyse and discuss the assistance of every of these outlined products.

Flights: Flights are an essential product of Thomson. With Thomson creating program holidays to complement their customers specific needs, they need a way to move them with their destinations. Thomson have a big fleet of plane in their company, almost almost all being Boeing 767's. Whenever a customer books any occasion with Thomson, obviously, the travel agent or their company website that books the holiday, must arrange seats by using an aeroplanes. Thomson are a chartered air travel, and provide many inflight services, at a tiny cost, or sometimes, depending on service completely free. Thomson's airlines provide customer services such as Duty Free, up to speed entertainment, meals and beverages services, premium course and main concern handling. That is a difference with low cost budget airlines, as a charge must be made for all services, down the baggage allowance.

When a person books a program holiday, or even just a flight, for a specific date, a seating on one of Thomson's aircraft needs to be available, otherwise, the client can merely not continue that night out.

Hotels: Travel agents and tour operator's leases hotel rooms from many chains of hotel, so their customers can are living there whilst on the vacation. This all comes back to availableness, if a customer books a package holiday, the trip seat must be available, plus a hotel room, or as much rooms required by the buyer. However, this is not that big a concern, as computer systems and technology makes this possible for travel agents or even the customer at home.

Hotels need to be up to the standard mentioned on Thomson's website, if Thomson's state that a hotel has five actors, it really needs five actors, again with product explanation, if the web site of the travel agent where in fact the getaway was booked expresses that the hotel has a sea view, then it must usually this breaches the investments and product explanation action. Hotels have to surpass not only the buyer expectations, but the Head to Operator's too, in this case Thomson. Thomson want's the client to truly have a relaxing and pleasant time whilst on christmas, if the hotel is ruined, or services are not up to scratch, this can very seriously jeopardise the customers overall delight and satisfaction. The consumer may, or will probably complain to a travel rep onsite, and this is reported back to Thomson or the travel companies where holiday was booked, the Head to Operator may choose to terminate the agreement if a high volume of complaints are received, as this will not only broken the hotels name, but also Thomson's too, who are in charge of the customers satisfaction. Errors like this can prevent go back business, and recommendation to that customers friends. It's about first impressions.

Now within the hotel, there are extensive roles which may have to be performed daily or regularly. A significant role that is essential, not and then keep up with the hotel is cleaning. The hotel needs to be clean, not limited to the image and reputation of the hotel, but for the clients satisfaction. If a person walks into the lobby, and locates garbage and newspaper all over the floor, their first impression of their accommodation will not be the best, and may put them off from enjoying their trip altogether. Rooms are cleaned out daily in hotels, but certain hotels have gone "green" meaning services such as bed linens are only transformed every other day, and towels are washed every few days, unless mentioned by the client, through a cards that informs the cleaners to take away and replace the towels and bed linens. Hotels are in charge of the satisfaction of the customer, as well as the travel reps, and tour operator. All personnel in hotels should be friendly, like the cleaners. Hotel staff are responsible plus a travel rep, in cases like this a Thomson Travel rep to ensure that the client is enjoying him/herself. If a person has problems, they should feel like they can deal with a travel rep, or a member of the hotels personnel, to complain and also have the problem attended to. Complaints should be handled quickly and correctly. If there is a concern with a hotel room, and the customer is dissatisfied, then the customer should either get an upgraded room, or have the situation resolved as fast as possible.

Pass Three: Write a review on the different types of interrelationships in the travel and travel and leisure industry for example: Chains of syndication, integration (Including both Horizontal and Vertical) and interdependencies. Use diagrams where suitable to illustrate your review.

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