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Training And Development Play An Important Role Management Essay

Training and development is something, a couple of activities or process made to help extend and improve a folks skills and knowledge that are related to his / her job scope. It is also a good way to help to improve the behaviour and competencies of employees. Training focuses more on current and present jobs, whereas development stresses more on permanent and future jobs. Training and development programs can boost the capacities of employees to achieve organizational goals and success and efficiency of the operations within the business. Trainings make better for business development and help the business to be more competitive and profitable.

Training and development plays an important role in recruiting management. Among the reasons is due to the significant changes of solutions in this modern age, where some business functions are becoming older and outdated. If the business does not expose new ways of accomplishing responsibilities and make changes to its existing business functions, the business will diminish out from its market eventually. Therefore, it is of paramount importance for a business to use training and development strategies to ascertain that the employees possess the skills and knowledge had a need to operate the latest systems.

In addition, training and development programs will save cost for a company over time. An organization can kick off training and development program to teach and increase the skills of existing employees rather than employing new employees to handle a task as the cost of training existing employees will be cheaper than hiring a new employee. Besides minimizing the turnover rate of employees, effective training programs will increase job satisfaction, drive and morale of employees. It is because employees will feel that the business cares for their welfare and appreciates their contributions, thus they'll be loyal and help the company for an extended period of time. Whenever a company provides its employees an chance to learn and develop new skills, they will feel that they have value in the company and try their best to add in creating a stronger and more competitive organization. In a nutshell, training and development programs are crucial for increasing productivity, performance and efficiency of a business besides enhancing the image of the business.

The major target and goal of training and development is to include value to a firm's individuals belongings. These programs raise the capacity level of the company and help the company to beat the rapid changes of technology in the globalized business community. Furthermore, it tends to increase the vitality of a business to compete with its competition in the global market. Training and development programs also become motivational tools to improve the passion of employees in accomplishing their jobs. This will certainly reduce the requirement for close supervisions and increase the success, efficiencies and performance of employees in the organization.


Theories and Concepts

Training and development is a set of planned programs and procedures aimed to improve employees' capacity and organizational performance. The performance of employees in conditions of one's frame of mind, behavior, skills and knowledge can be improved through working out programs implemented by a business. Therefore, training and development programs can effectively improve the efficiency of the business. Trainings are usually targeted at technological personnel, lower level management, midsection and also mature level management. Normally, when programs are applied to lower and middle level management, they are known as "trainings" whereas when put on mature level management, they are called "development programs". Some standard purposes of training and development are to enhance employees' growth, improve the quality of workforce, bridge the distance between planning and execution and help newbies. You can find few relevant ideas that are associated with training and development, namely the sensory activation theory, the reinforcement theory, the action theory, the experiential learning and the adult learning.

Sensory theory says that when multi-sensory stimulation result is great, learning takes place. To be able words, successful training will arise when the senses are inspired or stimulated. Some research discovered that 75% adults' knowledge is learned by seeing, reading and the other 13% is by other senses like smell, style as well as touch.

Reinforcement theory can be further classified as positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement. In positive reinforcement, trainee will do it again the desired behavior; in negative reinforcement, trainee can strengthen behaviour when a negative condition is ended. This theory focuses on the significance of experience, interpretation, the introduction of understanding and problem-solving skills. For example, many trainers think that trainees will establish problem-solving capabilities when they face various situations and numerous experiences.

Action learning is a strong process which involves a group of folks dealing with real-life problems. But at the same time, they must concentrate on what they are learning and the way the learning can benefit the group participants, the group itself as well as the business as a whole. Nowadays, action learning becomes one of the main element training and problem-solving tools for a few large companies such as Nokia, Motorola, English Airways, US Team of Agriculture and Marriott. (Michael, 2004)

Experiential learning defines learning as an activity of fabricating the trainees' knowledge via the transformation of experience. You will discover four phases in experiential learning. First of all, the experiential learning is through concrete experience, which is adding something into practice. Subsequently, it is through observation and representation, in which one objectively analyzes the results. Thirdly, it is through abstract conceptualization, where one review your conceptual understanding. Finally, it is through productive experimentation, which is experimenting to find solution. The diagram below shows the experiential learning circuit and the basic learning styles.

stage. jpg

Lastly, adult learning is a theory that supports six assumptions about how exactly adults learn which theory stresses on the worthiness of the procedure of learning. You will discover six assumptions of adult learning, that happen to be adults need to find out why they want learning, readiness to learn, self-concept, determination to learn, orientation to learning and learners' experience. This process is problem-based and collaborative somewhat than precept and also focus on more equality between the trainer and trainee. (Benefits and Problems, n. d. )

In addition, there are two measurements of training and development functions, which are the amount of formality and the balance between self-directed as well as other-directed learning. Both of these options of the dimensions lead to 4 overall methods. For instance, one can have a formal training to self-directed or other directed learning, likewise one can take casual training to self-directed or other directed learning. Instructors make decision about what approach to be taken into training depending on several factors, like the sum of money which is often spent for training, timeliness of training needed, specificity and intricacy of the abilities and knowledge needed as well as capacity and determination of the learner.

Undeniably, formal and other-directed learning and development programs are more expensive than other strategies. However, through this approach learner can achieve the required skills and knowledge in a well-timed basis. This form of learning is mainly used in schools, colleges and training centres, which normally grants or loans diplomas and certificates. Staff development programs is another form of formal and other-directed training. Worker development plans help to identify performance goals, the ways to attain the goals, by when and whom to validate their consequence. Besides, in formal and self-directed training, learner should set his or her own learning goals, methods and means to verify the fulfillment. For example, supervisors and employees interact to attain formal and self-directed learning at work, at exactly the same time they collaborate to perform continuous learning for extended production and learning.

Informal training and development is more casual and incidental. Normally, there are no specific training goals and ways to judge their degree of accomplishment of goals. Make an example of casual and other-directed training, supervisors send their employees to training regarding intimate harassment in the workplace. Informal and self-directed learning can be very low cost which training approach might take longer time than other-directed varieties. However, the learner will need to have the capacity and inspiration to follow their own training. For example, there are casual conversations among employees on the certain subject or organizations sending their employees to wait talks by famous speakers, as long as the learners select the activities and matters by themselves. (Carter Mcnamara, n. d. )

Contributions and Significance

Training and development programs can contribute to an organization by assisting it to save lots of cost. Normally, a successor will learn by a person who can be an expert in a specific field to refill a position if there is an abrupt vacancy within the business. This can help the company to save recruiting cost, training cost, and keep carefully the organization operating smoothly. By this way, the company need not hire someone beyond your company to teach because the training is easily attainable by present employees. Training the successors is preferable to recruiting people from outside of the organization. In addition, recruiting professional with high skills is much more expensive than training current employee to acquire those skills.

Secondly, training and development can enhance the romantic relationship between bosses and subordinates. Training programs will involve different levels of employees within an organization and this increases communication among each other. When the communication break down between bosses and subordinates, the business will suffer, the tension will increase and cause other negative effects to occur. Through training and development process, they can understand their careers better; therefore some damages and misunderstanding can be averted. At the same time, efficiency of employees may increase.

Thirdly, training and development will lead to an elevated profitability and more good attitude towards an organization's goals. These can be done by boosting employees' knowledge and polishing their skills at all levels in a organization. Once the satisfactions of customers are satisfied by well-trained employees, this will raise the number of repeated business. At exactly the same time, the reputation of the business is also enhanced because of good services performed by the employees. Therefore, training and development helps an organization to attain competitive gain over others on the market.

Case Development

Company's Background

Resorts World Sdn Bhd was a private limited company proven in year 1980. In yr 1989, the company was listed into the Kuala Lumpur STOCK MARKET market to become public stated company on 14 July. It had been subsequently renamed as Resorts World Bhd, where the corporation name have been used from year 1989 to 2009. Resorts World Bhd then changed its name again to Genting Malaysia Berhad on 18 June 2009 which name has been used until today. As everyone understands Resorts World Genting is built in the high pile areas; the cool and relaxing air can be an indispensable factor in attracting site visitors. Besides, Resorts World Genting excels in offering full-of-fun entertainment sights and the luxurious international class destination, in order to fulfill different cultures and needs of vacationers.

Generally, Resorts World Genting has established six hotels, particularly the First World Hotel, the Theme Park Hotel, the Awana Hotel, the Maxims Genting, the Resort Hotel and the Highlands Hotel. The First World Hotel with a total of 6, 118 rooms was the World's Largest Hotel according to Guinness World Details (Knowles, 2011). In addition, Resorts World Genting offers close to 200 distinctive eating retailers and shopping stores, business convention facilities and mega shows. Probably the most attractive top features of the company are the two theme parks with an increase of than 40 rides and non-stop entertainment. Adult Bumper Car, Flying Dragon, 4D Motion Master, Trip de Paris and other entertainment facilities are provided in indoors theme parks. In addition, outdoor theme parks provide more fun trips than indoor, such as Pirate Ship, Spinner, Soaring Coaster, Corkscrew, Boating, Dinosaur land and Rodeo Rider, which have successfully attracted visitors from all walks of life.

Resorts World Genting also monopolizes the legal playing market in Malaysia as it functions the best modern casino in Malaysia. Many local people frequent the modern casino to gamble. The modern casino offers international gaming video games such as Tai Sai, Baccarat, Roulette, Blackjack, slot machines and Pokers. Resort World Genting not only operates the entertainment facilities but also the longest cable car system in Southeast Asia, known as as Genting Skyway. The cable automobiles are crossing 3. 38km from the hillside to Highlands Hotel at the peak. Therefore, it is apparent that Resorts World Berhad centers its businesses in entertainment and travel and leisure industry.

Training and Development Techniques, Advantages and Disadvantages of the Practices

Resorts World Genting facilitates and promotes staff development and organizational effectiveness by pursuing workers plans in training and development, which is based on the organizational culture, objective and vision. The organization has been actively involved in providing high quality trainings, development programs and opportunities for profession development of specific workers. In fact, Resorts World Genting registered more than 8, 500 employees joining internal and exterior training programs in calendar year 2009. The various training programs carried out to produce competent workers include etiquette, grooming and personal impact, customer service and service delivery aimed at front-line employees and steady departmental team-building activities.

To improve production and efficiency within the organization, Resorts World Genting offers internal trainings such as on-the-job training and job rotation every once in awhile. As an attempt to support the Skim Latihan 1Malaysia (SL1M) launched by the Primary Minister in season 2011, Resorts World Genting has gone all out to provide on-the-job placements to unemployed or underemployed graduates with appropriate certification. This program requires candidates to obtain the very least CGPA of 2. 5 for a qualification from any recognized tertiary organization and possess the capability to converse in Bahasa Malaysia and British. Shortlisted trainees will be given 2 to 3 3 months gentle skill trainings and 9 to 10 months on-the-job training. Through the training period, trainees will assist in organizational projects and departmental functions and involve in departmental or organization-wide planning and decision making. Consequently, trainees are evaluated on the suitability for vacancies in Resorts World Genting.

There are several advantages that may be yield through the on-the-job training. Resorts World Genting's effort has actually helped to enhance the employability of unemployed graduates to compete for jobs that match their skills. Through SL1M, trainees acquire necessary soft skills such as communication skills, critical thinking and organizational adaptability to increase their competency in the work market. As the business usually customizes the training to fit business purposes, trainees will be well-prepared to perform real job tasks because they will be taught to understand the tools had a need to perform their specific tasks. Therefore, SL1M improves the product quality and helps fresh graduates to be more marketable in the labor market.

On the contrary, there are also certain drawbacks towards Resorts World Genting through the execution of SL1M on-the-job training. This system lacks of regularity as working out is closely reliant on experienced senior personnel to provide out instructions that are purported to be essential in doing a task proficiently and effectively. As the instructions range with each trainer, there is no standardized learning carried out across the firm. It is also insufficient for a trainee to learn the skills and knowledge from only a trainer. Besides, when there is absolutely no structured help with training lessons, trainees will only find out about the routines and solve daily problems that arise in the standard span of working. They'll face complications and feel humiliated in the foreseeable future when they are confronted with complex and uncommon problems that are not taught through the SL1M system. Under close guidance with a trainer, the trainee can be easily influenced by the trainer's practices and behaviour towards various areas of the job such as management and connections techniques. They are able to quickly adopt sluggish patterns and take shortcuts in performing their duties, which in return provides unfavorable implications towards Resorts World Genting.

Resorts World Genting offers Management Trainee Program which provides job rotation opportunities to potential employees. Its purpose is to find and develop another generation of market leaders to hold higher managerial positions in the foreseeable future by equipping them with the required skills, view and features of a powerful manager. Beneath the Management Trainee Program of Resorts World Genting, trainees will get the chance to conduct cross-functional tasks and special assignments to develop leadership skills. The 18-24 months program allows trainees to explore different regions of the corporation such as Modern casino Operations, Theme Park Operation, Theme Park Technical and Individuals Tool. Successful trainees will be submitted to Senior Professional or Assistant Supervisor positions. Based on the official website of Resorts World Genting, 19 management trainees effectively graduated and recruited as permanent employees in season 2009.

The Management Trainee Program has benefited Resorts World Genting's employees in lots of ways. Selected trainees will have good leads in their a better job because they are subjected to all facets of the business enterprise, from marketing to customer support, to human tool and operations. Thus, they can be easily marketed to a managerial position once a vacancy arises within the organization. Besides, this program really helps to identify and develop potential skills as a means of providing a good succession planning and enhancing morale in the organization. It can help to foster teamwork within the business, promote good camaraderie and improve communication among groups because trainees usually collaborate with different team members at different levels.

A major disadvantage of the Management Trainee Program is that successful trainees tend to be more self-centered and expect preferential treatment such as higher compensation and advantages from the organization. They could think most of themselves with the skills possessed. As the management trainees go through job rotation, there's a trend that the trainees cannot master the functions and have an in-depth knowledge of the functions in a department before switching to some other department in only a few months. Therefore, they will become 'Jack of most deals and a grasp of none'. The result might be harmful to the organization as these future-to-be professionals is probably not good professionals.

In addition, off-the-job learning is conducted by Resorts World Genting. Scholarships were given to 21 high-performing employees in the entire year 2009. Deserving employees received scholarships to help expand their studies at MAHTEC, Kolej Antarabangsa Genting Inti and Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW). In year 2011, 22 scholarships well worth RM1. 7 million were granted under the Genting Malaysia Education Account to excellent employees and other external recipients. Moreover, the organization partners with universites and colleges and professional associations such as Genting INTI International University (GIIC), ACCA, CIMA and ICAEW to provide the chance for employees to enhance their qualifications. For instance, Resorts World Genting's Finance Office has been acknowledged by professional accountancy systems such as ACCA, CIMA and ICAEW to provide trainings to accounting field's employees to become competent accountants.

One of the benefits of Resorts World Genting offering further studies opportunities is usually that the employees with higher requirements and professionalism can add more to the organization in various areas of the organization. These specialists such as accountants, risk management experts and investment experts can make better planning, professional assessments and decisions for the business available dealings. This will likely subsequently help Resorts World Genting to minimize cost, maximize profits and permeate into more profitable markets in a variety of countries. When the business has a good trustworthiness of offering scholarships to high-performers, there will be a larger pool of competent unsolicited applicants for the organization to make selection for a vacancy. Therefore, Resorts World Genting is less likely to face the situation of insufficient qualified applicants for selection process.

However, offering scholarships might be expensive to Resorts World Genting as the organization has to fork out a whopping total support the increasing cost of living and tuition fees of scholarship or grant recipients. This is much more expensive compared to other inside training programs. The business also faces the chance that it could lose its high-quality employees after they have finished their studies. This is because when the high-performers have completed their length of time of work as stipulated in the scholarship or grant agreement, they might be "poached" by Resorts World Genting's opponents by being offered an increased compensation and more benefits.

Furthermore, Resorts World Genting has also organized many workshops and conferences to help develop the professionalism and reliability of the older management. For instance, in October 2011, the organization carried out the 23rd Genting Malaysia Senior Managers' Conference in Awana Kijal, Terengganu to encourage personnel to be passionately committed to obtaining the organization's goals and key values. Finally, besides arranging departmental team-building activities, Resorts World Genting emphasizes on work-life balance programs which improve employees' wellbeing. To focus on holistic development of most degrees of employees, the organization has also arranged sports events and self-improvement activities. A number of the programs involved in inculcating team-spirit and lifelong learning include "Coaching Leadership - ANOTHER for Women in Leadership", "Sexual Harassment at work", Labour Day celebration and Genting Staff Carnival.

The conferences structured by Resorts World Genting have benefited the organization as the senior professionals and top management have the chance to exchange various viewpoints regarding the course of businesses run by the business. This promotes communication and cooperation among all degrees of managers of different departments within the organization rather than emphasizing on only one department. Like a grand decision created by one department influences another, it is essential that departments engaged discuss and review a matter before making your final decision. Besides, the programs and activities completed help to drive the behaviours and personal goals of employees to be in collection with the organizational goal, which in turn contributes to a highly-productive working environment. These activities are effective motivators for the employees to execute better and achieve organizational targets.

In contrast, participating various training seminars and programs may be considered a loss of efficiency and a waste products of time for the employees of Resorts World Genting. Discouraged staff have a tendency to take these activities as interruptions to flee from work. There's also times that the information presented during training seminars or the activities planned do not interest a particular individual. Moreover, the info provided by external people may be inappropriate, flawed and biased. The info cannot appeal to all or any the needs of the employees from different departments in the organization and it may be just a reiteration of what the employees have known. The particular audio speakers provide are largely theoretical and these theories can't be applied in real-life situations scheduled to various factors.

The above are the human resource methods put in place by Resorts World Genting to guarantee the efficiency and efficiency of the employees. There are advantages and disadvantages for every single activity structured by the organization. The top managers should look into the boon and bane of the practice before implementing it to maximize productivity within the business.

Critiques of Routines on the potency of the Company

There are several critiques on the potency of training and development tactics implemented by Resorts World Genting on the standard course of business.

The first method employed by Resorts World Genting is on-the-job training, which is Skim Latihan 1Malaysia (SL1M). This technique mainly helps the unemployed or fresh graduates to clean up their certification so that they have the capability to meet up with the skills and knowledge needed by the jobs. This scheme is really less effective to the operations of the business as there is no structured and detailed handbook or rules to follow. Since this system has so many drawbacks such as inconsistency in training, too subjective and only reliant on one senior worker for each trainee, it would be cost-consuming to sustain workers that are not well-trained. In long-term, this technique will certainly reduce the output of the business. Therefore, SL1M might be useful in decreasing the unemployment rate in the country but this system is unfavorable towards Resorts World Genting as it reduces the potency of the business.

The second method applied by Resorts World Genting is job-rotation trainings that are offered to teach potential employees to hold managerial positions in the future. Overall, the management trainee program increases the productivity and success of the organization. The negatives of the management trainee program are minimal as they could be easily removed through some changes of the program. The program usually has an increased requirement from its trainees as the trainees must be able to work under ruthless. Given that they will be exposed to the functioning of every section within Resorts World Genting, they will be able to get better at all the operations when they have completed their training. Thus, the high-performing and well-trained employees can deal with high positions effectively and meet the organizational goals.

In addition, Resorts World Genting also provides off-the-job learning by offering scholarships and opportunities to further studies to high-performing employees. This will be cost-saving in a manner that the real amount allocated to scholarships is a lot lower than the price tag on recruiting and choosing the new employee. The organization will have low turnover rate as this escalates the job satisfaction of the employees. It will also have the ability to keep its pool of abilities, and this human asset provides comparative benefits to the business to contend with other competitors. Professionals trained by the business could make better professional analysis and decisions which in turn will increases the effectiveness in the business dealings. Therefore, off-the-job training increases the effectiveness and efficiency of Resorts World Genting in the long-run.

Seminars and talks organized by Resorts World Genting look like less effective in training the employees as most these seminars entail only theoretical display. It is also expensive to invite exterior speakers to provide talks to the employees that may then be considered as a waste of time. Since it is difficult to regulate human behavior, the business also cannot avoid the fact that some sluggish employees take this chance to escape work. In a nutshell, organizing seminars and talks would decrease the effectiveness and efficiency of the operations in Resorts World Genting.


There are some suggestions for Resorts World Genting to boost their training and development programs.

First and foremost, there are few recommendations to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of on-the-job training, which is Skim Latihan 1Malaysia (SL1M) put in place by Resorts World Genting. The business can establish a standardized and structured on-the-job training plan, alongside with clear and detailed handbook for each and every trainer and trainee. Coaches can follow the system and handbook which detail all workplace steps to train the new employees and ensure that the trainees fully understand their careers. Besides, Resorts World Genting must choose the trainers carefully. Coaches must achieve the level of qualification necessary to teach the new employees and the organization must make sure that they do not show negative traits or examples. It is because a good trainer will impact a trainee to become a good employee in the foreseeable future. Besides instructing the trainees about how to solve their daily problems, the experienced instructors should also focus on on rare and potential problems that might happen in the future, or at least the trainees are taught about these problems using ideas. Furthermore, Resorts World Genting can assign more supervisors to see how coaches and trainees work in their positions and require weekly statement from the trainers. Coaches and trainees will focus and pay more work on their careers because they don't wish to obtain bad reviews in their survey.

Secondly, there are a few tips for Management Trainee Program. Resorts World Genting can first try to take notice of the characteristics of potential employees and then decide which office is well suited for the individuals. Besides, managers can also interview the potential employees and checks their capabilities in each and every sector. This can help to enhance the skills and knowledge that the management trainee lacks in a specific sector. Furthermore, Resorts World Genting also can set the time of job rotation much longer. Potential employees can learn and discover more over a post before they change to another position if the job rotation duration is much longer. Since these potential employees will cope with managerial positions in the future, it is important for them to practice job ethics. Therefore, Resorts World Genting should show their employees that the organization emphasizes ethical means of doing jobs. This may effect the employees and may change their decisions and actions to become more honest in performing their job.

In addition, to accomplish cost-effectiveness, Resorts World Genting can offer their employees scholarships to help expand studies in local educational companies instead of abroad. The tuition fees in local educational companies are much cheaper compared to those overseas. Furthermore, the price of living is also lower than staying abroad. Resorts World Genting can also plan to create their own educational institution instead of partnering with other colleges. By taking this initiative, Resorts World Genting can save much cost for scholarships and attract more students to review in their university and work with them in the future. Resorts World Genting should signal agreement with the employees who get scholarships to ensure that they will help Resorts World Genting for a longer time after they conclude their study. To keep up high retention of scholarship recipients and to enhance their devotion towards the business, better reimbursement and employee benefits should be offered to these high performers. This may help to prevent the organization's opponents from "poaching" its high-quality employees.

Last however, not least, there are some recommendations for managing more productive workshops and conferences. Participating in various training seminars and programs may be a loss of productivity and a waste material of time for the employees but these programs not only advantage them on work but also in their daily lives. Resorts World Genting can plan their workshops or conferences on weekends or after normal working time to make sure that we now have no work escapes. Besides, Resorts World Genting can invite famous and qualified speaker systems who are experts in a particular field to provide discussions as this will surely enrich the knowledge and broaden the perspectives of employees in the business. A good speaker can also easily and favorably effect the audience and provide useful information to them. The business is also suggested to check out and preview the information to be provided by audio system to ensure that the information will not contain any flawed elements that will mislead the employees. To avoid wasting time attending talks, the business must ensure that the ideas which are to be presented are applicable under the working environment of the business. Moreover, the organization can first study about the general interest of the employees before organizing any seminars or situations. Resorts World Genting can always get responses or ideas on the potency of seminars and occasions sorted out through the performance of the employees.


In conclusion, the main reason for training and development is to improve the employees' and organization's performance. This target can be achieved by the various training and development programs carried out within an business. According to research, there are many theories and ideas of training and development, which will be the sensory stimulation theory, the support theory, the action theory, the experiential learning and the adult learning theory.

Training and development contributes a lot to companies and it can't be less out in a company. First of all, training and development will help company to save lots of big money by training employees itself somewhat than recruiting a professional. Secondly, it may also improve the relationship between the bosses and employees in the business. When conducting the training programs, it'll involve different levels of employees in the business. Finally, training and development will lead to an increased success. Therefore, training and development increase an employee's determination to his / her job and the business.

We have picked Resorts World Genting for the case development studies. This general population detailed company generally supplies the full-of-fun entertainment attractions and the luxurious international-class destination. Resorts World Genting also manages the sole legal casino inside our country. The business actively supports and promotes worker development and organizational performance by pursuing employees plans in training and development. You will find interior training such as on-the-job and job rotation. The business provide on-the-job position to people graduates with appropriate qualification as to support Skim Latihan 1Malaysia (SK1M). This effort actually helped to enhance employability of those unemployed graduates. Job rotation is to discover the next technology of leader to transport higher managerial position in the future. The business has come across the Management Trainee Program that brings great advantages to the organization. Addititionally there is external learning provided by the business such as off-job-learning.

There are advice for every shortage which come across each training and development program integrated by Resorts World Genting. After concluding this project, we found out that training and development is vital towards the growth of a small business. Therefore, it is vital for the Human being Resource Department of each group to look carefully into every single program before it is carried out throughout the organization. The Human Source of information Section should appreciate its employees and coach a pool of skills which are important human investments to an organization.

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